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  1. whatever happened to Richard ??????????
  2. Read the passing of Errol Skelton in newpaper this morning , trained an Auckland Cup winner amongst others ??????
  3. Wherabouts is Shane ??? and wonder whats hes doing these days ???
  4. where do you find out what race is worth ???????????????????????????????
  5. having trouble finding any reference to multi online betting ?? Used to just show multi alongside other forms of betting ?? anyone know how to ??
  6. Hi Pam = what is Garth doing these days ?? also another jockey from that era in Riccarton in Phillip Smith , where did he ever get to ????
  7. I have a copy for sale at $10.00 ex Christchurch if anyone interested , as new
  8. Is Davey Jones still about ?????????????????????????????
  9. stipulate

    No Whips

    In reply to Shad !!! Think he should watch replay of Kerryn Mannings NZ Cup victory , shocking display !!!!
  10. When you watch top line racing in H K and U K for example , whip use is minimal and its balance and hands and heels .How Terry gets away with his whip action is beyond me He needs to be sanctioned indeed and made to watch "real" jockeys in action Just cruel to watch him , I thought there would be a ruling to prevent his cruelty in this day and age , pitiful to watch
  11. Notice buyer from Singapore at sales , one P Tims!! Is this Pete Tims , great jockey of yester year?? Is he based in Singapore now???
  12. was really looking at a trainer from yester year who trained out of Charing Cross . Perhaps 20 - 30 years ago