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  1. The description of the rules is termed mandatory for some but if the same rule applies to a racing executive " of sorts " then those same rules can be interpreted as permissive . Double standards are very common in the galloping code therefore it couldn't be termed a level playing field as has been experienced by the author . Former Chief Racecourse Inspector John McKenzie previously was instrumental in the dissuasion of a MAF Criminal Investigation involving criminal actions against our horses . An abuse of his position was then followed by a circulation of manufactured untruths by him at our expense to multiple personnel and all done with an agenda in our absence or knowledge at the time . The Number 2 Bryan McKenzie wasn't much better in favour of circulating slander rather than dealing with the issues at hand . Protectionism is rife within NZ Racing is you belong to the protected species . The same tilted playing field extends to " club " level which adheres to the same unwritten guidelines who couldn't provide an honest answer when requested to do so . Manufactured untruths are a part of their " mantra " when it suits which leads to the RIU who like to appear legitimate but when direct questioning is involved the nearest rock is sought for cover . Then there's NZTR at the helm and what have you got , a broken industry which epitomizes New Zealand Racing .
  2. Bloody hell mate . It's not just the Ozzies who are dodgy , the kiwis are experts at covering things up and then circulating misinformation as their form of internal press release in order to maintain the status quo . Slander goes a long way in racing .
  3. Seems quite fitting that this symposium which is being held in Uruguay and is to be attended by Racing Analysts and Veterinarians . ( October 2016 ) Are Animal Welfare Policies & Blood Farming complimentary practices which are surreptitiously condoned by the wider Governing Equine Jurisdictions and Animal Health Carers ? A genuine concern for Animal Welfare or HYPOCRITES ?
  4. An abhorrent destiny for fillies and mares . Colts and geldings take the " left lane " to dog tucker . Fillies & Mares to the right ????
  5. All rules aside , it's about time people showed common decency and respect for other people . The " arrogant " , I don't care attitude is all too common in todays society . Disgraceful comments made by a narcissist .
  6. Open wide and they'll feed you anything , all you have to do is swallow .
  7. Where were all the " TEST'S " carried out .....Surely the acquired research must have been done on a horse population of some description in order to conclude an accurate hypothesis .
  8. Scooby thanks for allowing the air time . This is a situation which should have been addressed by the Police and Racing Authorities in 2004 .

    There has been a calculated and deliberate agenda for this to have dragged on for 12 years .

    It is a fine illustration of moral culture that exists both in Racing and outside of it where propaganda is spoon fed to an unsuspecting audience .

    The poison has been well laid by both former Racecourse Inspectors John & Bryan McKenzie who have spoken to and circulated slanderous e-mails to many industry participants as well as the NZTR heirarchy of their era .

    Mud sticks and the damage has been done .

    Following the thread it was clear example of how people hear a rumour then fill in the blanks and quote it as gospel .

    Not at all surprising that 12 years have past and people are none the wiser .



    1. scooby3051


      Yes I let it go as long as I could but it was starting to go off the rails... I feel for you and your partner,and this should never have happened,lets hope that you can find a way to sort it out and move on with your lives.


