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  1. Gingernuts

    Exactly and is why you should never say never......anyone remember this little mare???? Miss Potential was a champion mare who raced in New Zealand & Australia in the early 2000s. Her comeback from a spiral fracture of her near-side cannon bone, resulting in 15 weeks strung up to the ceiling of her box, and subsequent race day performances endeared her to the public.[1]Her biggest victories came in the Group 1 Mudgway Stakes (1340m) at Wanganui in August, 2003, the Group 1 VRC Nestle Classic (1600m) in Melbourne on Derby Day 2004, and in the Group 1 Stoney Bridge Stakes (1600m) at Hastings in September 2005.[2]
  2. Winston.... he's a doozie...

    I had a very interesting meeting through the week with a lawyer in Auckland who specialises in ACC litigation. He informed me that the top hierarchy at ACC are already squirming when they are now looking like being faced with a new minister whom they will have to answer to in regard to the behaviours of some of their people over the last few years, there are a few Labour stalwarts/ministers that are really looking forward to sitting down with the ACC hierarchy and asking for an explanation as some of the cases will make the Bronwyn Pullar case look like a bedtime story . There will be no more just telling the minister that the decision was based on the legislation!!!, and lets face it the moment you are faced with attempting to decipher the act you tend to go glazed!!, and that is what ACC rely on when people are asking questions it is not easy for the standard "lay" person to get very far.
  3. Hastings trying hard to reduce crowd numbers

    Do Pfizer sponsor races in NZ?/, as they are producers of equine remedies as well as the producers of the largest selling anti depressant on the market here and that is EFFEXOR XR....hell it even gets advertised on TV. So if Pfizer were to sponsor a race meeting would that mean if you were of a sound and happy disposition you would be encouraged not to attend or if you were depressed you would be encouraged not to attend??...can of worms indeed . As an aside perhaps Pfizer should sponsor a day as I'm sure a lot of racing folk apply their equine remedies but in the current climate of NZ racing I would like to know how much revenue is generated due to the prescription of EFFEXOR XR to the same people?
  4. Hastings trying hard to reduce crowd numbers

    Can see this turning into a shitfest real quick!!, so we have "smoke free stipes"lurking around the place with the power to "appropriately remind" persons who are having a sly smoke. Question 1) these delegated persons, are they trainee stipes or are the powers going to utilise the car park attendants when they have parked all the cars?. I can't see that the big stipes would be doing the job. Question 2) Should an "appropriate reminder #1" be taken the wrong way and the "smokefree stipe" be told their pedigree by the sly smoker what is "appropriate reminder with big teeth #2 ?. I can see some inexperienced people with clipboards getting absolute serves from some patrons....perhaps even some charges of "bringing racing into disrepute" that's the charge for shabby behaviour on a racecourse isn't it??.
  5. TAB Site down ( again)

    Gee all those upgrades and maintenance outages have really done the job eh?.....
  6. O'Shea and Godolphin part company....

    Could be a bit of torn loyalty, does he not train his father in laws horses solely as well as lots of owners who stayed loyal after Barts passing. Tough gig for whoever takes it on.... Beadman seems to run the show, would Moody have had the "heads-up " to tread water and wait for this opportunity?. A long shot might be Charlie Appleby as the races Godolphin really want to win are the staying ones.
  7. Just went to check if report was up yet ..... and yes it's there. Start reading it and think hmmm this does not seem right, oh check date ummm it's the stipes report from 1st Jan oh well at least it's this year!.
  8. Ellerslie track Cup Day

    Thanks for that Ohoka , GT owes me nothing I backed him in his first win at Avondale (from memory) and have been on him in all his starts on D-H going since. It will be a bog by race 9 tomorrow (if they proceed) so heres hoping its Purton at his best. Good luck to all....as we will need it!!!!!.
  9. Ellerslie track Cup Day

    Is Purton here to ride for the owner??... f/o's have come in again from 34 & 9s this morning...indicates some confidence somewhere.
  10. Ellerslie track Cup Day

    Yes GTT at 10's, Snow at 5.50 , and may have a second look at Marciano at 8.50. .... the question is the Oz raiders Weirs horse has not set the world on fire but they have engaged Colgan that's a plus, Pop n Scotch has staying firm but no real wet form hmmmm.
  11. Ellerslie track Cup Day

    Backed both of them this arvo Von, after trolling through past soft/heavy performances. GTT was at 10's F/O up till this morning.... now into 7's after track work this morning!!.
  12. The official agenda

    And they are arriving on Shergar!!!
  13. Chances are Mr Guy is in town on Sunday for the KM and opening of the sales on Mon... has he been overlooked (and that would be easy given his "no-nuts" demeanour) for an invite to the "OK Coral" meeting??.
  14. Avondale R1

    Race 3 Timaru 2015 ring any bells boys??.
  15. Xtravagant

    No need to wait, just posted on Informant site by Ryan.......... A two-week let-up awaits Xtravagant before he resumes training with a likely summer sprint double at the top of his agenda. Last season’s champion three-year-old returned recently from a disappointing two-race Melbourne campaign and underwent a high-tech scintigraphy examination to identify any possible underlying explanations for his form. “He had that last week and we sat down and went through everything yesterday,” co-trainer Stephen Autridge said. “Apart from the odd niggly spot there wasn’t anything to be greatly worried about, so we’ll let him have a couple of weeks off and then start again. “At this stage it’s likely he’ll have a steady build-up and aim him towards the Telegraph at Trentham in January and then have another crack at the NRM Sprint at Te Rapa. “Two Group One sprints on left-handed tracks should be up his alley, then we’ll see what happens after that.”