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  1. Cup day

    Great day out at riccarton saturday, nice weather, top fields and a good crowd, the hardest part was trying to back a winner. Just thought after the feature races and un saddling of the horses in the birdcage , after such a hard race, the winner then had to endure the duration of the speeches and the replay of the last stages of the race over the loud speaker, then were expected to line up for the winning photo with the owners. A tough ask on some of the younger horses who are not used to the big occasion, and are all hyped up, after running their heart out. To their credit they were well behaved, but just thought the photos would be best done first and the horse wisked away for a hose down. Enjoyed the day out and after a big week of racing, looks like all horses got around unscathed, at the end of the day, that to me is the most important thing.
  2. R.I.P Pentire

    What a loss to the breeding industry, certainly made his mark as a top sire.
  3. Off the Track - Chris Johnson

    Sometimes light hearted jokes are taken way to serious.
  4. Prom Queen

    Track was to long for the ones i backed.
  5. Worst Ever

    Didn't look like the crowd was as big as last year.
  6. Gobstopper

    Top win, 3.23 for 3200m they didn't set the track on fire
  7. RTR Sale Selections.

    I like your way of thinking, there is no shortage, plenty are pushed to the races as babies when not mentally or physically ready, then thrown aside when they don't preform.Good luck im sure you will find one.
  8. RTR Sale Selections.

    Bargains are there, horses for everyone, luck can pay a big part.
  9. RTR Sale Selections.

    Gingernuts half brother racing in the south island, won well its last start, rideitlikeyoustoleit.
  10. Te Aroha - joke!

    Must have wanted to get home to see the cup.

    Good luck, you must be buzzing having the dark one in the dominion.
  12. Grass Track Overload?

    Cant beat that grass, so a friend told me.
  13. Track records

    Grant davidson
  14. Track records

    Paratonnerre was out of a mare called chuckles, must have been a few years before i got the bug, but had been told by an old friend he was a smart horse, and he also mentioned senator kennedy, firpo was out of a mare called cherie susie, and eros finished his racing days as clerk of the course horse at westport. Looking at a greymouth race book from 78 they had the d p wilson memorial cup, looks like it was won by red gae, maybe, the print a bit hard to understand, the good old days, so many memories.
  15. Track records

    I think scotch mist was by balios and brutus to, yes peligro was a very handy type, the kennedy's always had some nice horses, pericolini was a very good horse for them, and agree they were good stallions in there day.