    2. integrity


      Many thanks Leigh we sincerely appreciate your kind thoughts .Dayle & Jonathan

  9. Chris .That's the same response you gave us in 2004 when you were president of the NZ Trainers Association . It made my decision very easy not to ever join again . This situation should have been nipped in the bud in 2004 but unfortunately there have been more people who didn't want to know and there were others working hard in the background to make sure that others did not know . Sure is a black mark on racing . No one wants to live or put up with what we have had to endure . We are pacifists by nature however there is an ignorant element who have an agenda to rock the boat or even capsize it . Is it human nature to keep turning the cheek and become a doormat ? Walk a mile in another mans shoes and perhaps you will have some empathy. To have 2 former Racecourse Inspectors undermining every attempt we made to get assistance when there were blatantly obvious irregularities explains the negative connotations and influence they both had over other peoples decision making . At the same time these 2 racecourse Inspectors remained elusive until their respective retirements . You bet I'm bitter and have a cold hatred for those who have transgressed us . Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself. Harmony is the name of the game not destruction .
  10. Just a little further information . Neither of us saw Tait hit the ground or saw a mark on Tait as he worked his team of 5 horses . 11/8/15 Tait made his statement on 17/8/15 at 15.16hrs . He lives about 3km from the Cop Shop . Ormsby made his statement on 11/9/15 at 6.30pm . I lodged my complaint on the 11/8/15 after a doctors appointment in Te Aroha . No one at Matamata Police Station would take a statement from me until 29th August 2015 . It was even noted as unusual when I had to contact the initial officer by e-mail that I was unable to make a statement . It would appear that the crew were working on a counter claim and contingency plan . Damage control . Tait probably got dumped off one of his half broken in breakers . Small teams are usually not a priority at Matamata and tend to get kicked ( literally ) from pillar to post at Matamata with regards to tie up space . I'm sure Kylie can attest to that .
  11. Funny thing Kylie , I have Taits Police statement . Can't find the part where he states that he was king hit and knocked to the ground . I've got the other versions too Ormsbys and the RIU's . Retreived under the Official Information Act 1982 and the Privacy Act 1993 . I don't know what you were smoking but it must have been a good trip . Perhaps you could all get together and GET YOUR STORIES STRAIGHT .
  12. Numerous horses have had needles in joints .tendons . fetlocks , knees . hocks and pectoral muscles , apart from the ones which have been sliced either in paddocks or boxes . Appearance of similar patches of hair missing from various parts of their bodies in conjunction with hair shaven in what appears to be a standard cover rub . Difference being that these patches have not been directly in line with the covers and in these instances have grown back without remedial assistance or changing covers etc . On the other hand horses have had similar impact injuries to heads and legs , some while they have been poulticed and kept in confinement due to the tendon injuries which they sustained. Some of those horses had displayed needle marks , serum or the crustation of serum at the injury site . Multiple covers slashed with clearly indentifiable cuts and sliced back legs straps as well as ballcocks being ripped out of troughs , outrigger galvanised electric fence wire cut etc ... the never ending list. Why hasn't anyone been caught ? Torch lights were seen on one of the stable cameras shining from the outside in, on several occasions but were not there by the time I got to the stables . No street lights here and I can't see through walls . A sweeping beam of infra red light panning the interior of the stable was caught on our stable camera Transmitting device not found . Identified at a later date as a form of motion detector surveillance ( optical bug ). Video Sighted by detective who identified the beam claiming not police .Sighted by another investigative source who identified VCR as surveillance . 2 more cameras put in stables complete with VCR recorders which were hidden in a clothes dryer . Clothes dryer had doors taped shut and dryer hidden under piles of towels etc draped over . Cameras were hidden . Stable sliding door chained and padlocked and left for the night . Next morning stable still locked but dryer door wide open , tapes across dryer door broken and both VCR's turned off . Other camera sabotaged with cable cut . Back to the question , what's going on ? Why all the injections , why all the attention to joints tendons , pectoral odemas . Got to be drugs ? 12 years ago had info of that nature but there was a refusal to supply origin of info . Also told there would be property damage and an indirect tap on our finances . Instructed to get rid of the horses , put the pets down , water blast the house , put a for sale sign up and disappear as I had apparently pissed some high profile person off and the there would be a continuation of problems as long as I lived here . Heard the same thing from another unrelated party several months prior . No names were given but what was said to happen has happened . Might be some form of rogue venture . Time will tell .
  13. Scroll down the page on Facebook .... Thoroughbred Education & Sport horses for a range of photos depicting immoral intervention
  14. Letter to Mike Godber . No reply either . jonathan mcrae <> To Mike Godber Jan 29 at 12:32 PM Dear Mike , We have found the responses to the issues which we have raised to be unsatisfactory. The statement which we made with regards to " situation which has been in existance for 12 years " and had not been dealt with in a fair and just manner is correct . NZTR Racecourse Inspectors John and Bryan McKenzie were compliant with corrupt practices and had an agenda and that was to interfere and dissuade prospective persons with whom we had approached to investigate the many abnormalities and dynamics of our situation . Not only did they interfere with but also provided false information and lies of their involvement . They did this under the guise of NZTR Investigators . Our characters were widely slandered and defamed by both McKenzies in their attempt to conceal the criminal activity of which were were subjected . John McKenzie interfered with and successfully blocked an Investigation by MAF Criminal Investigations . The investigation was requested by ourselves . The Police were in contact with J McKenzie. His false statements were noted as was the false statement of another racing industry employee. Bryan McKenzie recited false information of ourselves to another investigative source and refused to be recorded during the interview . We received written information pertaining to that interview following a Privacy Act Request . We have evidence of their dubious actions and their veracity has to be highly questionable . ( OIA & PRIVACY ACT REQUESTS ) Investigator Rod Carmichael's explanation of the " Police Consent Of Disclosure " form which allowed the NZ Greyhound Association access to my ( J McRae 's ) Police file was and still is unacceptable . The signed consent of disclosure form also allows D Pike's information to be accessed simultaneously