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Peter Jenkins

Summer-Autumn Trans-Tasman Super Comp Round 14 Sat Apr 28 entries here

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R1 - 3/6

R2 - 1/5

R3 - 3/4 bb 

R4 - 6/7

R5 - 6/9

R6 - 1/10

R7 - 1/4 bb 

R8 - 1/9

R9 - 2/8

R10 - 5/6

Good luck Betty.


Pouring down here in Auckland. If it gets down to Hamilton it will be very uncomfortable for horses and jockeys.

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1. Te Rapa R1 - 12.40pm - Think Water Cambridge Premier - $25k, 2400m, R75


2. Te Rapa R2 - 1.13pm - AON Insurance Brokers Premier  - $40k, 1200m, open hdcp 


3. Te Rapa R5 - 2.53pm - Travis Stks (Gr2) - $100k, 2000m, fillies/mares WFA 


4. Te Rapa R6 - 3.28pm - Maneline Cambridge Premier Fast Track $5k Bonus - $30k, 1200m, R75 


5. Te Rapa R7 - 4.03pm - Inglis Sales Cambridge Breeders Stks (Gr3) - $70k, 1200m, 3yos SWs 

5/10 BB

6. Hawkesbury R6 - 4.50pm - Godolphin Crown (Gr3) - $175k, 1300m, fillies/mares SW+ps 


7. Morphettville R5 - 5.21pm - H C Nitschke Stks (LR) - $110k, 1400m, 3yos SW+Ps 


8. Doomben R8 - 5.42pm - Hiflow Industries Victory Stks (Gr2)- $200k, 1200m, WFA 


9. Doomben R9 - 6.22pm - East Coast Car Rentals Gunsynd Classic (Gr3) - $125k, 1630m, 3yos SWs


10. Morphettville R8 - 7.20pm - Murray & Barb Stewart 60th Anniversary Hdcp - $100k, 1300m, BM82 hdcp 

3/16 BB


Thanks PJ. I have a feeling this is the last throw of the dice for the Royles. Certainly my last post on here.

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1. Te Rapa R1 - 12.40pm - 2,5
2. Te Rapa R2 - 1,6
3. Te Rapa R5 - 2.53pm - 3,4
4. Te Rapa R6 - 5,6 BB
5. Te Rapa R7 - 1,4
6. Hawkesbury R6 - 4,10 
7. Morphettville R5 - 1,8
8. Doomben R8 - 1,3
9. Doomben R9 - 6,7 BB
10. Morphettville R8 - 9,13

Good luck Catalano. Go 5NT!



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Cubity for the Rubiks versus Jen and the mighty Royle's Family

Race 1...#3 , #4

Race 2...#2 , #4

Race 3...#4 , #5

Race 4...#3 , #12

Race 5...#6 , #8...BB

Race 6...#4 , #9

Race 7...#4 , #10

Race 8...#3 , #9

Race 9...#2 , #4

Race 10...#6 , #13...BB

Oh fifth spot and in the final week...

Need to extend our winning streak to 5 Rubmen or at least get a decent tally...

Great comp Professor Jenkins....

Cubes and Out


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Morning Teamsters!

Oooh Te Rapa -a frontrunners paradise or lightweights!! CANWEDOOSIT!?

Knock these AA''S clear into August as thier name implies!? CAUSWECAN we are The Top5NoTrumps!!

and enjoy Trumping teams when least expected!!?? WECANDOOSIT in NZ and Aust !!?

r1=- 4x6

r2=- 2x6

r3=- 2x4

r4=- 12x14

r5=- 8x13 BB

r6=- 4x7

r7=- 4x16

r8=- 4x6

r9=- 4x7

10=-6x11 BB  Thanks P.J.      Let's Go Team WECANDDOSIT!?   Alittle luck to you Tom BUT on aggregates you dont need much!!

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Had a few issues logging in... whew.

R1 - 2,3 BB
R2 - 1,4
R3 - 4,5
R4 - 6,13
R5 - 8,9
R6 - 2,9
R7 - 3,10 BB
R8 - 1,5
R9 - 7,8
R10 - 5,6

Much has been written about my opponent. 13 victories in a row. One win away from doing a Frankel. 

Meanwhile, I'm fresh from losing yet another week in yet another last-race loss. I've grown accustomed to the sad inevitability of seeing my opponent's pick get up in the dying strides. If you look at the slo-mo, I'm sure you can see the horse look at the camera and give a shit-eating grin, well aware of what's just happened. This is my life.

Some exemplary picking will be required. Am I the man for the job? No, no I'm not. But I can wildly stab at the form with the worst of them, so here goes nothing.

Good luck to The Crucible, thanks PJ, and for hopefully not the last time, go the Dark Horses!

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