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  1. Hello Midget I have been waiting for you to make a comment about the upcoming work on the Ellerslie track after the cup meeting in March next year. After the number of comments I have read from you about different tracks in NZ why are you not offering Ellerslie your services to be a consultant so if it all goes wrong we have someone to blame ie you.
  2. Blue.What a DH comment There was plenty of news why he is not riding and why would he give up riding when is income would make your income look like petty cash. Do you have any brains
  3. People like Don't You Believe It are too thick to reply to positive news and like most on this site only have negative opinions and wish to put the boot in if they can.
  4. The easy answer is for Tim Vince to buy it it will start winning at is first start for him
  5. All you guys complain on this site what for. 1 Write to Michael Dore 2 If he does not reply write to John Allen or to Peter Benstead(Head of Industry and Relationships) at
  6. Are you talking about yourself Ohokaman
  7. All you guys do is go on about a all weather track the moment one is buildt you will all be on here the racing is boring(It is in the wrong place,they should have used this surface and you will still not be at the track but be on trackside betting your usual $1 EW.It is NZ it rains you want these clubs shut down if in the long term they are you will all be on here saying the remaining tracks are overused such has Ruakaka in the winter months when most of you complain about anything and everything.
  8. I see that IITHICKO otherwise know on this site Brodie is at it again is this 500 times this year. Can he tell us one betting agency in the world that will take is bets without banning him no unless he goes to the Italian or Russian Mafia who no doubt after a while will send people to visit him. I suggest the TAB run a book on now many times Brodie users the word restricted on this site in six months. 500 times $1.01 0 times $50(No bets to be accepted from Brodie)
  9. To Porky I am sick of reading from you about free gate entry it does nothing.Ellerslie for most meetings charge no entry fee and even on Easter Saturday when hardly anyone was on course.Randwick for Queen Elizabeth Day charged $40.I can only guess that when you go to the track you are a $1 each way betor take your own food and drink and what does the club make from you nothing. When you go to a pub ,café I assume you happily pay the prices but you want racing clubs to give it to you for free well most of them do apart from the big days(Wake Up) it is 2017 not 1917 if you think your ideas fo
  10. Brodie strikes again why the f don't you ring up the helpline at the TAB and ask them or Harness Racing NZ and then tell us instead of coming on this site and asking the unknows for the answer
  11. Which world do you live in Hesi.When Ellerslie had the Easter Handicap at Easter and the Monday meeting the people who went to the track on the Saturday were getting less and less and the Monday fields were useless .Auckland has to many things for people to do and most people are not interested in going to the races it is shopping,cafes .Look at the numbers who go to Ellerslie when it is free to get in which is a number of meetings minimal.
  12. Email who is the Industry Liaison Manager and from whom the advice of meetings come from
  13. Hey Mr BigStuff. I bet you are one of these guys who do not even go to the races and if so go once a year and are allowed $2 to bet all day by your wife. Why are you not at Te Aroha with a sponge helping out I forgot you have the brain the size of a pea and would need a weeks training on what to use the sponge for
  14. Hey Richie Do you have any brains ring up the f Tab and ask them why come on this site I am sure that the TAB will help with your $2 investment do any of you guys think
  15. The comment from Newmarket could apply to all big races around the world so why make it the stake used to be $2million