should anybody be researching J McRae's information held on Police File . NB : some information which is held on Police File is FABRICATED and FALSE Information which is vrey damaging to myself (J McRae & Dayle Pike ) . To date the Police have held a typically ignorant attitude towards our request for correction under Principle 7 of the Privacy Act . This matter is not closed and is being addressed by the Privacy Commission followed by the Office of the NZ Ombudsman . For a suggestion that a large organisation in the NZ Thoroughbred Industry to have run out of forms as Carmichael suggested is not only ludicrous but implausible . It was a cover story for the deceipt which had been exposed . Carmichael's advice to us ( with a witness present ) was to get out ( meaning the property ) before we lost everything . J McKenzie advised us to take our complaint to the Morrinsville Police to the then Officer in Charge Sgt Allan Cantley . Our investigations revealed that Cantley was McKenzie's subordinate when McKenzie was in the NZ Police . Needless to say that the Police were always dismissive of everything . The Police Investigation was more a thorough cover up rather than a legitimate investigation . Everything was nothing or it was connected ???? Examples : a live rooster with 2 mtrs of baling twine threaded through its throat didn't trigger a response The horse truck hand brake was completely disconnected and observed on it's second drive following a COF at a Government Testing Station . A Te Aroha Veterinarian collected and disposed of horse manure samples which had contained lumps of blue talon rat bait then lied about their whereabouts and even the existence of talon in the manure sample . In contradiction he treated the horses with vitamin K antidote . The Waikato Hospital wristband of Dayle Pike's dead mother which was dropped on our back doorstep 1 year after she had died and a further 3 yrs after she had been hospitalised in Waikato Hospital ( We live approx 50km from Waikato Hospital ) Our horse truck box interior had been vandalised at Matamata Racecourse as well as the side mirror on the drivers side being all but snapped off . At our gear room at the Matamata Racecourse ( which was adjacent to Moroney/ Ormsby stables tie ups and opposite A Tait ) had gear cut and damaged including new head collars sliced at stitching , girth sleeves cut and a heart rate meter electrode cable cut twice ) G Styles informed us that nobody at Matamata Racecourse would be responsible . NB : Chad Ormsby , Nick Fairweather , Ernie Rika and Alan Tait provided their character assessments at a later date . In conjunction with that we had to endure multiple artificially induced injuries to horses , pets and poultry as well as property damage . ( security camera and night vision included ) From mid 2004 - late 2005 the Police had failed to implicate and frame us as to being the cause of the complaints of which we had lodged . In mid 2006 the NZ Police made a 2nd unsuccessful attempt to frame us for an incident which had been reported by a neighbouring farm . An incident of which we were both oblivious and only found out by way of OIA request to the Police several years later and found out that we were the " number 1 " suspects . Matamata Racing Club ( MRC) have knowingly and surruptitiously involved themselves in the manipulation of an assault charge which was lodged to the Matamata Police by myself . The MRC based their collusion with the Matamata Police on false evidence and lies from a fictitious counter claim which was made by Trainer Chad Ormsby , Nick Fairweather , Ernie Rika & trainer Alan Tait to MRC Course Manager Graeme Styles . Graeme Styles cleared the crime scence where the vicious 3 on to 1 assault had occurred and failed to involve the Police at the crime scene , Styles not only wished to cover up the assault but to have an in house biased hearing instead at the MRC .. Styles did not wish to see a Public Hearing commence in a Court of Law where the litany of lies would be easily seen through and the perpetrators would have received their punishment . Graeme Styles wished to frame myself ( J McRae ) for the incident . Styles colluded with the 4 named above in order to absolve them of any wrong doing by way of a fictitious recital of the incident as a means of justification for what amounted as an attempt to cause grevious bodily harm to myself . The reason why the Police received my complaint was for a legal judgement which was independent from the New Zealand Racing Industry as there would have been impeding ramifications in terms of " double jeopardy " as outined in the New Zealand Bill of Rights if the Racing Authorities were requested by myself to address the incident as well as the NZ Police . The involvement of the RIU and Matamata Racing Club has further highlighted the manipulations and false evidence which was supplied to the Matamata Police in order to avoid justice so that the desired outcome could be procured . The " investigation " was corrupt as were the parties involved in reaching their resolution . This includes the NZ Police , the Racing Integrity Unit , and the Matamata Racing Club Board members who were involved . New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing has previously demonstrated that laws are mandatory for some and permissive for others . Past and present NZTR personnel have been non compliant with Privacy Act requests ie : J W McKenzie , P Bittar CEO , G Purcell CEO & Campbell Moncur ( who once wrote that NZTR was not obliged to comply with the Privacy Act or the Official Information Act ) G Purcells reply had to be retrieved by the the NZ Privacy Commission some 9 months after it was first sent . A Fenwick CEO refused to communicate at all . Surruptitious manipulations have always been evident where we have been concerned and credibility has been lost by the above named entities . Following the advice of RIU Investigator Bryan Oliver to The Te Aroha Jockey Club to decline my training application and Dayle Pike's track rider's permit WITHOUT a reason , we had no option but to disperse with or retire our racehorses and forego our livelihood having just paid NZTR fees for a " Class A" Trainers license and a track riders license for the 2015 - 2016 racing season . Having both been involved in the NZ Racing Industry for the past 35 years which has involved the purchase and the development of a purposefully set up property for the training of racehorses we were unfairly forced out of business because of the false information which had been circulated within the NZ Racing and wider thoroughbred Industry . It was a calculated decision by Bryan Oliver and the TAJC committee members to disallow the continuation of our horse training business by declining the training application . The intention was to extinguish our involvement in the thoroughbred industry . Their actions were continuation of the negative actions against us which were implimented by former NZTR RACECOURSE Inspectors John and Bryan McKenzie. The ramifications are self evident . There has been a totally unfounded invariable reference made by others of us that we are conspiracy theorists . It is clearly apparent that we are not . Discrimination and bias is rampant within the thoroughbred industry of New Zealand . This situation will be persued through the official channels of the NZ Privacy Commission , the Office of the NZ Ombudsman And the Human Rights Commission to it's conclusion . Yours sincerely Jonathan McRae