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      TAB 0800 Telephone Bet Number - IMPORTANT!!!!   05/16/2017

      The Telephone Bet Service ceased in July 2016.    For telephone betting via Touchtone call 0800 10 20 33. The old 0800 number now belongs to a different company who are being bombarded with calls. The TAB Helpline is  0800 102 106
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      Site Issues Forced Upgrade   08/01/2017

      Hi I was forced to do an emergency upgrade to RaceCafe as we were suffering extended outages.  Everything seems OK now.  You will see a few visual issues with colours etc but I we get round to fixing those over the next few days.  The main priority was to get things up and running again. Cheers Admin


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  1. Waikato Stallion Parades

    Agree guys. Personally I wouldn't be bothered with a mare who was a witch - I do the handling and even if I can handle her - it's gonna be uphill trying to produce a nicely behaved foal when the mother's trying to turn her to the devil! And if I was struggling - would it be fair to inflict some rogue on all those poor buggers down the line - farriers, breakers, trainers etc And I do know of sires who have been stroppy but their progeny no worse than average. On the other hand I have heard of sires who are unremarkable themselves but their progeny have a reputation for being a handful. All part of the challenge for us breeders I guess - part of the rich tapestry. And remember - when you breed a vicey, ill-mannered beast - and it wins lots of races - it'll just be "tough" or "spirited". But if it wins nothing - it'll simply be a pig. And I always try to have a Plan B in case they're slow - and if they're pigs - no-one who'll give them a good home will want them.
  2. Waikato Stallion Parades

    Thanks Lloyd. What a hassle for them - I didn't know that. Yep I've never seen Super Easy in the flesh - he looks a very muscular type from photos? A general comment - the thing that's hard to guage with all the sires (from the breeder's seat) is temperament - once there are a lot of progeny around there is more to go on as far as what the trainers, breakers and owners say. Parades can give at least a glimpse of the stallion's nature. Most of of us only have 1 or 2 of a given sire so it's not fair to judge on that sample size. And of course not many stud masters are going to tell you their horse is a fiery type!
  3. Burgundy vs. Darci Brahma

    Yes G he really has done a pretty good job at stud IMO. The main thing he's up against is the fads and fashions that are TB breeding and the way we breeders get lured into trying"the next best thing" when the new horses hit the market each season - rather than sticking with the tried and true .... J
  4. Well Done Team Ginger

    Damned good horse. Those Iffraajs go pretty well eh ....
  5. Burgundy vs. Darci Brahma

    I agree with you guys. But as we often say - depends a bit what you are breeding for -yearling sales - offshore market - tried horse market - breed to race. I'm the latter and I like both these horses. A lot. Am I right in saying Burgundy hasn't had huge support maybe so far? - probably due to the fact (as Bruce observes) his performance didn't reach the heights of many of the top-ranked sires. But I'm prepared to back the fact that at his current fee I can expect a better than even chance of breeding something pretty handy - with a chance of sneaking a real good `un... J
  6. Burgundy vs. Darci Brahma

    Result at Hastings in the Gold Trail! Congrats to the team at Cambridge Stud. Burgundy now has a colt and a filly flying the flag at black type level ... not a bad start ....
  7. Burgundy vs. Darci Brahma

    I have pondered this also D. Of course Darci has the runs on the board as an established sire while Burgundy is just starting out. I like both of them a lot. Hard to resist that female line and of course they each have top class sires. And both have significant backers and broodmare bands to support them. Seem quite different horses in terms of type however. I don't think I have the answerr to your question but would love to hear any cafers' experiences with the progeny of each - especially Burgundy who we are still learning about ... Cheers, J
  8. Vote National thread

