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  1. i agree but some people also have 2 identities hey
  2. Schofield

    really does that matter
  3. Schofield

    gee whiz gom i think he should have got another 2 years for being so stupid as to let his son a known drug cheat and unlicenced look after the dogs a disaster waiting to happen and if certain people you david was doing this then they should have reported it he might not have got the 2 years.. is there truth in the report dennis was even living on the property if thats the case why are people whingeing he got kicked out he wasnt even living there In the summary of facts from the JCA decision, it was revealed Denis Schofield lived 100 kilometres away from his training establishment in the Waikato region. David Schofield, his partner and her son live at the training establishment, while Denis lives in Auckland. David Schofield was said to manage the training establishmen
  4. Get that humble pie warmed up ......

    your joking you think sacking of hughes etc and 2 awt tracks are going to improve nz racing yeah another tui ad
  5. why would you worry you try and promote people to say the word f on tv
  6. hard to beat that what a great dog
  7. Pike runners scratched!

    some people probably think citrate is a substitute for bi carb also some people dont have a degree in vet science and believe in whats written in the marketing material
  8. Cawbourne Krusty wins Group 1 NZ Futurity

    joe do you know why the eight was scratched in the race is says bruising that cant be correct
  9. Well well well D.Schofield

    now i dont think i said dennis trained a dog for you and first start for a trainer please google cawbourne bolt have you got a short memory
  10. Well well well D.Schofield

    really laugh all you like remember the dogs you owned i think stewie trained one what happened same as dennis funny thing is it joyce or bronson do u remeber the trainer who had his first starter as a trainer and it returned a positive then never trained a dog after that
  11. Well well well D.Schofield

    i would take that back joycey and apologise
  12. Well well well D.Schofield

    gee warren and lindsay joyce we dont know the facts but please tell us
  13. Ring the Bell

    keep your money in your pocket
  14. Oaks Selection Policy

    yes they do and theres alot on the internet
  15. Oaks Selection Policy

    really you need to check things again or would you like me to post it with your approval