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  1. Which track was this at? Maybe the Stipes need a shake!
  2. I don’t know if that’s what I’m referring to as all I was told is that there is a video circulating of a trainer with a dog on a lead running after the rooster - I haven’t personally seen the footage. If there is a rooster living at the track then yes the Club/committee should be rehoming it but that certainly is no excuse for chasing it with a dog - especially one that is engaged to race.
  3. I’ve heard second hand that a trainer up North was caught giving their dogs a “stir up” with a live rooster at the races prior to kenneling!! Anyone have any more info on this?
  4. Sounds like a curly one to me, If it was truly ever a risk surely it would also be a risk for trials. You can run back for a pre race trial , 30 mins later for race 1 it’s not safe?? If you can’t find a catcher you can run back, but if you forget to organise a catcher you will be fined?? - it either is safe or it isn’t. Most of the trainers/ handlers are obviously happy enough doing so and those that aren’t can get a catcher! Sounds like the new protocols have got it right.
  5. I believe all tracks were given the green light to box trial
  6. Agree - that’s why I don’t enjoy betting there, I prefer a “best dog usually wins” scenario rather than a “whoever survives the first turn wins” scenario
  7. I believe it is the photo of the south Waikato cup from the Tokoroa meeting on March 22, the day before NZ went to Alert level 3 so well within the “social distancing” timeframe.
  8. I assume the issue that Bus stop is referring to is social distancing! The clown in 3rd place should have got a punch in the nose for idiocy but I guess that would have broken the “2 metre” rule also. GOM I believe the girl with the winner is holding the cup.
  9. Betting man


    Interesting I would have said that from that list of trainers the majority of the dogs they all raced are bred, reared & trained by themselves so a fairly even depth of dog available to each of them. The quality of broodie/sire is of personal choice ( we all have different opinions on what is a “good bloodline”) after that I imagine it’s the quality of food and effort they put into them to get the end result.
  10. Betting man


    That is what we used to pay our trainers 20yrs ago! Has it not gone up in all that time??
  11. I have heard about a trainer that insists on an agreement with the owner prior to training a dog to retain the first $1-2000 the dog makes (total stake) which is held for the entire racing career of each dog, this will be used in the case of serious injury (ie toe surgery, towards hock surgery or simply covers retirement fees with any remaining money split once the dog is happily in its forever home) If the owner is not agreeable - she doesn’t take their dog! this seems like basic commonsense that every trainer could very easily adopt.
  12. Totally agree, almost brutal handling, & as you say not the first time from this trainer. I had a bet in the race and was pretty pissed off, it’s not fair on the other dogs already in the boxes while this malarkey is going on due to incompetent handling.
  13. Jimbob I’m pretty sure you are allowed to use squeakers
  14. Well put Emotive, I am prepared to give Rendle the benefit of the doubt as far as his knowledge of the activities at his trainers property goes - I for one as an owner have no idea at all of the goings on at my trainers property (though I have never had reason to question their integrity) I can respect his initial loyalty - obviously they would have vehemently denied any wrong doing - however...and it’s a big However! Surely blind Eddie can see the enormity of evidence and begin questioning his beliefs. Perhaps even a “I am withholding judgement until proven guilty, if it is true I will be terribly disappointed and remove all my dogs immediately “ response would have been easier to swallow than “Everyone is just jealous”
  15. Bunson if you have evidence of anyone baiting - live or dead please come forward. I would like to have believed that there was none of this behaviour going on in NZ but sadly it looks like I’m wrong