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  1. What a disgrace

    your a tosser brodie i suppose weight doesnt make a different with horses
  2. Worst Ever

    hows the turnover berri
  3. What a disgrace

    brodie your full off shite produce your facts re trackside on wigts
  4. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    just heard matt say say carnival was that far in front riding shot gun said im heading to chatam islands for a rest ive got wind burn
  5. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    ffs he will win every week
  6. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    he's on the phone to matt cross but matt keeps hanging up similar to jacinda trying to talk to turnbull
  7. NZ Cup entries Here.

    pentathlon 1st bee tee junior 2nd villa elba last
  8. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    actually i think leo was thinking the wrong carnival as he attends the kings cross mardi gras carnival every year
  9. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    im tipping leo will tip trifecta for thorndon gingernuts kawi carnival
  10. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    to everyone out there that has an allup carnival into kiwi lets hope ct doesnt label it
  11. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    is ct your illegitimate lovechild
  12. Gingernuts

    i think you will be able to back him saturday
  13. Gingernuts

    agree and theres a few in there coming off a hard run in the cox plate
  14. Kuwee !!!!!!!!

    theres plenty of applicants on manus
  15. Kuwee !!!!!!!!

    your dead right there and its funny how his latest legal actions were started the day before he announced he was jumping in bed with labour he had no intention of going with national