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    Very sad to see, he was having his first start for a new trainer after leaving the Waller stable about a month ago. From the stewards report Mackintosh – near the 50m broke down badly in the near foreleg and was humanely euthanised following the event. Mackintosh was transported to the University Teaching Hospital at Camden for necropsy. After taking evidence from trainer Mr R Litt and rider J Parr, Senior Steward Mr R Livingstone inspected the track subsequent to the incident. The inquiry was adjourned to a date to be fixed pending the results of the necropsy and evidence concerning relevant matters.
  2. Hi Scooby , can I post this in the main forum again please?. And could you pin it please? Thanks for support Scooby & letting us push in and go again this week!!!! Hi all, Catalano has graciously put up $200 from his win last week and we are matching it so all of you can have another comp this Saturday!!. The comp prizes will be allotted as follows. WINNER= $250.00 TAB voucher NEXT 2 HIGHEST AMOUNTS= will get a “Thanks for Coming” prize of $75.00 TAB voucher. Comp will be the same concept as last week with 6 nominated races, and entrants will choose ANY 3 for your entry. The 6 races will be 2 @ Riccarton 2 @ Pukekohe 2 @ Sydney *******There will be a twist in there like the WINX out market last week…...Will be advised on the entry thread.*********
  3. no drama where they were Scooby, as I said I was just happy to split the $300. Happy to roll it over as I think Rcer's have enjoyed the comps with good substantial rewards.
  4. Thanks must go to Scooby for allowing me to split the $300 bet into 3 separate bets!!. Yes a good day and i am yet to find out if the bets were FF or tote as i forgot to state what i preferred but it does not really matter as i thing the odds ended up comparable. In order to support further comps i will make the figure up to a thousand and talk to scooby about what comps it can go toward..... so Rcer's can benefit.
  5. Yir Tiz

    Saturday Competition - Te Rapa Prize $200

    Morning!, Cheers for carrying on with the comps Col & Cat. Race1-#9 Eyes Wide Shut Race2=#6 Lewis carroll Race3=#13 Zaniah Race4=#3 Lincoln Raider Race5#1 Thee Auld Floozie Race6#12 Red Tsunami Race7#8 Astor Race8#10 Showemup Good luck all
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    Maiden Trivia

    Just on that alan Jones some years later had a horse also won the Auck Cup called Our Unicorn, that had been trained by Aldersons and ran in Melbourne Cup early 2000's from memory. There was a rumour that on the Sat before the M Cup that a substantial offer was made for OU not to have him run in the cup but by an owner who had the next horse in order of entry.....he was going to scratch OU to give his horse a start!!!. I think at that stage they did have 2 emergencies , but on the sat during the day offer was made before the final layup at 5pm. Anyway that is the story that went around.
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    Maiden Trivia

  8. Yir Tiz

    Messara's List

    Been with them since September 2015 Barry, and was with Crown as well but I closed that account due to not really liking their site. I make sure I stay under their radar and yes I do have losses, wager across F/O, best fluc, Best tote. And wager for a % of turnover normally 15% is where my happy place is. Add to this I like their Odds Boost options as well. I am aware that there have been some cancellations of accounts and there are some wild stories about how punters attracted attention to themselves.
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    Messara's List

    Speaking of serious punters..... Here is a topic to go on your list!! Treat small fry punters with reasonable t/o well!!!, I am a reasonable t/o punter but well aware by no means a “whale” in wagering terms. I recently had a conversation with someone from "Elite Services” in regard to my re entry to their club, as it had come to his attention that my T/O had increased substantially in the previous few months. I informed him that was for a couple of reasons 1) Their business model was rooted, as in order to have a payout it was based on losses. In my opinion it should be on t/o 2) I could not trust their infrastructure on medium to big race days, as often my wagers were placed in the final minutes before race close. 3) I would have thought that my T/O would have alerted someone from Oct when it seasonally increases. As it had done with my wagering in the last 30 years or so. 4) Since I have been with Ladbrokes they have treated me as a valued client by monthly matching my first deposit for the month. (I withdraw on the 20th of each month, as I have always run betting ledgers) Out of interest I enquired what the threshold was now to be accepted to their club, he replied 94k ….I then enquired what my T/o had been for the last few months…. he replied 123k . I then asked why we were even having this conversation, and why was he not just telling me “hey thanks for the support and we would like to reward you with?????, He replied that he would get back to me as it was the friday before the Ellerslie Carnival. You get no prizes for guessing I am still waiting for a call. I only still have an account because I can not bear to abandon NZ racing as it has been part of my life since childhood….and there is an anomaly in the FF betting that I make a lot of money out of!!!!!!.
  10. DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!! Will wait to declare "correct weight" but i have the placings as 1st ($250) Chelseacol @ $16.80 And the "thanks for coming prizes of $75 Von Smallenhausen @ $13.10 Sara Mc Cook @ $13.00 Next was DoubleR @ $12.50 if this is correct I will contact and pay out tomorrow. Thanks all for making this easy and enjoyable.
  11. OK HERE WE GO!!!.... Chelseacol @$16.80 Von Smallmanhausen @$13.10 Sara Mc Cook @ $13.00 Hall @ $11.40 are the leaders with 2 races to go
  12. After a very big OUCH in the 5th at Riccarton we have Mardy-Chelseacol- Ivanthegreat equal on $5.40 after backing the winner of Race 6 Looooooong way to go though!! Will update again with leaders after Sydders R4
  13. A) Riccarton Race 5=# 4 JOHNNY JONES C) Counties Race 6=# 11 MISS FOXY GAL E) Counties Race 7=# 9 MAGNUM G) SCORING METHOD (FF or TOTE)==FF
  14. Yir Tiz

    Pick For Place entries here

    Thanks for the comp!! Riccarton Race 7-#3 Courte Zarindi Randwick Race 5- #6 MOSS TRIP Randwick Race 6- #7 BONDI Randwick Race 7 -#11 SHOWDOWN Randwick Race 8 -#9 RADIPOLE Good luck all!!!
  15. Hi there, can you just have a look at the rules and 6 nominated races on Page !....choose 3 races and have another go before 2pm. Thanks YT
  16. try again..so far I have Azaboy for you but it is Syd R4 & R7. I will allot you #6 in both of those races , Cheers YT
  17. hi there, I have gone with Johnny Jones in R5 for you.
  18. hi HD...I have given you #2 in R4 at Sydney but that is scr so you are now on #3 Holy Snow. Cheers YT
  19. Hi Taaxi , as per the rules you go on #1 Seventh up in race7 at Counties. Thanks YT
  20. Morning all, I am just collating all of these lovely entries, I have sent messages to some who have either left out the FF or TOTE requirement or been confused by it. If I hear back from them I will correct their entry. From here though for either a "confused" entry or no preference I will score any winning or placed entry at the default of NZ tote.
  21. Do you want your 3 selections calculated at either FF or NZ tote ?. If I don't hear back I will score you at NZ tote as the default.
  22. Hi Kay, welcome back!. Can you let me know if you want your 3 selections calculated at either FF or NZ tote . If I don't hear back I will score you at NZ tote as the default.
  23. Will be the FF at race close pete , thanks for the Q though as others may have wondered.
  24. Hi there ...is it FF or tote for your scoring?