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  1. New all weather track.

    So if you had four dogs in four races its 4 times the payout?
  2. New all weather track.

    Just interested in how a payout works Hound Fan please as they are a rare occurance.
  3. How long does an investigation take?

    Spca can take along time building a case, looking at their website was close to 2yrs before court for a case on there.
  4. Time for positive leadership.

    Who replaces him from the Directors?
  5. Time for positive leadership.

    Awesome-0 Where is the equilibrium in N.Z. for breeding dogs. We all ready have to many dogs, hence 15 card races every week, pressure on rehoming agencys - how long will this last? Personally I don't see the ozzie dogs been the problem. If you have time/money/reasources then the sky is the limit hence the four big breeders in N.Z., 2 in the South Island and 2 in the North Island, as there is no cap how many litters one enity can breed. With the small one litter every 2-3yrs breeder been shunted out the gate and likely never to return which dissapoints me alot. You can look at it two ways: 1 - Good on them for taking the risks and going for gold Or 2 - We keep going down this path its going to root the industry Unfortunately I see option two unfolding in my opinion and I really don't like the look of it. Palmy used to be my favourite punt day but not anymore I don't bet on a Monday, with Thursday prefered or Sunday. N.Z. breeding has improved and the sprint-a-thon meetings have cut back with better breeding and some in part to the big breeders but they can use the best bitches and straws. Smarter breeding on the smaller breeders part is a must.
  6. Small breeders and FS

    For sale joe blogs?
  7. records

    In recent history would have to be Little Mother
  8. Cambridge Greyhounds 29/12 Thought$

    Cheers for the thoughts track record, bit barren on the punting talk this site
  9. R.I.P Sergio

    R.I.P Sergio
  10. NZ Cup & Galaxy Thoughts

    Would have go Avenger Bale from box 2.
  11. NZ Cup & Galaxy Thoughts

    Cheers Andy Go Talk Talk!
  12. NZ Cup & Galaxy Thoughts

    Anyone know field 4 galaxy? Ive seen draw 4 cup
  13. Straw wanted

    Still have a vee man vane straw if interested.
  14. NZ Cup & Galaxy Thoughts

    Not to far away now, any thoughts or tips? The Roberts team will be strong, like to see Panel Beater race and see how he goes on Addington. I did notice out off all entries for Thursday only one North Island trainer. I do know that more coming from auto entry into the semi's.
  15. VEE MAN VANE Vee Man Vane was THE quickest sprinter of his time, he pure speed had to been seen to be believed. His damline has been producing outstanding dogs for many generations & is renowned for producing 500 metre + dogs. BANJO BOY WINNER OF THE 2014 GROUP 2 CRANBOURNE CUP IN A FLYING 30.03; The Meadows 29.73, 29.91; Sandown 29.73(M), 29.46, 29.57, 29.01(BON), 29.14; Warragul 25.84; Healesville 18.97, 19.09; Ballarat 25.36; CLONAKILTY MAN Finalist 2013 G3 Magic Maiden (WP); Goulburn 25.86(PT), 20.52; Wentworth Park 29.78, 29.91; Bulli 26.52(M), 26.49; Grafton 22.84; DEADLY VANE 2014 G1 SILVER CHIEF FINALIST 2013 G2 Ballarat Cup Finalist The Meadows 30.46, 30.25; Ballarat 25.43(BON), 25.35; Vee Man Vane had 57 starts for 29 wins He WON the 2008 GROUP 2 Ballarat CUP He broke the track records at: Shepparton 21.83 Geelong 19.34 Warrnambool 21.82 He also ran 22.70 & 25.59 at Maitland 15.86 at The Gardens 22.65 at the Gold Coast 21.83 & 25.06 at Shepparton 23.71 at Warragul 25.14 at Ballarat 23.93 at Bendigo 18.59 at Healsville I have been in contact with the stud master in Australia and no more Vee Man Vane straws are been sent to New Zealand. If purchaser of this straw has their bitch miss then the stud master will provide a replacement straw of the choice of one of these sires. Snozz, Bye Bye Bucks or Addis Boy Cost of this straw in Australia $1100 ( $1200 N.Z. ) I'm selling this straw for $1000 Please contact Marek Dunne on 021675259 or email yourinluckitsmav@hotmail.com