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Very sad to see, he was having his first start for a new trainer after leaving the Waller stable about a month ago.

From the stewards report

Mackintosh near the 50m broke down badly in the near foreleg and was humanely euthanised following the event. Mackintosh was transported to the University Teaching Hospital at Camden for necropsy. After taking evidence from trainer Mr R Litt and rider J Parr, Senior Steward Mr R Livingstone inspected the track subsequent to the incident. The inquiry was adjourned to a date to be fixed pending the results of the necropsy and evidence concerning relevant matters. 

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A necropsy is a surgical examination of a dead body, most commonly a dead animal, in order to learn why the animal died. A more common word for necropsy is autopsy. Either way, it's the dissection of a corpse performed to learn something about the cause of death or about a particular disease

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