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  1. Whowouldathunkit. As soon as an Aussie wonder horse goes overseas to take on some of the world's best sprinters (and Enzo's Lad), it gets shown up. Good on them for trying though. Nothing worse than a horse wrapped in cotton wool for its entire career...
  2. Can't speak for their Trackside coverage, but their Youtube stream of the Derby was excellent. All the pre- and post-race comment you could ever need. Shame hardly anyone was watching it...
  3. >>5401939 It's going to be HISTORIC! Planned long ago. [-21] Within the next 21 days BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS are going to take place. Q Lol, your Q fails again...
  4. Thanks for your response! As suspected, you've got yourself a little muddled. The much bandied about 2000 illegal immigrants number, includes a significant number of inadmissables, who are people seeking asylum in the US. They are not illegal. They are going through the normal entry points, and being declined entry. Many of them are children. In reality, the bigger problem US has is people entering legally and simply overstaying. This is something Trump's wall won't fix. It's an expensive solution to a small part of a much bigger issue, and I haven't seen much evidence to suggest that this has been considered by the Golfer-in-Chief and his supporters. But I'm not overly bothered really. If Trump gets his wall, it'll set an extremely juicy precedent that the Democrats will no doubt make full use of when they next seize power (which they inevitably will). A national emergency on gun ownership, for instance? Trump getting nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize is a good laugh (not a spew...). He's a good chance to win... as long as there's no other nominations! Keep doing what you do. You and your cohorts provide much hilarity - it almost takes my mind off the state of NZ racing!
  5. What was happening 2000 times a day? Answer carefully - I'm using this to work out how much Kool-Aid you've drunk...
  6. So despite you categorically proving in previous threads that the Trackside tipsters couldn't pick the winner of walkover, you're still listening to their picks? Classic Ivan.
  7. Spectacular fail. If you actually looked at the original Q message (instead of parroting back something you'd seen on your newsfeed), you would have seen the 53-47 was in relation to the Judge Kavanaugh vote. The vote turned out to be 50-48, so your infallible Q must have been having an off day... Anyway, as it stands the Senate is 52-47 so do try and get your facts right before making a fool of yourself, although that might be too late.
  8. skelly


    Opened at 7/5, but closed at 1/5. What did Laz close at here? Less, same or more?
  9. R2 - 3 R3 - 6 R6 - 6 R7 - 8 R8 - 1 Thanks Chelseacol!
  10. And so it comes to this... the final roll of the dice. Unfortunately, of all weeks, I've had to pick pretty much blind. It's a method which went very badly a few weeks back, so advantage to Cubes. Now that I've deftly taken control of underdog status, here's some picks... R1 - 1,9 R2 - 1,6 R3 - 3,5 R4 - 2,7 BB R5 - 6,11 R6 - 2,5 R7 - 8,12 R8 - 1,3 R9 - 1,12 BB R10 - 3,13 Good luck to Cubes, thanks for administering the competition PJ, and c'mon the Dark Horses!
  11. Fresh from losing another week in the last race, I present to you some more barely adequate selections. R1 - 11,13 R2 - 4,7 R3 - 2,14 BB R4 - 1,9 R5 - 2,4 R6 - 1,2 R7 - 5,7 R8 - 5,6 BB R9 - 1,6 R10 - 1,6 Good luck Robert, thanks PJ, Brian, Howie and anyone else, and go the Dark Horses!
  12. Well done TC! Of course Exalted Adam was going to get up at the finish and snatch victory from me once again. They don't call it deja vu for nothing... Accordingly, I also put a few dollars on it
  13. Had a few issues logging in... whew. R1 - 2,3 BB R2 - 1,4 R3 - 4,5 R4 - 6,13 R5 - 8,9 R6 - 2,9 R7 - 3,10 BB R8 - 1,5 R9 - 7,8 R10 - 5,6 Much has been written about my opponent. 13 victories in a row. One win away from doing a Frankel. Meanwhile, I'm fresh from losing yet another week in yet another last-race loss. I've grown accustomed to the sad inevitability of seeing my opponent's pick get up in the dying strides. If you look at the slo-mo, I'm sure you can see the horse look at the camera and give a shit-eating grin, well aware of what's just happened. This is my life. Some exemplary picking will be required. Am I the man for the job? No, no I'm not. But I can wildly stab at the form with the worst of them, so here goes nothing. Good luck to The Crucible, thanks PJ, and for hopefully not the last time, go the Dark Horses!