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  1. Jay4

    Auckland cup

    Lets all whinge because we are always whinging! Wa wa wa
  2. Jay4


    Forget sheep and cows, greyhounds is the game under pressure and with the last year being the top trainers in the news. Who needs activists!
  3. Jay4

    Amazing Chase

    Who’s is this twat? Mate if you don’t like what the governing body says, go find something else to do mate with your life mate. You might actually get somewhere possibly. Great run from paddy. No matter what is going on, hands down, he is the king of hatrick at the moment, no arguments. Nature’s gent was a great run as expected considering he walks out in 8 dog fields and gets into trouble and a two dog race is right up his alley and krusty was a great run as well. All the others will have their day and pinny Mack showed exceptional speed after stumbling out thank god for all place getters because he showed incredible speed.the dyna dogs will have their day, but clearly aren’t 7 lengths faster than the good dogs up north like you suggested. To all the people who paid the entry fee. Great work, this game desperately needs positives in the general public and giving to charity is certainly on, no matter if you think the race is a waste of funds. This game unfortunately is on borrowed time, because the attitude of some participants just don’t change.
  4. Jay4

    Amazing Chase

    Big call. Some very good proven trial dogs running on the same track in similar time yesterday. Not sure the actual time frame on the day really matters.
  5. Love to see what everyone says and whether there’s a pattern. Manukau is the worst place to punt for me by far. should stop, just keep on donating. Wanganui Friday night is my best to get a line on and come away a winner consistently.
  6. Does he know nothing modest mouse? What experiences have you had with him that makes you come up with that comment? tell us. maybe you should have applied for the job!? Good luck to the guy, he is definitely going to need it, as history has shown he can not win in this job with a lot of the participants in this industry. I Couldn’t think of anything worse! Wish him all the best.
  7. Hi all Im not a huge gallop punter but backed a horse I want to follow my money on next start. Is the NZRacing site where you write the horses name in and it says ‘current nominations’ always up to date or are you better off just checking the fields all the time? cheers
  8. Jay4


    As far as greyhound articles in the media the last few years go this was definitely not too bad. Expected a lot worse.
  9. Knock Cobanna 12 starts 2-1-1 Celestial action 36 starts 3-5-2 (2 over 520m) Cyndi action 47 starts 1-10-9 $1700 each ono richardjones888@gmail.com
  10. Grnz put their roadshow on with their objectives to try and change the perception of the sport to the general public (which lets face it is terrible) and to try to intice new people to get Involved in the sport. I thought It was good. obviously proof is in the pudding and we'll see how it goes. But every old school participant just winges about everything that happens and is proposed in this game. I don't envy any person that works or has worked in the admin of the greyhound industry, in fact I think they are great because in the 20 years I've been in the game, it hasn't mattered who has been in charge or what they try, the same people just moan and moan!
  11. Always tough to back up from a 630 on a Tuesday and race over 645 Thursday. Lucky for opawa plum and know value it raced over 630 Sunday Trev, so opawa plum could run a nice 2nd! haha
  12. Have you guys not seen the news this week!
  13. Scodelario This dog can run but just can't get him going. Ran past top prosecutor earlier in year and ran 25.90 at Manawatu. Ran a sizzling 22.28 and 25.11 at Maitland before he came over to NZ. Just turned 3 so still has a lot in him if you can get him going. Might suit a small kennel. Richardjones888@gmail.com