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  1. Only forty seven going round in eight races today...I don't think I've ever seen such small numbers. I find it weird that Sydney race meetings often have very small fields.You can't blame the stakes....$32,000 for maidens.The maiden races have attracted fields of 5,3,6 and 7 and no race on the card will pay three dividends. Why is this a Sydney issue and nowhere near as common in Melbourne?
  2. Just Like The Good Old Days

    Have you seen the size of the Forbury fields tonight? Eleven races and most of them had emergencies.Normally these days anyone who wants a start gets one. It used to be so different...I remember owning a maiden in the early '90s when you were very lucky to get a start anywhere unless you either had a raceday placing in your last four4 starts or you had won a trial.The trials normally had at least ten starters. I guess we're luckier in Southland/Otago and Canterbury that we have the horse numbers but even so sometimes the fields can be small. But not tonight!!!
  3. Sky Dropping Prices?

    A sign of madness...replying to my own post but I've just looked at TVNZ's site and to give them credit they're providing two more channels. https://www.tvnz.co.nz//content/tvnz/onenews/story/2018/02/28/games.html That will still be a lot less than what we're used to though.
  4. Sky Dropping Prices?

    Of course I'd like to pay less for Sky but in reality I'd actually pay more for the Sports alone.I don't see how I could get a better "one stop shop" for all the sports a typical NZ fan would want. I can't think of a recent sporting event that interests me that hasn't been on Sky...if I'm at work and want to watch something live I use Sky Go A recent example is the Winter Olympics...Sky had about seven dedicated channels.TVNZ somehow have got the Commonwealth Games rights...how many channels will they have...one???
  5. Well done to NZTAB

    Back to the topic at hand. We are lucky in Otago that the ODT has at least one and usually two local racing articles each day thanks to Matt Smith previously and Jonny Turner now. From today's ODT: "There were six win bets of $10,000 on yesterday's racing and three from $5000 to $9000. All the investments were down the drain except a $10,000 bet on Franco June,the winner of Race 4. The TAB could not confirm whether the big bets were from the same punter or different bettors or where the bets were placed. A spokesman from the TAB confirmed the bets were placed on a TAB account rather than at the track" Apart from that there were several $1000 bets on horses paying $30 or more..... all on a bog grass track Any betting agency in the world is going to encourage a bettor like that On a completely different note the ODT this morning told us that Sarah Palin is in foal to Bacardi Lindy...as she's a half sister to Dark Horse that foal will have some value.I suspect we might see it racing for the Griffin Syndicate? And on yet another completely different note I loved Jason's seagull commemts.Waikouaiti iracecourse s a haven for them. I was there ten years or so ago when the massed flocks were soaring overhead...I looked up (slightly mouth open as it turned out) and the most almighty deposit dropped right into my mouth.Needless to say those with me thought it was hilarious but I was less amused.
  6. Well done to NZTAB

    It seems that in virtually every race at Waikouaiti this weekend someone has had a $5000 to $10,000 bet.Some of them have been on horses which are quite unused to carrying such responsibility eg Dying to Meet You and Holdontoyaspurs. There has to be a story here...these are not normal and rational bets.
  7. So when a Sub $1 dividend is made up to $1.....

    My understanding is that if the dividend is going to be less than a certain amount (60 cents?) then the shortfall is taken from the other dividends which is an absolute ripoff. Because of the huge amount of money on the hot favourite it means a very large deduction in the other dividends.
  8. Well done Pitty

    Many,many years ago (1974 or 1975) I had a student holiday job at the fruit and vege wholesale market in Invercargill.Many of the retailers were punters like me and one day someone said that he had a tip for a horse starting at Greymouth the following week. It was called Parilla and trained by an unknown new trainer called Michael Pitman...someone suggested we hire a plane and pilot and fly up for the day.Next thing four of us are flying over Fiordland and up the West Coast to Greymouth.I think Parilla ran third but we had a great day and then flew home. To this day I've NEVER hired asnother plane to get to a race meeting but we somehow must have known we were witnessing the beginning of a great career As an aside that night at one of the retailers homes I was introduced to what was for me high-stake euchre.....scary stuff for an eighteen year old
  9. They Don't Make Them Like This Anymore

    Brodie is correct....the TOR horses were not always well gaited but I remember a couple of astonishing finishes from Torle who was the best of them.One night she came from a clear last into the straight to win easily. Was it Tortuff who won her maiden race at her 120 somethingth start?
  10. They Don't Make Them Like This Anymore

    I don't know...I assumed Paul Gallagher owned it himself.
  11. Osceola RIP

    I met Alan a few times.He was a good natured harness racing junkie and a true Southern man. He gave me a few good tips but never on his sister Megan's horses Far too young RIP
  12. I've been telling the Hi Foyle story for years absolutely confident it had happened at Forbury.Tonight I finally looked it up and discovered it happened at Addington.Old age is a terrible thing It was the 1973 Cup Meeting.In those days it was a two day/two night meeting and on the first night (the Tuesday after Show Day) Hi Foyle started in consecutive races. Unusual enough but what makes it almost unbelievable is that he wasn't a maiden trotter but one of the best horses in the country.He finished fourth in Race 7...look at the field!!! Then thirty minutes later he started against c7 horses over 2 miles from a 40 metre handicap.He ran fifth!! Earlier that year he started in Race 5 and 9 and Race 5 and 7 in consecutive weeks at Alexandra Park against the best opposition available. He never won one of the big ones but Henry Skinner once told me he thought he was very unlucky in what turned out to be his final race....running second to Young Quinn in the 1975 InterDominion Final. I hope some of the names below (both equine and human) stir some memories. I remember all the drivers except J.Huyser and I'm not sure who M M Purdon was who drove the favourite in the 8th.
  13. $10,000 Up For Grabs

    I think it's the first R40 only race we've had and it's for $10,000!!! Good on Invercargill for putting on a good race for the battlers. I like El Dinero...he won from a similar draw a couple of months ago
  14. Team Driving?

    You beat me to it Eljay...I was just going to post the same thing. I don't think I've ever seen that in my fifty plus years of following Harness Racing. And to think people complain about Purdon/Rasmussen dominatio
  15. I've no problem with the internationalisation of the race from a spectacle point of view. I enjoy the Arc,Breeders Cup Day and the big Dubai races. Although I'm primarily a punter I have no desire to bet on those races. The Melbourne Cup has for me turned into the same sort of non-betting event as a field of unraced maidens...so many unknown quantities My non-racing workmates are already asking for tips and it destroys my image a bit to say I have no idea about half the field I'm not normally a good old days sort of guy but I do miss the days when the Melbourne Cup mattered to NZ racing people.