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  1. JAKH


    Nice win today congratulations. I would expect WhoKnows to come out of the woodwork and do the same.
  2. JAKH


    How great is he now !!!!
  3. JAKH

    Bring Back Brodie

    Come on back Brodie this site has got rather boring without you. While we all know that you have restrictions on your betting by the agencies you also contributed a lot of harness information which created a lot of interest and discussion. I know there are some out there whom wont agree with you ever but they will get over it and give you some more crap. Just wait and see how quickly they attack this thread. I will certainly welcome you back.
  4. JAKH


    Westview I am interested to know if anyone is lining up for you two for one offer ?
  5. JAKH

    mataura garden beds

    Being a vistor from Christchurch and passing through last weekend they are a disgrace. Has not your local authority heard of Health and Safety - a cyclist or motor biker will get badly hurt then they will remove them. Sad...
  6. JAKH


    Good on you Westview what a really nice type of horse you have there. Saw the race today and was very impressed with its effort no wonder its not for sale.
  7. JAKH

    Oamaru Jockey Club

    It was great to be the owner of a winning horse yesterday at your meeting. I would like to mention to the commitee members that after driving 250 km to get there it would have been nice to have a hand shake and a drink of congratulations. Bloody poor show when you have to go to the bar and shout yourself. While a nice young lady gave us a bottle of wine just remember who pays the bills for these horses. Suggest to commitee that become more active looking after people and you will get more horses in your fields.
  8. JAKH


    BRODIE!! No I dont know how the The Whale went in the Auckland heats - tell me all about it. What I do know is that if Westview was a horse he would have qualified for the Met Multipler with his efforts at Addington in the KPC. NO He wouldn't he hasn't had the win yet !!!
  9. JAKH


    The Whale just had an "off" day and Westview had a lucky one. About time Westview showed a bit of form as has been badly out of class for a while.