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  1. Nykara (Fabregas x Sosan) C0 bitch. Been trialling better than she has been racing. Normally a good beginner. Cheap and ready made race dog. Will win a few races. $1500 Call Mal on 0276549773
  2. Awesome-O

    Race dogs

    Smash Story My Charlotte Smash Out All dogs fit and healthy. Make an offer. Ring Mal on 027 6549773
  3. Awesome-O

    Break ins

    I have four Dream Collector x Mary Marlow's (June 17) that are chasing. I have run out of time to finish them off as I have more pups coming in to kennels. They are free and if you are prepared to put some time into them, they will improve. I also have Rion King and Dreaming Abbie available. Make an offer or we can do a deal on them. Give Mal a call 0276549773 027 2298658
  4. Awesome-O

    Dogs for Sale

    PRICE DROP Rockin' Robyn $2500.00 ono
  5. Awesome-O

    Dogs for Sale

    We have two dogs heading north. So a chance we could deliver to Picton.
  6. Awesome-O

    Time for positive leadership.

    We have probably got away from the original topic. I am well aware that a lot of people are making a lot of money from the re homing program. We have people flying around New Zealand checking in with councils for what reason I have no idea. But flights, accommodation and rental cars alone must add up to a heck of a lot of money. They need to get themselves in a room and come up with solutions, not added problems. I for one have said all along, we needed to build a world class, stand alone facility where dogs can go to begin with and then be fed through to the smaller adoption programmes . The amount of money we have spent on a band aid solution is ridiculous and I believe people should be held accountable for their inadequate judgement of this entire situation. My point is not to ban the Australian import, in fact, let them come over and race, but they do not race in our group races. It will slow the flow down of Australian imports. But we need to start finding a New Zealand based industry where the money stays in New Zealand, goes back into greyhound racing FOR New Zealand owners, trainers and breeders. I am sure if people had the incentives put in front of them knowing that every pup they produce may have the opportunity to race for good money, a lot more people would breed, instead of one litter, they may actually breed two per year. Its all about building an industry...... a kiwi based industry. And if this happens you may find we have high class rearing farms, break in facilities, all the extras that go with a sustainable New Zealand based breeding industry. In turn, this would add jobs and may even generate enough money to start planning for a world class retirement home for ex racing dogs. Imagine if we where actually the envy of our neighbours? Its achievable but we need to start now.
  7. Awesome-O

    Time for positive leadership.

    In the future, If these races were for only New Zealand bred and owned dogs, you would probably find there would be 8 heats. People are not interested in getting their heads kicked in by the hot Aussie dogs any longer. But if the New Zealand breeder knew that there was an incentive to race in the group races, you would probably find that the betting on them would be better and the competition very even, instead of it being a one sided exhibition on who has the fastest import. Lets make the industry a New Zealand based industry where we are all on a level playing field and at least have the opportunity to race in good races. As well as making it a fair go for all, the money goes back into our Industry, as we all continue to breed and sell for a fair price. Unless we start thinking to the future, there may be no future?
  8. Awesome-O

    Time for positive leadership.

    New Zealand Greyhound Racing Association, lets get real. Instead of bringing in more rules and regulations, how about trying to make the New Zealand Greyhound industry grow, for the New Zealand owner, trainer and breeder. At the moment, we have no industry whereby the New Zealand breeder can get a fair price for his pup, break in or race dog. Its time that the Australian import stops taking from our industry. There is no problem with the Australian import coming to New Zealand but how about they are not eligible for any group race at all. Let the New Zealand owner/breeder have the opportunity to build a New Zealand based industry. Thereby the money from the group races goes back into the New Zealand industry, with half of it not going away from our kiwi industry. Bring in as many imports as we like, but to race in grade races only. The association says welfare is now our top priority, then why are we letting half of all our top stake money go offshore, not being returned into our kiwi based industry. I am sure if the New Zealand greyhounds were being imported into Victoria at the rate they are here, it would be stopped. We need to move forward in a positive way and make a New Zealand based industry for New Zealand bred dogs and New Zealand owners. This would continue to build the sport in a positive way. I feel we have not had one change from the association that has made it better for our industry to move forward. Good luck to all the hard working New Zealand breeders out there.
  9. Awesome-O

    Dogs for Sale

    Smash Charger - SOLD
  10. Awesome-O

    Dogs for Sale

    Smash Gator - $1000 Smash Ocean - $2000 Rockin Robyn -$3000 Smash Charger - $3000 Jinjarango x Smash Kingdom break in dark brindle bitch - $2000 All dogs fit and sound. Making room for pups coming in. Call Mal Grant on 0276549773
  11. Cairo - $500 Smash fire - $500 Smash gator - $500 Smash demand - $500 Or nearest offer. All dogs are injury free. PH Mal on 03 3037565
  12. Awesome-O

    Dogs for Sale

    Dogs for Sale Call Malcolm Grant on 027 654 9773
  13. Awesome-O

    NZ ST Ledger

    Just gonna pick the 3 in order I reckon from each heat. Heat 1: Majestic Action, dirk the jerk and know decision. Heat 2: Know jinx, goldstar po and Arctic action. Heat 3: fekitoa, cawbourne cooks and kava blue. Good luck to all involved.
  14. Awesome-O

    no videos for trials

    Watching the racing replays, one day for chch. I remember seeing a qually at the start before showing the actual races. Can't remember the date. But it was in the last 2-3 weeks.