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On ‎4‎/‎25‎/‎2017 at 6:39 AM, Midget said:

The Member's Council is corrupted now.

Two of the last three appointments to NZTR were made in a fashion that can only be described ( as reported from within the MC ) as lacking transparency and being an act of orchestrated deceit.

In one instance various members of the MC were told to "back off" and not interfere in the appointment process because Fokerd, Guppy and others "had it under control", and of course the appointment of "played and missed" Jackson was the ultimate farce whereby he only agreed to offer himself for election if both the Member's Council and NZTR conspired to not only appoint him to the board, but also to agree to have him leapfrog Victoria Carter and to become the immediate Chairman of NZTR.

That's extraordinary for two reasons, firstly because the MC would compromise their integrity by agreeing to partake in a process that doesn't stand scrutiny, and secondly because a person ( Jackson ) who's managed to avoid troubling the scorekeeper for approximately 15 long years in office could somehow warrant an immediate elevation to the position of nominal head of the NZTR board, it's fucking amazing actually and if anyone can find a single thing of significance that "played and missed" Jackson has done in the approximate 5000 days he's held office across two countries I'd like you to advise me of the same right now please.


John Fokerd has been found guilty of misappropriation of funds as an accountant.


He was once upon a time a player with Silverstream productions, an advertising agency that produced a variety of adverts for high paying clients including Telecom back in the day.

Silverstream went belly up as appears to be a few other companies associated with Fokerd.

Where have all the funds gone to?

If it's true there's been misappropriation of clients funds it's unacceptable as there so oft is others along the way who have also been stung.

See Stuff online most recent article for the current outcome.

It's observed that once more Racing is mentioned in the title, alas he was also tied in with the heady days of advertising companies where corporates used to live above there means in the 1980's.

Some in Harness racing are also owed monies according to info online.


What is Winston Peters & othesr remarks about this?








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