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  1. Melody Belle heading over for the Mackinnon ? Good move if it’s true. 2000m suits her right now.
  2. Thanks for that I was searching for it’s relevancy.
  3. BZ on Get On is the worst tipster. Week in and out. But as you say he is so convincing with his analysis. And that’s their job they spend their working week and endless contacts coming up with losers. I can come up with my own losers thanks.
  4. Very Good Mick. I went to the Bledisloe in Wellington last Sunday so that balances it out. Enjoy your Sunday
  5. You forgot to add “for me” Micky
  6. Quite loudly I must say. Nats appear to have imploded. They claim Nats voting for Labour to keep Greens out. I find that hard to believe. But aaah it’s a great story
  7. Yeh Good theatre.He knew it would win.He also thought it would win last year. No luck last year but today he had no interruptions. Seems like a lifetime ago since Les trained the Melbourne Cup winner. One of the old brigade.Good luck to him.
  8. Caulfield,Toffee Tongue.Quinellas with Wallers others. Randwick.Classique Legend.BB then I might be looking for an Attorney. Good punting.Its a great days racing.If only we could get some of CTs oil on here.
  9. Hastings Race 8: :Hastings Race 9: Randwick Race 6: Randwick Race 7: Randwick Race 8: Caulfield Race 4: Caulfield Race 5: Caulfield Race 7: Caulfield Race 8: Caulfield Race 9: Caulfield Race 10: Thanks Ponda and Scoob. Good punting all.
  10. Yes if CL gets a reasonable position with cover he is going to be super hard to heat. Haven’t seen McEvoy give him a good ride yet. Hope Saturday is the day. Super stiff last year and the run he had two starts back when he won was really interrupted. He only got him out at the death. He needs to be held up but not boxed in. 1-4 draw wouldn’t suit him.
  11. Sunday’s game was good for the refs tho.
  12. Pogo’s a Leaguie wind up expert. And a true blue. Not in that each bettor area like some Kiwis in Oz. I like his cut
  13. Or Zinnie my man. Great last ten minutes. I was out of my seat. Should be a good series.
  14. Hard luck Trumpet your Ozi boys could only draw. The wind was the crucial factor. Hope there is no wind at Eden Park. Oz def handled the conditions better. No chance of ABs taking a droppie at the end as it would have gone anywhere. Bad form to be blaming the officials. Even a proper Ozi in Pogo isn’t going there.
  15. Good win , then Oliver took over. He got bullied in the Guineas
  16. Mo’unga at Caulfield She’s Ideel at Randwick there you go. Good punting one and all.
  17. And Al Dwain. Also Greatness was scratched out of the Herbert Power in 1984 when nothing wrong with it. Just an awkward gait. That race is the last at Caulfield tomorrow. Good punting
  18. 1983 for mine. Fairy tale stuff. No doctoring here Tassie. In fact they scratched him in a later addition for some obscure reason.
  19. Have a look at the article a couple of days ago on Racenet about him. I agree deserves more rides . Last weeks win was a ride of a guy in top form. Something funny going on.