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  1. Many Thanks for inquries and offers dog has been sold.
  2. For Sale My Kirsty whelped 30 September 2017 My Bro Fabio - Andrea. $6000.00 or genuine offers. 9 start’s 1 win and 2 seconds. Contact Anthony Hart 027 370 1868 or 03302 7604
  3. Well I just received an email re South Island GAP kennel base manager have resign for the second time. The South Island will not have a GAP base once again as from end of this month. Not good enough at all. GAP has let us down on so many things. Where to next.
  4. Well not shocked of this appointee at all. I have had dealings with Mario over his time on the board. He is moulded very well. As when the vote of no confidence when through the first time on a board member he left the club reps hanging for a few hours to seek legal opinion so the clubs vote could sway in boards favour, must to his degust on return he was wrong, No apology at all. Shado Lans corruption he was also involved. Hope he changes his stripes or I can see very little changes for us LP’S.
  5. I see on todays GAP page there is 9 dogs in need of home but all of them in Levin. I seem to recall the broading Kennels that our GAP dogs are at dont take any of our hounds over the xmas and New Year as their busy times . Some think need to be address over this as waiting list is just getting longer and longer.
  6. I ask also what happens to the dogs that fail GAP where is there record of them.
  7. Yes this is a sad read. Without knowing what the incident was in Wanganui it still saddens me that maybe some of our Stipes in the industry are unaware of Autism Social interactions and Communications behaviors. Maybe Autism New Zealand could send some form of information to the stipes that has done this to this young Autistic boy. If you or anyone feels he was treated in an unfair manner may be phone 0800 273 463 to make a complaint on behalf of this Autistic boy. Hope this can be fixed for all parties concern, for the best positive outcome.
  8. Pleased to see Mr. Rendle has stood down this term. His transparency has all ways been questionable. He deceived clubs into voting for his outstanding Shado Lans. When the new constitution was approved by 9 of the 11 clubs he was stoked and quoted thank you to the clubs who voted for this and I look forward to another term with you all. By golly how that has changed did he know the shit winds were coming?
  9. Steve I do reamber on trackside radio Craig Rendelle discussed this and I cant reamber his comments. But I agree Norm an outstanding dog.
  10. On annual leave should be back soon
  11. Advertising on behalf of. Ohoka Hunter 32 Starts 2 wins 10 placings Ohoka Braxton 29 starts 1 win 5 placings, Selling due to bringing young ones in. $500.00 each ph Lisa 0273456550 or Alysha 0279347622
  12. Straw Dyna Tron $2200.00 ono Stored at Shirley Vet Contact Ryan 0277574961
  13. Magic Sprite straw for sale Located at Shirley Vet ChCh price $4400.00. Contact Ray Amer on 03 3136284