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  1. There does appear to be a bit of a push to cull the numbers...of participants.
  2. A reminder of the caliber of idiot that works for our leading trainer https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/110586241/dogs-dying-on-cook-strait-ferry-was-a-significant-failure-former-spca-boss-says?cid=app-iPhone
  3. ridiculous


    What are these mysterious circumstances? It's worth knowing for other LP's who aren't club members. May affect all of us.
  4. A quota system might work in terms of keeping the public onside but it would favor the bigger kennels. Not sure where you get those figures but I have a feeling you're well wide of the mark
  5. Is it really good for them if they sink the whole sport and theirs and everyone elses future in it also?
  6. All the activists need to do is invest in a few dogs and they'll help these bigwig kennels push us over the line to extinction. Keep piling straw on the camel and watch what happens
  7. Less odds of a dud bet.. Something that could be marketed ?
  8. And how are we going? A few members chucked out of the industry now. Niterave ladies on board. May hounds in Auckland. Will be interesting to see what the board has to say at the AGM.
  9. ridiculous

    What the

    We might have to make a choice between jobs for the few or a hobby for the many I fear. Poorly managed for a very long time with not enough foot on the brakes even now. Regardless what we may all think is the answer there's more to this than just our opinions, and if we don't sort this out we'll all pay for it. The old adage, too little, too late springs to mind.
  10. Sorry but...What....???
  11. And how is this going to attract more people into the industry? Great for the established trainers but wont draw much new interest I wouldn't think.
  12. Get up and fight! https://www.odt.co.nz/regions/west-coast/proposed-racetrack-closures-slammed-land-grab
  13. Well done on shooting our reputation to shit once more
  14. We've all had a few days to reflect on this and it just looks more and more remarkable to me. Blind leading the blind. They call John Key "the smiling assassin"? Hello, it's Winston. If anyone else had called in an Aussie who gives recommendations to flog off half our venues in the greatest land grab since the treaty of Waitangi while suggesting giving the keys to the till to the Aussie TABCorp - this report would go down like a ton of bricks. Would we take the ride if it was someone from the green party standing up with this exact same message? For example, Gareth Hughes says we are going to cut the number of venues in half, and give up the huge amount of intellectual capital that's gone into the Kiwi IT and infrastructure side of things, the jobs there, and let the show be run from Aussie. Same message, different messenger. It could be a masterstroke from Labour greens. Get Mr Trusted to sell them the worst deal ever and they'll buy it. For the short term Winston just needs next election's votes. Will he even run in the next election? Perhaps WP doesn't even know he's the fall guy. There could be some other political trade off?? NZfirst done very well so far. It peeves me no end the NZRB corporate bureaucracy and there is stupid money lost there but as much as you will no doubt disagree, I think John Allen did put losses on the forecast before they happened, with a plan to lift the financial nose pretty much about right now. Instead of being patient a bit longer and sticking to the plan, and then deciding once we really know if it's worked as planned, we are jumping the gun just before payday and a nasty little bait-and-switch is going on, and we're all going to get stiffed instead, and racing will end up with no choice next time around. Too much wagered on a dark horse with this report he needs to hear from the provinces where our tracks and clubs actually are that he's talking about closing down, because that's where the heart of racing is, not Melboune or Petone No point writing a letter here send it to Winston and National now not later
  15. Whoever it was seemed to just rile Winston up. It was like he was being challenged. FIrst an awkward moment of silence and then he responded saying he established GAP which leans towards pets. That will be what he takes away from his announcement, a representative of the greyhound code got under his skin and asked a ridiculous question when the industry is at a significant crossroads. I wasn't there but I would have asked about whether or not we can have one turn tracks at each new venue. The timing is good.