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  1. Silver Collar meeting abandoned

    Great race , and congratulations to R Adcock for getting this dog back to its Best. The draw was the key to the result in the end, but taking nothing away from the winner, grinds out the distance. That Pirate dog is not going to win much, if anything racing like that
  2. Silver Collar meeting abandoned

    I was correct in the Wanganui Stayers, Ring the Bell d failed in the final, and I cleaned up off Dusty. Anything can happen in a race Hound . I am sure you more than most have seen plenty of non chasers cause havoc to genuine dogs
  3. Silver Collar meeting abandoned

    more like 100 - 1, Ring the Bell won't win final, i can only see two with realistic chances Dusty and Translator
  4. Silver Collar meeting abandoned

    You obviously cant read a race very well, watch this dog in every start since it has been in New Zealand. IT IS FIELD SHY. Has no chance in the final unless major collisions in the race
  5. Well well well D.Schofield

    One huge flaw the Greyhound Assn never addressed which came to light after this inquiry is that David Schofield was the trainer of these dogs . Denis Schofield was the registered trainer but only picked them up to go to the races. The Assn knew about this and this is misleading to punters So if this is allowed, we should get Winston Peters to train B Coles dogs. what is the difference? Just driving them to the races should not make this right
  6. He's sure got some wheels

    I feel the age of Ring the Bell counts against it in the silver collar, (putting in 2 big distance races in a week like Wanganui) I cant see anything strong or good enough to push Dusty, unless a new import appeared out of the woodwork for the Silver Colar
  7. He's sure got some wheels

    I see the Roberts Kennel has had 3 put out in the last week Maybe these trainers having to train dogs with soft toys that are approved by the ASS is half the problem The Racing is getting worse, and punters are leaving in droves, last week in the Wanganui distance heat Christian Cyborg clearly stopped chasing Then with clear air in the final it tried it's heart out
  8. Ring the Bell

    At the end of the day, I did get it wrong with Ring the Bell, well done to the trainer for getting it up for the good heat win
  9. Ring the Bell

    I am a much better judge than what you think, Dusty was the big improver
  10. Ring the Bell

    Dusty Gambler is the biggest certainty ive ever seen tonight get on at 2.20
  11. Ring the Bell

    It was a absolute crap race. but well done to Mr Adcock , id give it 50-1 to win solver collar
  12. Ring the Bell

    Winding up, it was a clear second last week and faded to 4th, in a very average 645 field, this dog was a prolific group 1 winner and raced the best distance dogs in Australasia. Now it is racing mediocre fields struggling to keep up The leaders looked to be fading last week in a average field
  13. Ring the Bell

    Really, give this dog the retirement it deserves. it is going backwards way before the 600 mark It has had enough, it looks tired, might have to change its name to "Ring out the Rag" (get every last drip from it) It is a prolific winner over the extreme distance , it is over 4 and half years and won over $390.000
  14. TAB

    I call it Mafia tax, the TAB are crooks .
  15. TAB

    I totally agree with you. try Betfair, I have 90% of my turnover goes through this site after I worked out the integrity of the NZ TAB years ago