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  1. marcus_brutus

    go nominate now

    Hmmm pilli who ever you are i hope thats not about my stand over sisp.
  2. marcus_brutus


    I am not playing Devils Advicate but lets wait for information confirmed, before taking the hanging rope on a young bloke trying to get a start. No matter what we say here, isnt fair on his due course of action if need be in defence. Sometimes this thread and others have issues that can inflame some but at times. I feel that like a Witchs Burning at the stake a lot of GOULS seem to get off on suspician or pointing finger and may i add laughing behind peoples back when they do have a positive. Lets give him a break being a young fella he hasnt even started his training life LETS WAIT AND SEE but i for one am hoping he has this chance
  3. marcus_brutus

    GAP misses a mark....

    Great bitch swift fantasy and ty for all the information on GAP dogs, was very informative and good too see them happy ;]]
  4. marcus_brutus

    South Island Selection Policy

    Racing at Otago well done all
  5. marcus_brutus

    Greyhound Racing New Zealand Rules of Racing.

    Merve m8 Why blame the board seems to me that in your eyes you should be looking at getting involved with Christhurch club for changing the way they vote on these issues, as i have noted by discussion on here people not clubs should be appointing the boards but that will be hard because for too long an entrenchment of past practices are still evident good or bad Just maybe the IntegrityUnit should hold an investigation re your accusations and other people in general that have aired thes issues.
  6. marcus_brutus

    South Island Selection Policy

    One word DRIBBLE as a member of Otago you show no support at all for the club and as far as im concerned your playing devil advocate for other people and in that i mean why belong too a club yet find fault in their decision making and calling for the SIP to be dropped when you know that the club committee meeting has offered to discuss this driven issue with representation from all sources involved. Only if boycott is lifted is that not trying to solve the area you seem too want to continue by your attitude of negativity. Kelvin people can see through you and your know realising and your perpetrating this myth that Southern trainers dont want to travel gee truly m8 ya got too look into a mirror and wonder where your at. On meeting you i see someone that hasnt been around the traps and maybe you just believe in your crusade is worthwhile but too the detrement of ongoing resolvement that is possible. ps why did you hurry away Sunday when i wanted to get too know you better by buying you a beer and listen to your reasoning.