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  1. And if you can't get in up North , you head to the Central meeting and bolster their fields - and if you still can't get in , either flick to South Island or go again this time with better stock
  2. 1. Rosehill R1 : 2.30pm : 2,3 2. Rosehill R2 : 3.10pm : 13,1 3. Rosehill R3 : 3.45pm : 1,6 4. Tauranga R7 : 4.15pm : 2,3 Q 5. Rosehill R4 : 4.25pm : 1,2 6. Riccarton Park R8 : 4.33pm : 1,3 Q 7. RoseHill R5 : 5.05pm : 4,9 8. Rosehill R6 : 5.45pm : 13,2 9. Mornington R7 : 6.10pm : 13,12 BB 10. Rosehill R7 : 6.30pm : 12,9 11. Mornington R8 : 6.50pm : 12,3 12. Rosehill R8 : 7.10pm : 8,11 BB 13. Rosehill R9 : 7.45pm : 6,3 Cheers and Good Luck , CB
  3. To be fair ,Galvin like a moth to a flame when no Te Akau heirachy around and an interview goin begging. Luck of the draw isn't it. I cut out a Te Akau advertisement , was def going in til Dad got crook, turned out to be Shezathinka . Put $100 ew on her in the Oaks at around $17 or $19 to alleviate some of the pain if she won. So only $200 down really and good luck to the Syndicate ,still wish them well
  4. Notice the results page on the new webshite couldn't cope with the Flemington dead heaters , could only display 1 win dividend - absolutely farked this new webshite. Add in the colour on colour graphics, the similar similar numbers and I concur , my eyes have definitely deteriorated over the last 2 months, could it be the new site ??
  5. Such a basic requirement you'd think ! And the stake of the race can be crucial as well , that's nowhere to be seen
  6. Slow as f as well ,waiting 10 minutes for a Matamata result is just an insult. Bring back the previous results page ffs
  7. Answer the question Einstein, who told you , someone of importance or just a figment of your imagination, just asking , no need to get feral
  8. Won't she be back to Singapore once she's fit to ride again so back to square 1 in that regard
  9. Nothing but scaremongering. When and where is this slated to happen ?? Who told you this garbage ? Anyone important or was it just the local drunk down in the local Public Bar
  10. Won't be happening in the next year or 2. On 2nd warning for a downgrade too
  11. Jack Klugman from The Odd Couple, ahhhhh those were the days ....
  12. Sadly giving the middle finger to NZ Harness on a Saturday. Why they don't push their own Industry more says it all really , gutting to watch
  13. What was up with Sailesh not providing an aftermath after winning the Oaks tonight. Always thought he was a down to earth guy , took a little bit of gloss off the big win I thought, and sadly as well...
  14. I couldn't get a reception either whilst in Auckland yesterday and today ? Is it fixable or is there any word on the situation ?
  15. 1. Caulfield Race 1: 2.35pm : 2.3 2. Caulfield Race 2: 3.10pm : 1.2 3. Rosehill Race 2: 3.30pm : 2.3 4. Caulfield Race 3: 3.45pm : 1.8 5. Caulfield Race 4: 4.20pm : 1.3 6. Caulfield Race 5: 4.55pm : 1.5 7. Rosehill Race 5: 5.15pm : 1.2 8. Caulfield Race 6: 5.30pm : 3.11 9. Caulfield Race 7: 6.10pm : 1.7 10. Rosehill Race 7: 6.30pm : 3.10 BB 11. Caulfield Race 8: 6.50pm : 3.6 BB 12. Rosehill Race 8: 7.10pm : 11.12 BB 13. Caulfield Race 9: 7.30pm : 5.8 BB Cheers and Good Luck all..
  16. Wow, where does this Greenfields debacle leave Waipa now
  17. Pretty sure the WDC is nearly as dysfunctional as our lot
  18. No not quite right , his horses are allowed to start, he's been barred from entering Eagle Farm and Doomben
  19. FFS , for once the Greyhound Industry did it better !! They had video evidence...... However Weir , no footage = 4 years C*** , footage available = still training (involved) mmmmmmm
  20. Seemed to work on the roaming pack i bought for about $20 for 7 days , that was on spark and May last year when we were supposed to be blocked. I'm same school as you , I'd be touching all the buttons I can find thinking it's got to be one of these bastards ....
  21. Queen Of Diamonds Sword In Stone Danzdanzdance Ardrossan Cheers and good luck everyone
  22. John John John John John No No No No No as the great man would say (Gould not Allen) If turnover was down this Dec Jan , with hardly any abandonments, up against a myriad last year which caused a hole in turnover , I'd say your fledgling Industry is in Schtook , and you deserve everything coming your way , and it ain't gonna be good