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  1. Oh dear, this is not going to end well

    I thought this thread referred to R Myers butchering another Jockey challenge
  2. Aussies restricted from offshore betting

    When over in Australia Melbourne Cup carnival I was betting on my phone on the NZ TAB website. This is because I brought a data pack before leaving NZ. so this was the way round being blocked. You can also setup a VPN on your laptop If you try connecting to the NZ TAB with a wifi from Motel etc , you will be blocked Easy to out smart these changes
  3. Micheal WALKER interview

    Yes I totally agree, I saw an interview with him on Racing.com this week His attitude was awesome as well I wish him all the success
  4. Gingernuts

    After watching the weigh in last evening , you could not feel more sorry for the Connections of Gingernuts after the the postponement of the Group 1 race on Sat. You could tell the despair on David Ellis face Would have been great to see Gingernuts in the Caulfield/Melbourne Cup Good Luck for what ever races they go for Hope to see Gingernuts live in the Mackinnon in Melbourne Also I feel for all the other connections who could not race horses Sat Best of the with these horses also
  5. Looking for a Greyhound

    your best to get involved with a horse syndicate
  6. What happened to the Tier two???

    Tier two racing what a load of rubbish Best to send them to Asia to race
  7. What ever happened to the Bent Bookie?

    Bent Bookie I have seen them The Bent Bookies are still working for the TAB , quite a few, working for a Bent organisation
  8. PUB TAB

    Walk in to the Club Tavern in Christchurch Today at 1pm I proceed to the counter to take a withdrawal form Before I get a chance, the lady asks me if I was wanting money out of my account. I said yes She said, sorry we can't give any money out because we have just done our banking She did not ask how much I was wanting, These Pubs are representing the TAB, the customer service will be the detriment of racing in NZ. I only wanted $100.00
  9. Dirk the Jerk.

    Yes the information flow is absolutely rubbish. To be honest I hardly bet on Greyhounds anymore, and cant see myself going back to punting over $1000.00 a week on them either The racing has become boring, especially in the Central districts. I am not interested in betting on a race that has dogs racing three times a week and most of the runners are from the same kennel. Dogs not chasing properly, a lot of slow dogs running around look poorly broken in.
  10. Race Replays

    Thanks Michael Yes if the thoroughbreds can do it, why can't the greyhounds?
  11. Race Replays

    Thanks I wanted to watch the replay of a dog today Race 4 at Manukau, Red Head , first up run was good, but wanted to see what happened on Thursday It cost $50.00 of turnover, and probably money i would have reinvested after it won Very unprofessional not seeing the replays on the same day. I like to do my diligence
  12. Race Replays

    What help to punters are these replays 4 or 5 days later when a lot of the dogs have had another start since then I can’t understand how I can watch a Horse race on trackside, and then view the trackside replay an hour later on NZracing. Why can’t we get this with dogs also?
  13. Question on handlers

    Had a Reply and they are looking into this Maybe a change for the future Obviously some people agree with me
  14. Question on handlers

    I believe if a trainer has a runner in the field then they Must handle the dog they train And not handle other trainers dogs I might write to RIU about this
  15. Question on handlers

    Can a trainer handle another trainers dog if they have a runner in the race themselves.but they get someone else to handle there dog? What are the rules?