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    and where did I say you voted for don't try and cover up your mistakes admit it you really where referring to him

    I suppose the board put it to vote so everyone that voted against it should be sacked really
  3. How long does an investigation take?

    lets face it the spca case doesn't matter nzgra has the power to act now but they don't want to
  4. Winstons big announcement...

    whats your take on the announcement now insider
  5. Time for positive leadership.

    did he win in his last job
  6. Winstons big announcement...

    insider do you really believe he will do anything of relevance
  7. Time for positive leadership.

    well done steve
  8. Time for positive leadership.

    take a look at most aussie races today compared to palmy
  9. Time for positive leadership.

    mike can i ask where you got your average starts for dogs in aust also nz would be well ahead in starts as some dogs race 3 times in a week
  10. pizemoney

    amazing how the first race at gold coast a maiden is worth more than the levin classic
  11. Broad Bitches

    both worth breeding with
  12. come on broddy dont be like that remember the good old days when we use to hold hand and skip down to the local tab
  13. thanks for that ronald ill get the kids to come and say gday when they visit mcdonalds and will the hamburgler be with you aka happy
  14. well if he was a dapper fella full of knowledge he is definitely no relation to the brodster
  15. i think there use be a dominic beirne also who was either a big punter or bookmaker