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  1. Sorry team, poor picking by me today. We were a couple of narrow margins away from a good result today. If you look at where we were after Round 10, we did well to give ourselves a shot at the play-offs. Not to be, but last week was a lot of fun. Of course we saw the flipside today but we died trying. It's been a pleasure being in the same team as all of you - enjoyed our ongoing messaging and positive team spirit. Congrats to the four teams who make the finals and good luck to all of you. Shouldn't have favourites but I'll be rooting for team AA - Howie's enthusiasm and optimism are hard to go past. Peter J - thank you once again for the most brilliant "dry & boring" comp I've ever come across - you are an absolute legend.
  2. These are Hesi's picks for the cubed ones: 1. 2 6 2. 1 4 3. 1 4 bb 4. 6 13 5. 2 9 6. 1 9 7. 3 4 8. 1 9 9. 2 7 10. 3 6 bb Good luck Pam Into the top 4 2day Rubiks (these are Hesi's words, not mine) Thanks again PJ
  3. R1 - 3/6. R2 - 1/5. R3 - 3/4 BB. R4 - 6/7. R5 - 6/9. R6 - 1/10. R7 - 1/4 BB. R8 - 1/9. R9 - 2/8. R10 - 3/5 Thanks Peter. Lets go team LDM.
  4. R1 - 3 Aigne R2 - 5 Elusive Treasure R3 - 4 Star Performance R4 - 7 Obsessive R5 - 4 Cote D'Or R6 - 6 Chicane R7 - 9 Paulownia R8 - 9 Crafty Jess Thanks for the comp Chelseacol
  5. Yeah maybe so Hesi but we're ok with that. Tell us it was overkill when we're tied on points after next week and we go through courtesy of a better aggregate
  6. Nice work team LDM. Always good when a plan comes off and now we go in to the last week still with an outside shot at the play-offs. Steve P marvellous tipping today!! Nice to have such a healthy aggregate too in the event of a tie - might be like an away goal. Howie and the AAs - unfortunately you caught us on one of our good days. I'm sure you'll bounce back next week - in fact, please do bounce back next week - we need your help.
  7. It was a plan hatched out of desperation Howie. We need two 5-0 wins to have any shot at making the big show (and even that might not be enough). A 3-2 win wasn't going to cut it so we figured we needed some degree of uniformity in our selection. We settled on almost complete uniformity (with a little bit of discretion). Credit goes to Tony for hatching the plan and Steve P for that selection - he's our go to guy. but still a long way to go - I'd quote Mr Wolf from Pulp Fiction but this is a family show
  8. R1 - 4/7 R2 - 1/2 R3 - 12/13 BB R4 - 3/7 R5 - 1/3 R6 - 3/5 R7 - 3/13 BB R8 - 2/10 R9 - 1/6 R10 - 7/14 Riccarton Race 3: 6/7 Race 4: 1/5 Race 5: 2/8 Race 8: 1/3 BB Race 9: 9/16 All the best Casper and team AA. Thanks Peter J. It''s Hollywood or bust time for team LDM. Actually Hollywood might be an exaggeration but we're going down fighting.
  9. Brian, close to $3,000 aggregate is nice but give me 12-0 over 7-5 (or 4-8) anyday
  10. Team LDM have won 31 matches and lost 29 (only two teams have won more matches) but still languish in 7th place - mostly down to very few bonus points and bad joker plays by the skipper. What would you give to have one of your team win their match every week? You'd only need to split the other four matchups and your team would win every week. Interestingly between the four of them TC, Brian, Richie and Jack have won 24 matches and lost 24 matches. TC's shoulders getting sore? (probably more from the big head)
  11. Congrats to: - my Misere team-mates - nice win today and out of the cellar for the first time in quite a while. Couple of big wins in the remaining rounds and we have a very rough shot at the play-offs - team AA - outstanding effort today - the elusive 10 pointer - hats off to Howie and the team. - TC - the dirty dozen and no sign of slowing. Who's next? Thanks as always Peter J. Love this competition.
  12. R1 - 2/11 R2 - 1/3 R3 - 7/9 R4 - 3/6 BB R5 - 3/5 R6 - 2/3 R7 - 3/9 R8 - 1/13 BB R9 - 3/5 R10 - 5/11 Thanks Peter. Lets go team LDM.
  13. Was that really necessary Insider? I made a harmless suggestion regarding your comp (that people should take a $1 multi) and now you're resorting to this childish nonsense. Nimue was a very special filly - her 1000 Guineas and Bayer Classic wins will be among the better wins in those two races. The reason she didn't do anything beyond three years of age is that she injured herself and didn't race beyond her 3yo season. Altitude didn't race beyond three years of age either but doesn't make him a lesser horse. and yes she was a poor broodmare, but there have been many a good mare on the track who have failed as broodmares. and as for me - I'll leave that to the people who know me to judge, but based on what I've seen on here, I'm feeling ok about myself right now.
  14. Haven't seen the new format yet, but I'm not fussed about whether owners names are included. When I buy a Best Bets, I buy it for the form - I don't care who owns a horse - if I wanted to know I'd look it up online. I'm an owner and yes I pay to put on the show but couldn't care less if my name is in the Best Bets. if they're constrained for space then happy for them to drop my name.
  15. Four losses in a row and eating in to the profit margin - time to be a bit more selective. Found one in the next (R4) at Pukekohe. Silver Cloud paying $1.85 to finish ahead of Cinematic. Silver Cloud doesn't win often but is super consistent. Cinematic's stable going well today but this one is second up and has a jockey who appears to be first up - first raceday ride from what I can tell. Anything can happen with the 4kgs claim but more often than not, it's not so good.
  16. Hey Peter I know you're used to a score less than 3 next to team LDM, but on this occasion we are actually leading going in to the last race (if only by the barest of margins). Our aggregate is also around $100 higher than what you have for us - probably won't make a lot of difference but we need all the help we can get. Cheers
  17. R1 - 3/5 R2 - 4/6 R3 - 2/3 R4 - 12/15 BB R5 - 1/5 R6 - 7/8 R7 - 3/5 R8 - 2/8 R9 - 3/8 R10 - 3/9 BB Thanks Peter. Good luck Rob
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    oh dear me alright - loving your command of the English language You're mixing up a few issues here. I feel for Opie and his struggle with weight, and I rate him as a top jockey. But that's not the point of this discussion. Those who bet on him did so with their eyes open - everyone knows about his weight issues. The TAB has no obligation to refund those bets. Should they refund bets where dogs turn in the boxes? where trotters break up and take no part in the race? where a horse loses its jockey coming out of the barriers? and as for the fine and the suspension - as much as I like him as a jockey he shouldn't accept rides where he can't make the weight - that's not fair on punters.
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    I note in that article Stephen Hunt said "we probably wouldn't have done it if he'd had two rides". Yesterday he had three rides - all winning chances.