    Cheers Col - I know I'm really fortunate to have had the upbringing I had. And I too find it very sad how "last century" personal responsibility has become. The blame game (preferably a govt dept) seems to give people the right to absolve themselves of everything - and they don't seem to notice as they point that finger of blame - there's 3 fingers pointing back at them. Apologies to use hapless children as an example but I will, to illustrate a point: when Oranga Tamariki (prevoiusly CYFS) gets things wrong with kids in their care - the parent/s emerge from the woodwork absolutely outraged and screaming from the rooftops. And in some cases understandably so. But they appear to give no regard to, or accept any responsibility for, how their own behavior, neglect, criminal acts or abuse have contributed to that child being in state care in the first place. And the media seems happy to feed this ever-growing belief that the state has to keep everyone in the manner to which we'd all like to become accustomed (to borrow a line I heard recently - welfare should be a safety net, not a bloody hammock!). It feels like there is a growing sense of entitlement. There will never be a shortage of hard luck stories to fill the pages/screens with. But the journalists often just provide a soap-box for people to bleat from ... I don't hear any probing questions or even a hint that perhaps the individual should look within for some of the answers ... so these people just carry on thinking "poor me, I want, I need, I demand ..." My family was a fairly socialist, community-minded lot - parents did voluntary/charitable work in addition to their paying jobs - and as kids we were raised to have compassion and empathy and look after those who had less than we did. But this current mindset where it's everyone else's fault, and the government (read - taxpayers) job to provide the lifestyle one wants - makes me worried for the future. J
  9. Vote National thread

    And don't get me wrong - I'm not the silver-spoon brigade looking down my nose at the poor people. I'm from a big family of very modest means. But given they chose to have lots of kids - my parents both worked like hell to provide for us all - they never stuck their hands out for help - they figured that it was their deicsion to have a bunch of kids - so they never dreamed that we were someone else's responsibillity to love, educate, care or pay for (even when some of us developed a love for possibly the most expensive hobby of them all - yep - horses!!). And the magical thing is of course - while none of us is the perfect human being - we all "inherited" those same ideas / work ethic. Because that was what was modelled for us. So as far as inheritances go - while there weren't sackloads of gold bars - I feel pretty darned blessed.
  10. Vote National thread

    Let me say first - this isn't a red or blue comment ... but while we have a welfare system designed as a way of life - not a safety net - we're gonna have issues. Whole families on benefits - cradle to grave in some cases. And while we have a system that says the more kids you have - the more money the go'ment will give you (even if you are completely uncaring and/or ill-equipped to raise them) - we will have child poverty. And when I say poverty - I don't just mean $. I actually find it incredibly sad to see what some of these babies are born into.
  11. Vote National thread

    So was that a serious comment by Bill about the poverty on April 1st? I wasn't sure when I heard the sound-bite on the radio. I did wonder if it was some ill-judged, English-awkward attempt at April Fools humor ... Thanks for clearing that up Hesi ... clearly I haven't quite tuned into Bill's wavelength yet ... J
  12. Vote National thread

    Ah Uber - is that where he hails from. I was not aware. I can't say his nom de plume endeared me to him greatly - but perhaps when it comes to big fans of Nathan Guy, that sort of thing is to be expected? Who knows .... J.
  13. Vote National thread

    Hello Hesi - of course you may but we'll await to see if you get a response from a moderator. I posted on that thread - this morning I think (my feeble & overworked brain tells it was this morning but I can't rule out it wasn't late last night ... ) that I smelled a small rodent because poster (and initiator of the thread) Jac Mehoff was new to the cafe and appeared to have burst onto the scene in September - not out of interest in matters-racing - but matters-General Election. I suggested he could be a political aninmal just doing the rounds ... But that response and all trace of the thread - and possibly "Jac" himself -seem to have vanished into the ether!
  14. Great! Enjoyed that too - as I'm sure many other `cafers will too - thanks for posting. I hope you are well Peter - nice to see you back here at the Cafe. Your posts are always worth checking out even in the absence of such impressive horseflesh! Kind wishes, J
  15. Races at Wanganui today

    Late call to abandon ........