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  1. Just watched it. Terrible look. Very poor judgement at the least to not even try to take the passing lane.
  2. It is a joke in relation to the several year suspension he got for his drive at Addington before it was reduced. I have no idea what you are on about. I said 15 months flew by. There was a great discussion on here about it...hence the thread is back here. Seems like yesterday. we were talking about it. I actually thought Geoff Martin was treated harshly with his suspension when it was taken in the context of the previous drives. Go look at this thread. Who am I casting doubts upon?
  3. Doesn't 15 months fly past! Not sure I would be saying the same thing at the end of Raymond Reekie's original ban if it had stood
  4. Not a good excuse for the consummate professionals? But it is there is it not? Hence, the fine?
  5. Brodie, I'm afraid you do go on about your restrictions If odds were given on the truth of that statement, on payout it would have to be made up to a dollar. You start lots of topics and give your own insight which is always interesting and appreciated by many on here. When you temporarily departed last time this place nearly fell over through lack of postings. Agree that forums are designed to debate.
  6. And how do you feel about the All Stars gang? What about their ringleader and acolytes who persist in giving the same message that the all stars are perfect and any talk against them will see a poster shot down? Are they not wanting to dominate and have a monopoly? They will not entertain any opposing view. Brodie does go on but do you not see the same with the All Stars?
  7. It has got to the stage of baiting. At least one got chucked for a few days for it.
  8. No ,I don't actually think he is on the money all the time and have said so several times on here. If you had paid attention you would know that.
  9. Funny how the All-Stars brigade still think their shit don't stink and keep playing their own broken record. Oh well, talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish. Couldn't think of a more appropriate quote when dealing with this lot.
  10. Basil, are you recommending gloves off? The likes of them were amusing because they were truly out there and on their own. Throw in John Ryan too. These days it is more insidious eg baiting of members. Who is the new chief troll?
  11. Harness Cafe used to be really good and enjoyable, but let's face it, it has splintered into factions with a few less established posters stoking the fire. No point debating who is right and wrong because both sides are as niggly as the other. And to think I always got a giggle reading the shite thrown on the gallops and dog forums but this place is really hard work at the moment.
  12. Just getting ready for when they set up their main base in Aussie I would guess. Be nice to have quite a few local owners. Could be wrong.
  13. gripe? I was putting forward a point of view in reply to your post. I thought that is what this site is about.
  14. I did do something about it, I made a post stating what I thought your assertion. What to do? Somebeachsomewhere comes to mind. Later Iraklis. Enjoy the racing.