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  1. Oh to have your money. Snitzel, I Am Invincible, Pierro
  2. Planet Earth Calling. We already have a publisher, the products called RACEFORM, there's buyer demand, people are happy to pay and there's advertisers. Just need RITA's co-operation in supplying the form as I understand to make it happen. Shelf life - that's a slightly strange request. You'll never please everyone. Its for current published raceform, 3-4 days, its disposable. Stick with your ipad, phone or laptop. Call me Bizarre, I want to do both, do some research online, study and mark my Raceform, and then enjoy the racing with some online research on the day and much f
  3. Long history here beginning with The Informant and now Raceform, where the NZ Racing Board/RITA management have in their sheer arrogance objected to an independent publication as such and withheld their co-operation, thereby making production no easy task or rather impossible. Never mind that having the publication out there increases betting, grows the sport, and is in much demand. No such thing as working for the greater good unfortunately. Next we'll get the vague RITA communication to suggest that missing Raceform and printed betting form etc doesn't appear to have compromised revenue
  4. Good afternoon, It’s been two weeks since we updated you on changes across the TAB in response to the significant impact COVID-19 has had on our business. Fortunately, in that time we have seen the resumption of NZ Harness racing, a full programme of domestic greyhound racing, and the reopening of our gaming business. And this week, an important milestone in securing racing’s future was achieved with the Select Committee Report on the Racing Industry Bill presented to the House of Parliament. We wanted to provide you with an update on these and some oth
  5. Bit harsh! Incompetent - yes, Single handed - absolutely not
  6. New job, new life. He's already forgotten, or trying hard to, the dogs breakfast he left behind for us. But this sounds like an ideal spot for John to drag out a few worthless years before retirement. http://wellington.scoop.co.nz/?p=115084
  7. Well done. Brilliant. There's no profit when the costs of business outweigh revenue - simple concept, says Dean McKenzie. The point is this is Dean this is the norm, this was the case well before Covid 19 reared its ugly head, this is why we're angry, finally. Someone flick Dean a copy of the Messara Report, I'm not sure he has read it. Don't try to reinvent the wheel Dean (and co), you're not that good. Get rid of the square wheel that's outdated and try the new one which was handed you on a plate and you were told to use.
  8. Simply no respect comes from RITA/previously the NZ Racing Board, who obviously have always felt answerable to themselves only. Hence we all get the middle finger flicked our way - trainers, breeders, owners, NZTR, Harness, Greyhounds, John Messara, and even Winston Peters has been let down. Everyone's been so nice, for such a long long time, but look how far that has got us. And now we pray the runaway train has finally derailed, perhaps even insolvent. This our only realistic hope for a fresh start in actioning John Messara's recommendations. Time to bring out the mongre
  9. Judging their performance RITA didn't inherit the lemon, it just got renamed, and continued (bad) business as usual.
  10. Yep, looks like Bryce might be content to make a living owning and training slow racehorses. For his maiden that can't win he gets $630 for running 6th - 10th in the country. And if noms are really bad might even sneek the odd $1575 for running 4th
  11. Oh, confusing, here I was thinking not all the lead in was shown. Didn't know Trackside 2 was also showing Rosehill. Listening to the presenters on Trackside 1 it was going to be interesting to see how Verry Elleegant went down in her prelim in the Tancred, and critical by James McDonald's thinking to her chance of success on the day. We missed that, flicked to a race at Townsville then came back to Rosehill when they were loading. I thought without local racing they could have done better concentrating on the two main meets at Rosehill and Bendigo on Trackside 1 as thats where the featur
  12. Whatever happened to RITA's Shaun Brooks? Shaun's the former Chief Financial Officer for the New Zealand Racing Board/RITA, and a man who surely has had contributed much to the industry's declining economic position in recent years. Shaun tagged along with John Allen to the roadshow meets around the country and was employed as part of the senior management/leadership team since Oct 2015 up to sometime late in 2019 (I guess). Looking today, Shaun's disappeared off the RITA website and into obscurity, I can't recall a media release giving him a pat on the back and wishing him wel
  13. RITA - The Board: Dean McKenzie, William (Bill) Birnie, Liz Dawson, Kristy McDonald, Anna Stove, Sir Peter Vela. Here's the latest published today from Brian Delore: Racing sends a strong message to Select Committee by Brian de Lore www.theoptimist.co.nz/ Published 21 February 2020 The oral submission hearings held on each of the past two Thursdays have sent a strong and impassioned message to the Transport and Infrastructure Select Committee, and that is: that the racing industry is far from happy with the Racing Bill legislation in its current form. And
  14. Time marches on and the old Racing Board is certainly not a 'dead horse' (Winston's description), simply re-branded as RITA and no more effective. Again they steer us down the wrong track. Little respect for the codes or John Messara's efforts, and how much invaluable time wasted. Thankfully, the Select Committee seem a lot more clued up than RITA.