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  1. Phar Lap Fan

    Awesome Shark

    Was more impressed by Two Illicit. By the time and ease of her win, she could have won Herbie Dyke Stakes?
  2. Phar Lap Fan

    Absolutely utterly appalling

    Agree. It's way over-the-top, as if there is shame in calling it the New Zealand team.
  3. Phar Lap Fan

    Absolutely utterly appalling

    Sponsors come and sponsors go but the race remains.
  4. Phar Lap Fan

    The ride of the day at Trentham

    Love Racing web-site says; Camino Rocoso ran 2,100 metres in 2:09.05 on a Good 3 track at Trentham. Previous start, he ran 1,975 metres in 1:59.49 at Waikouaiti, on Dead 5 track. Converting both races to 2,000 m. gives 2:03.05 and 2:00.99 respectively. The Trentham time is not exceptional but the Waikouaiti time is suspect, either to timing or distance. Regardless, it was good to see a horse winning by just running faster for longer than all the others, like Hero and Kotare Chief. Did Varnamo break 2 mintes for 2,000 m./10 furlongs, years ago?
  5. Phar Lap Fan

    AWT Cambridge

    Sounds sensible but is it the best investment for an a.w.t. to be primarily used for training? Will it attract crowds, let alone new people, to racing when it is in Cambridge?
  6. Phar Lap Fan

    Raceday Attendances

    tasman man11 - went to Pirongia once. Looked as if half the crowd weren't interested enough to actually watch the races but they seemed happy to eat and drink there.
  7. Phar Lap Fan

    What A Shambles

    Didn't see the race but convention is that the Boss takes the blame, as how many Ministers have been sacked from Cabinet - actually not a good example as the 'Boss' chose them and he/she should resign. Starter at fault but what were the Assistant Starter, other assistants, Clerk/s of the Course and jockey doing at the time? Was it a case of all/many not following procedures?
  8. Phar Lap Fan

    Raceday Attendances

    Went there some years ago. Nothing to impress and, if it hadn't been a social occasion, would not have bothered. Crowds at Tauherenikau, Kurow and Timaru are much to do with most of the population being on holiday, a 'fun' thing to do (once a year), and the sunny weather. If market research of the crowd was done, would be interesting to know how many would have attended if Winx was running there. Suspect that 1 in 10 would be delighted, while 9 in 10 would say, 'Who?'. The quality of the racing is largely irrelevant to many. Such clubs survive on having 1 or 2 meetings a year, at holiday time. Don't know where Tauherenikau club puts it profits but they, like many others, probably don't have much for capital expenditure. Thus, facilities will decline over time but may be tolerated by the once-a-year crowd. As a business model, it won't work year-round and when there is too much competition for the entertainment dollar. So, don't think of big crowds at this time of year but consider Woodville on a wet and windy Wednesday in July. A thought - committee members could get out of the Members' Stand and talk to their customers. Explain how to bet on a trifecta. Too radical?
  9. Phar Lap Fan

    A propos absolutely nothing.

    When one looks at courses in Love Racing, there is a 2d diagram and an aerial photograph for each. Soon is obvious that the diagrams haven't been up-dated in 40+ (?) years and that most have little resemblance to the actual course. Te Awamutu, Waipukurau and Waverley are quite different from reality, such that you would be mislead by thinking that they suited front-runners or swoopers. However, I am sure that the blokes have better things to do (or fix) with their time and it has been only 40 years.
  10. Phar Lap Fan

    well done trackside

    Was part of the 'low cost' not advertising that where any casual watcher might be informed? Good idea but poor execution. T.A.B. should work on its executions!
  11. Phar Lap Fan

    Racing Industry Bill

    Contemplating acquisition or 'nationalization' of racecourses, which mostly belong to racing clubs, is just too bizarre for words. What authority would they use - the Public Works Act? Should result in more legal action than the leaky homes saga. Would transferring ownership of the assets to another entity seem a smart move by clubs to frustrate the power-crazed bean-counters?
  12. Phar Lap Fan

    Michelle Pickles

    So true! She has been on that show before but, to my knowledge, never mentioned racing. Thus, the best horse since Sliced Bread started - Winx, never got a mention on mainstream TV until her last 2-3 races. If it isn't in the Job Description of everybody employed in the racing industry to promote racing at any opportunity, it should become a survival instinct.
  13. Phar Lap Fan

    Kolding - record Stakes win for a NZ bred racehorse

    N.Z.-bred through Ocean Park, who descends from the wonder mare, Hunza. His Mum is as Aussie as Sharlene. Woodbine - agree with you about publicity but we failed with Winx, Black Caviar et al. Probably more success in Australia with N.Z.-bred stallions now.
  14. Phar Lap Fan

    GP 3 today Ellerslie

    Good points raised. One form of cheating is less illegal than another? Perhaps the jockeys should be fined the difference in prize money for the higher placing.
  15. Phar Lap Fan

    No free tv

    Dafter than a very daft idea? This is the one time each year that Joe Public might be attracted to racing. Lotto spends huge money on promoting its 'game' (Marketing Department term for gambling) and (presumably) pays for 10 minutes of TV each week to broadcast the draws. N.Z. T.A.B., in its wisdom (pun intended), offered deals to punters but not an easy way to follow those bets. Wonder what the cost of the deals was, compared with the cost of 10 minutes on free-to-air TV? Also, how the turnover compared with other years? However, if they don't care and are still paid, why should I care?