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  1. drove a few


    HRNZ web site results go back to 1958. They were probably using a Commodore 64 computer back then.
  2. drove a few


    HRNZ web site has him starting that year with 4 wins.
  3. Happy Day raced from 1973 as a 3yo to 1982 as a 12yo 130 stars, one as a pacer, aged 7, rest trotting for 2 wins.
  4. drove a few


    Mike De Fillippi got 3rd in last race in his first season of driving. Lots of the names no longer with us.
  5. Anyone know why, lots went under Q time.
  6. This is why in my opinion that those charged should not be driving, training etc. They have stolen off other drivers, owners, trainers, punters. As I say this is only my opinion.
  7. Lorraine Grant drove the first placegetter at Addington on 17th March 1979. Driving Hydro Byrd in to 2nd, 7 lengths behind Mandarin after the favorite broke on the turn, behind the leading Mandarin, disrupted the field. Quinella paid $84.35. I had plenty on the winner and also got the quinella.
  8. $500 what a joke, should have been suspended as well.
  9. Why call the race, the field got round horse on track first time, all drivers knew it was there, race on FFS.
  10. Well said, I recon she is very underrated
  11. So have a look at Jess's drive on Go Davey at Nelson today, any complaints ?: