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  1. check out midget - alternative commentary platform, not sure whether NZRB would release the content though
  2. i would suggest that your petty attitude is costing the stakeholders money. i tend to agree with you on most of your postings about constitutions and leadership at NZTR but digging your toes in and not getting them audited by CAANZ is lowering the pool of money for reefton stakeholders. yes they may have been audited and accepted in the past, but in the past was there a 10K goverance grant ? no there wasn't there is no guarantees of competence, but just as i would personally get a registered master builder to build my house, a barrister/solicitor of the high court to be my lawyer, id get
  3. Thats the reason why you should have got a CAANZ member to audit them, who are you to say an unregistered member is TOTALLY competent. Just suck it up and get a CAANZ member to audit it, you'll add 5k minimum to the bottom line (if as you says it will cost 5k to get the audit done) and that can go to stakeholders... which hasn't been the case in the past
  4. how are the clubs going to fund the purchase of the land that is reasonably close by - they will be buying in the same market they are selling, and have to spend 15m -20m on a new track and another 5m at least on grandstand facilities. or do you mean sell up and effectively amalgamate with an existing track that is nearby i.e te rapa to matamata, counties to auckland/matamata, if so Id put avondale and trentham at the top of my list
  6. maybe from bets placed before it was abandoned i.e the night before (just a guess) out of interest does anyone know how a multi works for turnover if multied over two seperate meetings -i.e if i had a $100 multi on a $3 shot at awapuni into a horse at te-rapa would awapuni show a 100 turnover and te rapa 300 (assuming the first leg wins) or just awapuni 100 ?
  7. how many starters in each race ?
  8. Have you asked what specific provisions of your constitution do not comply
  9. Hacko - would you opinion differ if Nice Option didn't know the event had started or a particular result had occurred
  10. not twisting words Leggy, it does say with NZTR approval, so its consistent with the racing act. what i was trying to say is that its the Club that determines where the proceeds go, not NZTR - well thats how i read it anyhow, i stand to be corrected but i would of thought that the Club makes the call and that has to be approved by NZTR. as an aside, if a club has in its rules that the members decides where the proceeds go and has no mention of NZTR/ approval from the regulatory body/racing code, does the Racing Act override those rules ? FYI TOM - i dont disagree with you regarding N
  11. as long as your rules are compliant with the ISA, then your rules are fine. as far as i can see NZTR are providing a template of rules that are compliant with the ISA. on the dissolution the proceeds are to be disposed of in accordance with s27 of the Racing Act in a manner that the Club determines ? whats the issue with that ?
  12. Midget can you show me where the other govt departments "publish and justify every expense"
  13. Great foresight from Butch
  15. check out the 8 listed property companies on the NZX - they pay out 95%-105% of their profits as dividends