An Open Letter To Mauro, Sean and the Board.

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48 minutes ago, Eyespy said:

I see Brendon is still down as owner of some of the bigtime dogs, surely this must be a mistake (yer right) especially when he is warned off

The staff at head office had to take a rest from the keyboard, there are so many dogs to change the ownership names for that they have all developed severe cases of repetitive strain injury.

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From another forum... Seems to be a protected species for some reason????


Today we learn that big bad Brendon has incurred the wrath of Greyhounds NZ. They have finally decided to pull their collective heads out of the sand and have had him warned off from all race tracks in NZ. After weeks of outrage from the news media, and calls for the banning of Greyhound racing in all forms, the board have finally acted and hit the Cole empire with a wet bus ticket.

The rule the board have invoked is 21, d. Powers and duties of the Board. Under this rule, the board may vary the conditions of the warning off as they see fit. On one extreme they can go the whole 9 yards, and effectively shut him down, or they can go the other way and vary the conditions to make it selective on what he can do or can't. They appear to have chosen the latter in Brendons case. They also appear to have not applied the same sanctions to the licensed trainer Lisa Cole whom is married to Brendon, thereby allowing the kennel to have the least disruption possible. You can read from this what you want, but from where I sit, it looks like the board are creating a smoke screen in that they appear to being harsh, when in reality they are doing very little. It is a snow job, designed to appease a howling public, putting the fire out with heavy breathing.

When the news media, and animal welfare interests digest this insipid attempt by Greyhound NZ to douse the fire, you will find it back firing on them. They would of been better to do nothing. This only reinforce's the view that the Board of Greyhound NZ are only concerned with the least disruption with dog numbers in the CD, rather than their responsibility and DUTY to protect the reputation of Greyhound racing in NZ.

This has been so badly managed from start to finish, it defies belief, and the miss management continues. I will be most surprised that when it features on 3 News next, that they are not awake to what is going on here, that they the NZGRA are attempting to put out the fire by doing a claytons sanction on Brendon, but allowing business as usual at the Cole kennels. The Greyhound people, by that I mean the honest folk that love their dogs and do things right are being poorly led by a bent dysfunctional Board. They need to be cleaned out, you deserve better.

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