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  1. Darned good horse. Spelling is annoying when trying to search for her results - but worth the effort. Was there any reason for the spelling?
  2. How likely is it that there will be an impartial judge at their hearing, when the judiciary is similar to a 'closed shop' work-place and they seem to be beyond reproach? Read somewhere recently about the Judicial Conduct Commissioner but, as I recall, he/she is not very busy - like nobody has ever been censured? As usual, remorse is only needed when you are caught.
  3. Then add imported blood through the dams. Explosive Jack - 3rd dam Australian, then Irish. Kukeracha - American, Irish & English lines. Western Empire - 4th dam was local. Johnny Get Angry - 2nd dam Australian, then Irish.
  4. poundforpound - do you not recognize abuse, your self? No worry. Complaints should be addressed to the C.E.O. of the T.A.B. also, as well as spleen-venting here. As I said, the victim should take T.A.B. to court, if he thinks that he has a strong case.
  5. In commercial law, retailers are not obliged to complete a transaction for an incorrect price. Thus, 'customers' can't alter price tickets then claim that the item has to be sold at that price. However, this is a technical point in contract law; offered - accepted, but betting agencies put that disclaimer in their Terms & Conditions, as stated above. Likewise, if a bank puts money in your account by mistake, the onus is on the recipient to prove that they could reasonably assume that they were entitled to the money. Could a court case succeed? Don't know but abusing T.A.B. staff and s
  6. I doubted that I was terribly interested to read this. However, a few paragraphs of corporate speak convinced me to sell my computer. Even give it away. Should N.Z.T.R. look elsewhere than the N.Z. T.A.B. for a gambling service? Who owns what?
  7. Looked at courses a few years ago and found that the diagrams hadn't been up-dated or corrected for ages, if ever. Love Racing web-site has them in 2D and satellite photographs but many are quite different, so much so that the 2D diagrams could be ignored. Longest straights should be Te Aroha and Pukekohe, at 1,050 metres (sum of back and front), then Ashburton and Riccarton at 1,000 metres.
  8. Had forgotten about this. No progress made and still working on the spring clean (from one Spring to the next, then the next ....). Not much interest nowadays but hope that old books and magazines might find a home.
  9. To avoid that, insist that your horses do track work only during office hours, Monday to Friday!
  10. As a point of law, the comments relate (mostly) to Grimstone's previous employment so why does it concern the J.C.A.?
  11. The defence of honest opinion would apply in civil law but it would never get near a court. As the subject claimed to be politically incorrect, why would he object to plain speaking? Being overly precious?
  12. As in any business, the trend over several years is more significant.
  13. What a way to run a 'business'! Bite the hands that feed you.
  14. I haven't looked lately but I'll say 'No!'. The idea was good in principle but the results not so. What damaged R.A.C.E.? Trentham? Perhaps those clubs destined for oblivion might sell their assets and invest in housing development, accepting that the future of racing is uncertain. Losing their assets, built over many years, to The Corporation is too much to swallow.
  15. A thought: to pre-empt the probably illegal and certainly immoral acquistion of racing clubs' assets, would those denied racing days be better to sell their courses and invest into remaining clubs? More than P.B.T.C. just hiring to race at Hastings but buying a share of the parent club, to retain some identity and still have some power over their destiny.