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    Questionable Handling..

  2. Eyespy

    Fare well Gavin Whiterod

    did you manage to type that with a straight face?
  3. Eyespy

    Brendan Cole

    I see race 1 and 2 at Wanganui today both winning dogs owned by Brendon Cole, not bad for a person warned off, GRNZ thanks a bunch, your really letting the rest of us down with your lack of action throughout this whole fiasco, was once proud to be involved with the dogs, not anymore
  4. I see Brendon is still down as owner of some of the bigtime dogs, surely this must be a mistake (yer right) especially when he is warned off
  5. Yes true but we all know how GRNZ and the RIU have turned a blind eye to Cole matters in the past, I have no doubt in my mind they will be looking after the chosen one
  6. Anyone heard that if there will be something official regarding Coles warning off from GRNZ
  7. About time, I wonder if we will get an official response from above?
  8. Eyespy


    The trainer just be very special (cough cough)
  9. Eyespy

    Question Regarding Coprice

    Went off Coprice a while ago, just using Tux now, buy NZ made
  10. Eyespy

    Black arm bands

    There was also arm bands worn at Wanganui on Wednesday for Terry, everyone was wearing them except one person
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  12. Eyespy


    I recently took some dogs down to Picton and back on the Interislander, once I told them I had dogs in my van I was shepherded to an area on the boat that had good air circulation, that wasn’t inside the ship and away from exhaust vents, I think there’s more to this story than is being printed
  13. Eyespy

    Wheelchair Norm WOW!!!

    Wonder if he will go to stud once he retires?
  14. Eyespy


    Auto or manual? north or South Island? cheers
  15. Eyespy

    2 Young Bitches for Sale

    Each or for both?
  16. Does anyone else think this " investigation" has dragged on for long enough?
  17. Eyespy

    GAP Kennels (or lack thereof)

    I think the article was written by someone who believes everything he sees and reads on the internet, article started off ok but got muddy real quick with usual AR garbage
  18. Eyespy

    GAP Kennels (or lack thereof)

    Levin kennels have done a fantastic job with our dogs, Danielle and her team have always been friendly, open and professional
  19. Eyespy

    New all weather track.

    Maybe we might get a new track aswell?, maybe GRNZ should talk to Winnie while he's got his purse open
  20. Eyespy

    What a night

    Wins 8 out of 12 races and only 2 dogs swabbed!, interesting......
  21. Eyespy

    Dead baiting NSW

    Or try and run them off the road into a ditch
  22. Eyespy

    Dead baiting NSW

    Some are even labelled troublemakers when they do come forward wil legit complaints
  23. Eyespy

    Dead baiting NSW

    Am I missing something here? Isnt Lisa Cole the trainer not Brendon?, all the heat seems to be going on him, what about her? Surely she would know what goes on at her kennels, wouldn't you think??
  24. Eyespy

    GRNZ update

    Log in Races Getting Involved Trainers Greyhounds About GRNZ News Investigation Update An animal welfare focused investigation is currently underway. The lead agency in this investigation is the RNZSPCA operating under the Animal Welfare Act. The SPCA have a number of specific powers under this act. The RIU is providing support to the SPCA investigation. Greyhound Racing New Zealand has provided full support to both the SPCA and the RIU in relation to the investigation. It is important to understand that the investigative process must be allowed to progress and not be undermined. GRNZ is unequivocal that the integrity of greyhound racing in New Zealand is our foremost priority, that includes a zero tolerance to any proven form of inappropriate animal welfare practice or issue. GRNZ has done all that it can until such time as the investigation is complete. We have not been given any indicative timing as to when this may be. We understand that this is proving to be frustrating for some greyhound racing participants, however, the investigative agencies have to be given time to complete a thorough and systematic investigation. Once the SPCA investigation is complete and any action taken by the SPCA implemented, the RIU will then be in a position to investigate whether there has been a breach of the Rules of Racing, and advise GRNZ of any action that should be taken. Until that process has concluded we have to wait and allow the investigation process to continue. Posted on 28/09/2017 12:45:20 PM < Back The official website for Greyhound Racing New Zealand (GRNZ) Site MapTerms & ConditionsContact Us © Copyright 2017 GRNZ, All Rights Reserved.
  25. Eyespy

    GRNZ update

    While I believe in innocent till proven guilty, if the allocations are proven to be true, what will happen to all the stake money earned while under investigation? With positive swabs the stake money is returned, does the same apply in a case like this? (Anyone clued up on the racing rules?)