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  1. Max powers

    UMC still at it

    That would be technically from a mobile if you go from the actual 2400m mark. But still beats The Dorchester time. He is a very very good horse that's for sure
  2. Max powers

    Breeding trotters

    Also look at trotters bred in NZ that actually stay as a colt/stallion. I can only think of Speeding Spur, Marcoola and Oscar Bonavena. May be others but out of those who would you go to?
  3. Max powers

    jewels fields

    Top 12 money earners for a season gets a start in the jewels
  4. Max powers

    jewels fields

    Surely the won't postpone?? I know it isn't going to be the same as a nice winters day, but I doubt they would be able to reschedule it on such short notice??
  5. Max powers

    jewels fields

    Major Occasion, ultimate stride, amazing dream, one change, tickle me pink, princess tiffany, turn it up, majestic man, Jesse duke
  6. Max powers

    jewels fields

    I reckon purdon will win 5
  7. Max powers

    Oscar Bonavena

    Today was last day for qualifying. He today is 13th, no jewels for Oscar
  8. Max powers

    Oscar Bonavena

    Odds of him making it is very slim
  9. Max powers

    Oscar Bonavena

    He is ranked 7th or 8th after his win
  10. Max powers

    Oscar Bonavena

    He broke the NZ 3yo record for a 2600m stand by 1.2 seconds. I'd say he is ready for the jewels fitness wise. On a side not he has beaten a NZ record 3 out of his 6 starts, not bad for a trotter who has only had the 6 starts. But only this 1 counts as he ran 2nd in the other 2
  11. Max powers

    The Mighty Laz

    10k is a bit steep for a son of BD and being a first season sire. I would have said 5k was a fair price to pay, would maybe even get more mares. Loved the horse, but it will be interesting to see where he stands at stud. Also same can be said about Ultimate Machete. I'd prefer to go to Vincent for a first season sire.
  12. Max powers

    Oscar Bonavena

    Will Oscar Bonavena be able to make the Jewels. Currently 17th, but needs around 10k to get into it.
  13. Max powers

    Addington thoughts tonight

    Mamma knows best place. Could spice things up
  14. Max powers

    Matt and jack.

    So many more good young people coming through in the driving/training ranks. Here is to the future of harness racing
  15. Max powers


    Owners colours