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  1. Courte Zarindi vs Za Za Gabor

    The winner been a smart horse, cheap buy to i think, 600$.How could you go wrong.
  2. Choosing A Yearling

    A few passed in todays sales, looks like a tough one for the breeders yet again, bargins for the buyers.
  3. See the shyte I have to put up with!!!!!!

    Good luck with her cubes, will be watching the replay.
  4. I had some luck, my wife stopped at phar lap raceway on the way back from red sheeran, and took some awesome photos of the mighty phar lap statue, very impressive, and a credit to the club and creator, hope to get down that way sometime and see it in the flesh.
  5. Positives at Nelson

    The penalty may have been light, but at the end of the day, there reputation has been tarnished once more, and they do say mud sticks.
  6. Positives at Nelson

    Who really does run racing, makes you wonder sometimes.
  7. Waimate Today

    Well done to the club and all the volunteers who made it possible, looked like a nice day with good racing.
  8. Well done Edward

    One for the battlers, he is about as honest they come, good to see son of zac win at riccarton on Saturday, very nice hose that will only improve with time, and the soft tracks seem his going, keep battling on cubes, im sure there are plenty of others searching for that glory, and you never know, when it may strike.
  9. Amateur Crap?

    I backed flamboyant, went a nice race for third, got done on the fixed odds place price, 11s v 17s, my eyes lit up on the 80 win div, but ended up 78s on tote anyway, just thought after a couple starts for a new trainer, be worth a bet.
  10. Waimate

    Totally agree, a credit to them, could have easily thrown in the towel, made a meeting there a long time ago, enjoyable day out, would like to get to kurow for a look, but they only race once a year and its a busy time work wise for me, did get to omakau few years back, invercargill, riverton and a few others on the list.Can't beat those country meetings, and looks like they are an endangered species.
  11. Waimate

    Page 4 were doomed
  12. Waimate

    All good, may have been coro fan that discussed it, not sure, you maybe able to seach it.Good to see them back.
  13. Waimate

    Has been mentioned not that long ago.
  14. Help a poor little weasel please Cafers

    On nztr, go to fields, and click on the meeting, gives you track circumference going weather, ect. At the top of page.