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  1. Phar Lap Fan

    Janet and The Sultan of Brunei.......

    Deja bloody vu! One of my ancestors once lived in London, where the King of England did. Top that! So much dropped here that it will take a bloody big shovel to shift it.
  2. Phar Lap Fan


    Any factor to give a result is quite arbitrary. Why not wickets taken or maiden overs, as they are all equally relevant or equally irrelevant. Soccer's 'away goals' rule would suit us.
  3. Phar Lap Fan


    Guptill's career average for O.D.I. is 42.6, whereas Munro's is 24.9. As both are aged 32, one would ask who is likely to perform or improve? As he has been unsuccessful, apart from the first game, I would like Guptill to go full blast from ball 1 in the final, rather than noodling through overs and still getting out. What does he have to lose? 'Death or Glory" with a personal preference for the latter..
  4. Phar Lap Fan

    Turkeys vote to support early Christmas

    Has anyone heard the expression; 'Stating the bleeding obvious'? "transformational change". Is this like "strategic plan"? Taken from that book, 'Synonyms for Dummies'?
  5. Phar Lap Fan

    Name for my horse please.

    A great name for a racehorse, but is too long to be accepted by The Powers That Might/Could/Should/Used To/Aunt Be. 'I've Started, So I'll Finish' - from Mastermind.
  6. Phar Lap Fan

    Changing Pedigrees to reflect new data

    Will all the by 'AAAA or BBBB' sires in pedigrees be eliminated now? Hope that the traditionalists don't retain their bewilderment, because it's traditional'. Can the 'mystery' of Northern Dancer, as proposed by Harold Hampton, be solved now?
  7. Phar Lap Fan

    Book on great nz broodmares

    The Bostonian worthy of inclusion now - traces to Volifox (2).
  8. Phar Lap Fan

    The good old days

    When I skipped down the hall to the kitchen, I didn't see your missus. Perhaps the T.A.B. plans to eliminate actual horses and replace them with virtual racing within 20 years. Perhaps virtual punters will bet on their races.
  9. Phar Lap Fan

    How y’all looking now

    If clubs are struggling in major population areas (for various reasons) is it smart to build new tracks in smaller towns, such as Cambridge? Why make it less attractive for casual punters to attend?
  10. Phar Lap Fan

    Nostalgic Race Videos Here !

    NO RESPONSE. At the risk of heresy, his win in 1979 Inter-Dominion Final was even more impressive. Seemed to sprint twice as fast as other horses in the straight. The race is available on YouTube. 1987 Auckland Cup, won by Kotare Chief, is still a cracker.
  11. Phar Lap Fan

    Name for my horse please.

    It's A Little Secret (The Chordettes' song) Sitting In The Sand (same). We Were Holding Hands (bit hard for a horse, though!). Roger Racquet.
  12. Phar Lap Fan

    True Story...almost.

    "The names! The names!" My 3rd cousin (whom I never met) out-fames all the names here. Isn't this fun?
  13. Phar Lap Fan

    Name for my horse please.

    Volley. (Sir Van Volley) Rally. A Horse of Course. A Horse of Courts.
  14. Phar Lap Fan

    Book on great nz broodmares

    Traces back to Stardancer, ch. 1899, the family of Sometime, Fox Myth and Galilee so one of the best families ever.
  15. Phar Lap Fan


    What did she have? The heart of a giant redwood or the aerobic capacity of an airship?