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  1. southland lure driver LOL

    In my opinion! it doesn’t help at the 390m boxes the lure flys way too fast past the boxes, if there are head injuries no wonder why, the lure is almost round the bend. Chuck in those boxes and it’s a bad combo
  2. Zipping Gabby

    It’s a joke - random alright. Hmmmmm *just my opinion..... b/s
  3. How long does an investigation take?

    It’s a fair point Eyespy, maybe the powers think it will be forgotten about? Yeah right
  4. Looking To The Future

    Nor do you get a refund if you import the dog for racing from Aus and keep the dog as a pet after it has finished racing. $500 Goes into the big pot of F’all
  5. Forbury Today

    Couldn’t agree more
  6. Forbury Today

    Incorrect, I am not suggesting that at all. My point is the parade steward or handler should have advised the stipe this had happened and what the process is given it is not the norm I have seen at my local track the stipe walk with the dogs to the boxes, is this normal? Why different for different tracks, I’m asking for a standard application of the rule.
  7. Sinister?

    Seems very odd...
  8. Forbury Today

    Handler saw it, starter saw it, the rest of the dogs saw it, but yeah, the stewards never....mmm a ‘warning’ is pretty soft imo. We are quite happy to fine people for other things but this isn’t important enough obviously.
  9. Forbury Today

    I read the stewards report today at Forbury, specifically the judicial report. A dog gets loose on the way to the boxes, catches the lure, and is allowed to continue to race (jumps first and wins). Penalty - warning to handler and parade steward. is this really fair, does the dog get an advantage over the other 7, my argument would be yes, surely more than a warning...... Peoples thoughts?
  10. Dead baiting NSW

    Grnz could have made this whole situation a lot easier by front footing the issue when the allegations were made. Surely they could have conducted their own investigation whilst the spca was doing their own. It happens in business all the time, simultaneous investigations. if found guilty the book must be thrown, abhorrent, disgusting practice.
  11. Giveaway Racedog

    Dog placed at beginning of week, thanks
  12. Giveaway racedog. Epic Blu Jan 15, Barcia Bale x Fancy Meg. 9 starts 1 win 1 second. phone text Jamie 021358104
  13. Frozen Semen

    You logic is that convincing, I cannot debate with you.
  14. Frozen Semen

    Incorrect John, they were not “sticking their snouts where it didn’t belong”. GRNZ’s objectives are to promote ... and breeding. This avenue enabled small time breeders to access these straws when previously wouldn’t have been able to. Ill say it again, complete lack of foresight from those in head office.
  15. Frozen Semen

    I don’t disagree that the product they currently have is rubbish. it is the responsibility of the association to facilitate breeding. i quote from the Grnz website under ‘objectives of the association’. The association was established to promote and advance greyhound racing, registration, breeding, safety and welfare in NZ..... they may as well use their marketing department to update their website then.