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  1. drove a few

    Operation Inca - Part 2

    This is why in my opinion that those charged should not be driving, training etc. They have stolen off other drivers, owners, trainers, punters. As I say this is only my opinion.
  2. drove a few


    Lorraine Grant drove the first placegetter at Addington on 17th March 1979. Driving Hydro Byrd in to 2nd, 7 lengths behind Mandarin after the favorite broke on the turn, behind the leading Mandarin, disrupted the field. Quinella paid $84.35. I had plenty on the winner and also got the quinella.
  3. drove a few

    Bad boy Bronson

    JCA report
  4. drove a few

    Bad boy Bronson

    $500 what a joke, should have been suspended as well.
  5. drove a few

    Auckland race 6

    Why call the race, the field got round horse on track first time, all drivers knew it was there, race on FFS.
  6. drove a few

    Clasina Maria

    Well said, I recon she is very underrated
  7. drove a few

    Clasina Maria

    So have a look at Jess's drive on Go Davey at Nelson today, any complaints ?: