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  1. Yes !!!! About time Levin got a huge shake up
  2. Its not called gambling for a reason!!
  3. Gap have a new announcement on nzgra site.
  4. Ohhh the 2 dogs that were turned away could tell you and had to go to as a emergency to another place
  5. Just heard that Levin gap are not taking in any more black dogs! That's a great look for greyhound racing. The sooner that place is completely sorted out the better what a waste of money that place was
  6. I'm loving linda26 posts
  7. Well you may not of "started"it but you carry it around all the time asking the same few People to sign it.
  8. Hey why don't you get another petition going sue about it
  9. Is this the same boy who he and his father threatened a number of trainers????? Oh yes half story as usual
  10. Omg get a life and a job!!!! And stop putting pics on fb
  11. That is my fear with trailers but hope your pup is ok. There are some great people about, luckily