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  1. SPCA Investigates TB Stud

    Wait and see I guess. I have an open mind. Including about any ex employees - granted there is such thing as disgruntled troublemakers - but there is also such thing as good people who took exception to what they saw and got "let go" as a consequence ... In this case I have no idea which if either could be in play ... J.
  2. I don't know any more than what is reported here. But it's a reminder of the faith we put in people when we send our mares away - sometimes for months - and often don't see them at all during that time. The quotes from Simon Irving of RIU may have been cherry-picked - and I know he is Racing's man not the SPCA's man - but I hope the welfare of horses also concerns him and not just the reputational issues for the industry .... https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/98920151/stud-farm-accused-of-animal-welfare-problems-but-allowed-to-continue
  3. Te Aroha - joke!

    Saw this when I got home tonight and wondered what the story was? (I'm not over-familiar with the track or its history ...). The stewards' report didn't enlighten me greatly!!: - Following the running of this race several riders expressed concerns that their horses had moved on the final bend and also when pulling up. A delegation of riders, trainers, club personnel and the Racing Integrity Unit undertook an inspection of the areas of concern following which a meeting was convened where the decision was made that the track was unsafe to continue with the meeting being abandoned at 3.20pm.
  4. Gingernuts

    Thanks for the link BB .... certainly - including from that photo (the way he is holding the horse) - it appears that Michael Dee did very well in looking after the horse the best he could. I would have been very grateful for that if it had been my horse. Well done young man.
  5. Gingernuts

    Hi Crusty - straying from topic but yes - take Karen F-E for instance - wears lots of hats that one (not just on raceday either ) - and all within the relatively small confines of the NZ thoroughbred racing industry. Wife of DE, formal role in his business/syndications etc, commentator at yearling sales time and go-to person for racing programmes on TV etc. I know nothing to suggest she is anything other than a thoroughly pleasant woman. But I feel uncomfortable sometimes about inappropriate influence and conflicts of interest. I hasten to add she is not the only one which causes that conundrum to come to mind .... J. PS: Kind wishes for your recovery and hope Coro doesn't over-excite the senses ... if in doubt you could always double down on ther tramadol ...
  6. Gingernuts

    Ha ha P4P - I knew you would resist the characterisation I bestowed on you as a result of that post - and you didn't disappoint! Funnily enough it's also been said of me more than once that I do not suffer fools gladly. However while I am not "glad" I try not to be vicious and abusive .... And I know all about leopards and spots .... so I knew all too well that the pitbull had only gone into his kennel to nap briefly ... PS: ah yes Darwin .... it is too scary if you consider what is happening demographically in this country ... but that's another whole topic right there ... child poverty? Children aren't supposed to have their wealth measured!!! - but they are supposed to have loving parents who support then financially, emotionally and educationally ... how come so many don't? Could it be something to do with a welfare system which pays people more and more money to have more and more babies - even if they never had the will or ability to raise even one in a responsible way? I told you - DO NOT GET ME STARTED!!! I'm way off topic .....
  7. Gingernuts

    That articulate, knowledgeable - and dare I say - empathetic post is an example of the P4P I enjoy reading here on the forum. I'm glad that the pitbull P4P is occasionally confined to his kennel and the thoughtful and more noble version is given voice. Cheers. J
  8. Call Me Royal

    Stipes' Rpt: CALL ME ROYAL (M Cameron) - Lay outwards under pressure passing the 400 metres, when questioned regarding performance the rider was unable to offer any excuses other than the horse possibly being better suited by some easing of the ground. A post race veterinary inspection did not reveal any obvious abnormality.
  9. Gingernuts

    TA - or maybe more so David Ellis - tends to polarise people a bit. Some on here regularly take opportunities to put the boot in as you say - but some are also nauseatingly sycophantic. My opinion of either the entity or the individual is pretty irrelevant and it probably relfects my own situation that I find more magic in stories of the person whose modest home-bred or $5,000 yearling purchase becomes a champion - than the man who can out-bid practically everyone except the sheiks. But this is about the horse and I'm really disappointed for the people who are connected. I felt sad for man & beast yesterday. But I also acknowledge that team had had some real highs already with Gingernuts and it goes to show you should enjoy those highs as this racing game can be a rollercoaster. Most of us in the game have known the sadness of these disappointments - although for most of us they are less public & less dramatic. But no less impactful in their own way. Whether it be the loss of a foal after 11mo gestation, a promisng 3y/o breaking down before even making the races - or whatever. At least with the stakes the horse has won there is plenty there to pay for the best treatment money can buy. Hopefully we'll see him back but if he turns out not to be a racing proposition I wonder if any of the ppl involved will elect to treat & rehab him regardless?
  10. Who shot the barman scratched

    Bugger. He's a good horse - earned his place in the fields and had rotten luck. I'm glad at least he got that nice win the other day for the crew but it must be bitterly disappointing.
  11. Winx to be spelled

    You guys can be really ugly when you carry on like this ... if your discussion is going to descend to abuse it might be an option for you to just use personal messenger so you can swear at each other to your heart's content ... and before you give me the "if you don't like it don't read it" talk - I came to the thread because the title interested me. Just my thoughts ... and posted realising both of you will probably now turn on me with your acid tongues ... Cheers ... J
  12. New Betting Option!

    Just kidding guys .... Tomorrow's meeting at Awapuni ... Good 3, possibliity of showers in forecast and a history of some issues with the track ... They get some decent crowds at Awapuni this time of year so fingers crossed for a full day's racing. Won't be on track but wish the club all the best. J.
  13. Roger James

    Ha! Know EXACTLY who you mean Puha! Everyone has their own little verbal foibles I guess & each of us is irritated (or not) by different ones .... whatever Roger's habits I have regard for his training feats & find him considered in what he says. As distinct from some people who just seem to string together a series of popular sayings which really amount to nothing ...
  14. Trainers and jockeys

    Have you tried givinghim/her a call? I don't know who your trainer is but I can think of one I was involved with years back who wasn't great with giving us the info - but always happy to talk if I phoned him and really accommodating if I wanted to visit the horse so I could report back to the syndicate - couldnt be more hospitable. I just learned - rightly or wrongly - as the manager of the syndicate, if I wanted any sort of info to pass on to the members - I was gonna have to do most of the running! I was a little bit disappointed but once I had figured that out, it's how we rolled - I figured at the trainer's stage of things he was unlikely to change and it was better than getting frustrated waiting by the phone for a call which more often than not wasn't going to come!
  15. Roger James

    All the best to him - hope he's recovered ok. Apart from his training mastery he is one trainer when interviewed on Trackside I was inclined to stick around and listen to - whilst with some others I'd use the break in the (racing) traffic to go make a brew ... if you get my drift ...