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    How Many People lost their job in Petone?

    Is Parkinson's Law applying there? 'Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion'.
  2. Phar Lap Fan

    Helpful Hints for Day 10

    Trying to help you, B.H. Forewarned is four-armed - like an octopus sliced into two by a giant cleaver, wielded by a passionate person on a mission! If that fate befell you, you would be Ho or GG.
  3. Phar Lap Fan

    Helpful Hints for Day 10

    A shovel and a spade! Who is helping her? Boss should be worried.
  4. Phar Lap Fan

    The big boy is back at Sha Tin tonight.......

    Is he a hurdler? No wonder that he can't win if he's doing all that stuff in a race!
  5. The advantage of radio is that one can do other stuff while listening, rather than being obliged to sit at a screen. Without Sky/Spark tv, or Radio Sport, might have to buy a newspaper to find the cricket scores.
  6. Phar Lap Fan

    Aussie TAB error

    Why were the punters furious? Because their dishonesty was caught or did they seriously believe that the amounts were real? That they were spreading the story on social medium suggests that they knew. Taking money paid by mistake is a crime, unless the recipient can prove that it was genuinely felt to be theirs. I would take bets on them failing that.
  7. Is it Munchausen? Now known as F.D.I.A.
  8. Phar Lap Fan

    Any Owner Compo ?

    If racehorse owner is your sole source of income, you might have a claim.
  9. Phar Lap Fan


    Imagine if your horse won and you didn't back it. Imagine if your horse lost and you didn't back it.
  10. Phar Lap Fan

    dean mckenzie

    T.A.B. - Those documents don't specify that racing clubs subscribed the capital if the loan, from banks/s, was only under-written by them. Was told that the loan was quickly repaid so the conclusion was that the T.A. B. owned itself. Read the book about its history, although a few years ago, and thought the same from that.
  11. Phar Lap Fan

    You know what happens when you bully a bully

    May be that I was a little unkind as she won 2 Gr.1 races. However, you could find 100 horses that had a comparable record and she is a long way away from 'Champion'.
  12. Phar Lap Fan

    You know what happens when you bully a bully

    He may be the best 3 y.o. in Australia but hadn't won much (1 at Gr. 1 level), and none against all ages. Promoted beyond his ability? Who was that bloke extolling the magnificence of that mare from Tasmania that had won bugger all? What has she done lately, as I can't remember her name
  13. Phar Lap Fan

    Rural NZ to the rescue .

    What bazach and Kingshill said. Most dairy farms are minimum of 500 cows to be economic units nowadays. With farm manger/sharemilker/staff, who has time to play with horses? A generation lost to racing is never likely to return.
  14. Phar Lap Fan

    TAB to go tits up

    At New Plymouth, why were T.A.B. staff admitted when no public or members were? Who was betting? R.I.T.A. asks staff to voluntarily reduce their hours but asks Government to help at the same time. Muddled thinking!
  15. Phar Lap Fan

    Oh what a mess we're in

    Also seems to a higher percentage of imported horses in races now, as if locals don't have much faith in their own?
  16. Phar Lap Fan

    You know what happens when you bully a bully

    On Good4, ran 1:36.57! Or ?
  17. Phar Lap Fan

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    W.R.C. controlling birdcage and owners' room, without doing anything in public stand (?), seems a half-arsed response. Like the government telling all tourists to self-isolate for 14 days. We continue to support the tourism industry but won't allow tourists to tour?
  18. Proisir's 5th dam was Sunbride, so not surprising that he is pretty good. Would J.E. have beaten Two Illicit? Don't know but suspect not. J.E., Loire and Showbeel were mixing results but J.E. became dominant over more distance.
  19. Phar Lap Fan

    Awesome Shark

    Was more impressed by Two Illicit. By the time and ease of her win, she could have won Herbie Dyke Stakes?
  20. Phar Lap Fan

    Absolutely utterly appalling

    Agree. It's way over-the-top, as if there is shame in calling it the New Zealand team.
  21. Phar Lap Fan

    Absolutely utterly appalling

    Sponsors come and sponsors go but the race remains.
  22. Phar Lap Fan

    The ride of the day at Trentham

    Love Racing web-site says; Camino Rocoso ran 2,100 metres in 2:09.05 on a Good 3 track at Trentham. Previous start, he ran 1,975 metres in 1:59.49 at Waikouaiti, on Dead 5 track. Converting both races to 2,000 m. gives 2:03.05 and 2:00.99 respectively. The Trentham time is not exceptional but the Waikouaiti time is suspect, either to timing or distance. Regardless, it was good to see a horse winning by just running faster for longer than all the others, like Hero and Kotare Chief. Did Varnamo break 2 mintes for 2,000 m./10 furlongs, years ago?
  23. Phar Lap Fan

    AWT Cambridge

    Sounds sensible but is it the best investment for an a.w.t. to be primarily used for training? Will it attract crowds, let alone new people, to racing when it is in Cambridge?
  24. Phar Lap Fan

    Raceday Attendances

    tasman man11 - went to Pirongia once. Looked as if half the crowd weren't interested enough to actually watch the races but they seemed happy to eat and drink there.
  25. Phar Lap Fan

    What A Shambles

    Didn't see the race but convention is that the Boss takes the blame, as how many Ministers have been sacked from Cabinet - actually not a good example as the 'Boss' chose them and he/she should resign. Starter at fault but what were the Assistant Starter, other assistants, Clerk/s of the Course and jockey doing at the time? Was it a case of all/many not following procedures?