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What made Imperatriz a superstar.

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 Looking at the breeding and pedigree page when Imperatriz was a yearling there was no real standouts that demanded a purchase. She was purchased for a relatively low $360k and clearly was not considered by so many of the experts. She had a champion sire in I Am Invincible but was the secret in the damsires, Shamardal, Encosta De Lago and Pre Emptive Strike are the first three  damsires.

We know the potency of those good broodmare sires, O'Reilly is very powerful as are the first two in Imperatriz pedigree.

Is it too simplistic when looking at yearling pedigree's to discount those horses where the damsires are not highly successful, you may miss a star but are you increasing your chances of success by following that formula..

The broodmare sires tables are there for all to see, should we focus on the top four or five when looking at yearling purchases. If a yearling stacks up in type and appearance and broodmare sires is that where we should be focusing when looking to purchase? Does that significantly increase your chances of a winning animal?

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She is interesting with only Northern Dancer a match in either pedigree but for me in line breeding it's not necessarily the same line, but strengths in a line and how they link with others.

For mine, Canny Lad with Jesmond Lass stand out for me and also Mariah's Storm with Giant's Causeway.    I love what that line brings and tripled with Encosta de Lago, love it :) 

I think that often traits of lines feed through, depending if they can pick up similar strengths on the mare's side.   Just my take on it, but that's what makes breeding so exciting :)   I just love analysing the mares, for me they are not only the incubators, but they have a lot of time to infuse their lines into the offspring :) 


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