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  1. Michael Pitman

    Its an interesting one, sometimes a change of trainer can work the oracle, we have seen this many a time, i for one follow a horse that has had a change and you can get some tidy dividends, some horses seem to just be going through the motions, and get stuck into the same routine day in day out, great to see them on the beach, up the hills or even abit of eventing, variety is the spice of life. The same applies for race horses.
  2. Commentators - genuinely good blokes

    Interesting the commentary on the first race at invercargill today, the general thoughts were that wild jacks run was huge and he was unlucky, the winner sat 3 wide the whole 2100m journey, only just got there, but i thought that run was the most impressive of the race given the amount of territory he covered.
  3. Kiwi Guns Racin Tonite

    Crickey, they must just as famous as the all blacks, they had the same issue, sometime ago, got to watch those aussies.
  4. Reefton

    The old story, just as hard to win on the coast, as anywhere else, no easy races these days.
  5. Michael Pitman

    A win is a win and the stakes were good, don't think any of the winning owners be to worried about the times.
  6. Michael Pitman

    Good stake money for the rest, nice fields down there.
  7. Like your plan and way of thinking, far to many young horses pushed to their limits to make the 2yr olds, when not mentally or physically developed, and usually end up lame or broken down, i wouldn't care if they never got to the races till their 4 or 5. Good luck with your charge, and stick to your plan.
  8. Sales Time

    Thanks for the feedback, and fair points raised, i guess you just never know on the day. Good luck with your filly one more lap, hope you have ago with her yourself, better than giving her away for a poor price, out of curiosity, what would it cost to get one to the sales.
  9. Sales Time

    Was surprised that the half brother to ultimate machete go for a bargin price, i personally thought he would top the sale, who would want to breed horses.
  10. Kawi v Start Wondering

    Don't let it worry you, and remember believe all of what you see, and only half of what you hear.
  11. Does Cindy Have A Home To Go To?

    And a lousy divy of 2.00 and change.
  12. Risk Manager Down?

    To many risks, must have shut em down.
  13. I was on Thailand, any wider up the straight and he been in the carpark, made it appear easy for brookbars, At least one rider knew the short way home.
  14. Waikato Race 1 Today

    Checkout the nominations for a few of the riccarton races.
  15. Mark Mcnamara

    Think i heard him call the trots at orange today