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  1. 2018/19 Stallions

    Letham's new horse an interesting prospect .........technically arrived last season I think but 2018 his first serious go at the open market .... A Grp 1 winner and durable with it, winning 10 in total ....haven't seen him in the flesh but great looking animal from the pics .... another option esp for CD breeders who wish to keep their mares local ....
  2. 100k maiden Naki challenge

    Agree Col - why not try it? Unfortunately unlikely to have a contender to have a crack. But when I have gone up there with one in the past - the place was crowded - hard to get a seat etc - but friendly club and lovely people in the room after. So from this owner they got my tick ....
  3. Registration of Colours

    Hi Puha - you have to chase them up. Well I did anyway. Mine kept turning up as blank in the racebooks etc until I emailed and asked them. Actually the whole thing turned into quite a protracted mission. And I couldn't help wondering if the likes of Fortuna had quite the same hassle I experienced when they launched their variation on the Te Akau colors (which were a lot more complex in design than mine I might add.....) However I have come to expect third rate treatment given I am nothing but a third-rate contributer - merely a small and lowly (bordering on insignificant? nay - even nuisance?) participant with at most a wee handful racing at a time .... At least they'll know your name when you contact them so that might be a help ... Good luck. You'll get there eventually, I'm sure ...
  4. Kawi v Start Wondering

    Given he missed the kick (which I think most would agree is more down to the horse than the hoop) - I agree with Zip - it worked out pretty well in that he tacked on quite soon and without having do do any panic-riding as the field wasn't breaking any speed records at the time. As for the rest - I'd say again the outcome was more down to the horse (and the track?) than any poor riding - albeit I've only seen the race once on TV so may have missed some of the finer points .... Does anyone know what AS had to say about the ride? - I didn't watch the all the aftermath ....
  5. Kawi v Start Wondering

    From my observations over time, AS's conduct has at times lacked grace - as a winner and as a loser. But we all have different characters and it's up to him how he conducts himself. This is only my opinion and it would be a boring world if we were all the same. Looking at it from the point of view of Trackside/TAB - they will seek him out for an interview every time - and were probably rapt when JKB took the same bullish line when interviewed by Emily Bosson after his win on Dijon Bleu (comments like Kawi was the best horse in the race, he'd ride him like the best horse in the race adn he'd win). People like AS not only polarise people and get them talking - their audacious, super confident interviews doubtless spark signficant betting activity (far more than the understated types who tell us their horse is very good, and is well but will need luck and anything can happen on the day etc etc). And I think we'd be naive to think that Trackside is just an entertainment programme with no other purpose/motivation.
  6. Kawi v Start Wondering

    A very good horse indeed. It's my dteam to breed one even half that good!! Not sure anyone here is knocking the horse ....
  7. Kawi v Start Wondering

    Maybe been spending too much time wth the trainer?
  8. Kawi v Start Wondering

    Yes Blue I don't know what George's angle is up there and the field was across teh track a bit at that stage but he never looked in front (or particularly close) to me at any stage ...
  9. TE RAPA

    Given what I saw on Trackside you could have a good case at appeal if that was to occur today ...
  10. TE RAPA

  11. TE RAPA

    Glass half full 2A2 - they cut away from showing Pops to showing the duck in the muddy drain. I agree seeing the horses would be my top pick but ........
  12. TE RAPA

    Just watching Trackside and hearing the reports about reassessing of the track. There's to be no down-grade yet - the jockeys are apparently happy to leave off downgrading for another race. But the word from the stipe was it was looking more like a Slow 9 now. So for Race 2 we carry on on a Slow7 rated track. I'm confused! Who decides what the track is rated - the jockeys or the officials?
  13. TE RAPA

    Don't know but have often wondered how much it would cost to maintain webcams at the major tracks ... there are also people who run their own weather stations with "live" feeds to the net ... so these may even be an option .. That combo might help foster an air of transparency for trainers / owners leading up to raceday? ....
  14. TE RAPA

    Perfect! Thx Pondy .... looks grim ....
  15. TE RAPA

    Any webcams in the general area we could check out?