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      Hi Everyone,           we are in the process of upgrading the site as you know and there may be some short interruptions over the coming weeks while this process happens, I will try to advise before these happen but apologies ahead of time for any inconvenience this may cause. What you all will end up with is a much better place for everyone to enjoy.


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  1. Fireworks/Horses

    Carrys on throughout the year, if it was the one day only, wouldn't be so bad, always a worrying time for pets and livestock.
  2. Don't See This These Days

    Think I can remember joy boy starting off 120m in a Westport cup on the grass, was a long time ago and I think he finished 3rd. A trip down memory lane.
  3. Watch those butchers cubes,they have that saying, pleased to meat you, and meat to please you, and usaiiy introduce their wife, meat Pattie.
  4. Always great when they go for a holiday, silence is golden, i say, enjoy your break cubes, and good luck with the fire starter.
  5. Take a bow...Aaron Kuru

    I think a horse called eiffel tower went the wrong way, had to stop and turn around, and won too, someone may be able to correct me if im wrong.
  6. Apprentice claims NZTR/TAB

    Totally agree, we need to know what weight the horse is carrying to the barrier, been caught out a couple of times on this issue, needs to be more clarity for the punter.
  7. Matt Anderson

    And still we wait, wonder why it takes so long to put the stipes report up, says not long after the last race.
  8. Riccarton tomorrow-what chance?

    I don't even think browns cows were that far apart, good they got through the day ok.
  9. Dumbest racing rule in the world...

    Yes he did, but she wasn't my horse, pam trained her, she had another of her progeny start at timaru, went a very nice race, for fourth.
  10. Dumbest racing rule in the world...

    Thats a real shame, and would really hurt, a credit to you to have a starter in the race, and a heartbraker to have that happen, she was obviously never the same after her injury, and we never got to see the best of her, be good to watch her progeny preform now.
  11. Dumbest racing rule in the world...

    That filly you had pam, has left a couple of handy horses, as a broodmare, if its the one I'm thinking of, one looks like a very nice stayer in the making, going by his last start.
  12. NZB May Sale today

    You know the odds, pay your money and take your chances, nothing a given in this game. I see a maiden winner in the south won its first race after 17 starts, a 300k purchase as a yearling in the north.
  13. NZB May Sale today

    Wise men ride them, fools breed them, and old fella sold me some years ago, have never forgotten his words of wisdom, pity didn't take his advice.
  14. Trainer for stayers

    Baker Foresman be my pick, although wouldn't be a smaller stable, the art of training a stayer seems lost these days.
  15. Cinematic

    You can't beat that buzz of winning race, and you will be on cloud nine winning 3 on the bounce, a wise man told me years ago, never condemn a horse till its dead.