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  1. Well well well D.Schofield

    Emotive, what part from grnz are you from?
  2. Well well well D.Schofield

    If you got pinged for a meth positive as a 78yrs trainer and there was past history then wouldn't you if in the same shoes?
  3. He's sure got some wheels

    I personally dont have a problem with dogs from ozz coing to nz. That fella in that clip looked like he wanted to play more than race. Greyhounds are breed to race and as a small owner you want the best chance to get your dog to the track. If i was an ozz owner and the risk was worth sending to nz then why not as it aint cheep to bring one into our country anymore. Swift Fantasy is an example that got the greyhounds on mainstream media for all the right reasons.
  4. Ring the Bell

    1st Ring The Bell 2nd Nighthawk Rose 3rd Vicki Keeping 4th Little Bit Funny or Dusty Gambler
  5. Distance race

    Poor effort from trackside again. Whoever was in charge on the easter egg night in ozz must of been working tonight.
  6. southland lure driver LOL

    That was regarding the head scrapes that have apperently happened.
  7. southland lure driver LOL

    I think you know 'i know' the answer to that question. I thought you were infering to get rid of Southland before.
  8. southland lure driver LOL

    Really - 'I know' Alot of dogs do very well on a one turn track.
  9. southland lure driver LOL

    Im sure South trainers not a box of fluffys over it either.
  10. southland lure driver LOL

    Southland were made to take those boxes, just remember that.
  11. Good Read

  12. New all weather track.

    So if you had four dogs in four races its 4 times the payout?
  13. New all weather track.

    Just interested in how a payout works Hound Fan please as they are a rare occurance.
  14. How long does an investigation take?

    Spca can take along time building a case, looking at their website was close to 2yrs before court for a case on there.
  15. Time for positive leadership.

    Who replaces him from the Directors?