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  1. Fair point Jess, 'going forward' is vomitous and beige... I'm trying to take more care with my choice of words but it's hard not to be too fluffy. What I should have rounded out with is something along the lines of 'but I'll just keep my trap shut and opinions to myself...'
  2. Has Heaven Rocks lined up anywhere as yet?
  3. P4P if my posts have caused offence then I have no problem apologising as my issue is with the RIU. Integrity is fundamental to the industry and I believe inconsistency and lack of transparency compromises this significantly. That is what I've tried to convey; however if my posts are inaccurate or inappropriate and have misrepresented anyone then I genuinely apologise for being in the wrong. As previously posted, all I want is to have a level playing field - where all participants can expect to be treated with consistency. Possibly a naive view but I don't think an unreasonable one to strive for. I don't apologise for wanting improvement and accountability from the professional bodies, but will use more appropriate channels to convey this going forward.
  4. "This investigation unfortunately became public knowledge prior to the RIU visit to the Dunn stable at Woodend Beach. This “leak” was also investigated and found to have come from an overheard telephone conversation between two RIU staff members which was inadvertently overheard due to the “Bluetooth” capability of his vehicle whilst parked at the Rangiora Raceway. This has been dealt with internally" Sheer incompetence!
  5. One could easily be excused for thinking this is an early April fools joke. The JCA report paints the RIU in an exceptionally poor light. Interesting the JCA challenged the RIU to clarify their rationale for the original suggested penalty, and subsequently observed the RIU submission was "disproportionate to penalties applied for similar" offending. Curious that the RIU's position was they were unable to rule out nobbling, despite no evidence (including investigation by a member of the CIB); yet they were conclusively able to rule out administration due to a lack of supporting evidence. There appears to be little consistency in the decision making &/or favour being afforded to certain stables. The license holders subjected to the malicious, libellous accusations, and other trainers recently charged with presentation under rule 1004 should be feeling very aggrieved by this outcome.
  6. When was the blue magic scandal? Weren't all involved parties charged, fined, suspended at the time (years ago)? LongOwner your loyalty to your stable is commendable; but it's a fact they have a recent record of dubious raceday practices. Non accountability, finger pointing and the favour they appear to carry with those in high places leaves a very sour taste with many participants. You may be comfortable with 'a little caffine'. As owners we want our horses competing on a level playing field within the rules and as such find attitudes like this a bloody disgrace!
  7. Jazz

    Sales Time

    He was a lovely colt but from memory was very big, much like UM. Most of the money comes for those that have the page and type to make natural 2yos. We are young (ish) owners but decided against buying any at the sales this year. Main reasons - we don't feel there's a level playing field for all participants and a number of key administrators appear more interested in furthering their own interests than doing what's best for the future of the game. We'll focus on current horses and watch on with interest, but there will need to be changes before we buy or breed again. Hard to bring friends on the journey in the current environment - they think we're mad and probably right!
  8. Interesting Brosnan case is completed already, despite positives being well after the Nelson ones. Maybe due to cobalt being more at the top end of the spectrum than caffeine? However this was a first for the stable so again begs the question why some participants appear to get favours?
  9. Drew 10 will be on the outside of the gate once the emergencies come out
  10. And there's still the elephant in the room that neither HRNZ or the RIU seem willing to put to bed.... Both stables should currently be on 47 wins apiece. Rule 1004 is black & white re presenting horses to race free from prohibited substances and regardless of extenuating circumstances or investigations the horses that returned positives in Nelson should have been relegated! Larsen, Dalgety etc must be furious at the inconsistency - both were charged, their horses put out and in one case a significant fine, though it was acknowledged throughout that neither trainer was at fault. We either have rules or we don't; discretion should be applied when deciding penalties but not in deciding whether (or not) to enforce the rules. If this was in Aussie, or a involving a hobby trainer there is no doubt the outcome would have been very different. All Stars come into their own as the juvenile racing ramps up but it looks like the Dunn stable also have some quality horsepower, plus plenty of nice horses to race on the circuits & undercards. Each stable appears to have very loyal owners, so while their approach may be quite different they're both on the money meeting the needs of their clients. Both have large syndicates, providing low cost options to introduce new owners to harness racing and should be applauded for their initiative. Trainers and drivers premierships could both end up being very close and competitive this season!
  11. Good point. Iraklis I was merely speculating re move - no facts behind my statement above. Don't get me wrong I love watching their horses go around too, though we don't like competing against them so much! Rolleston is expanding rapidly with subdivisions and infrastructure - All stars are in a prime location right on the town boundary. That land on Levi Rd will be worth a fortune for development in future... Very clever foresight whoever decided to set up shop there.
  12. So it's almost been 3 weeks & still nothing... Are we surprised?? Its a concern how drawn out this investigation has been (whatever the specifics & outcome). Far from upholding the integrity of the industry, the lack of transparency and inaction has allowed the rumour mill to flourish and had the opposite effect! One can't help but wonder how this would differ if it was a small player...
  13. Didn't Mark plan to shift to Oz a few years back, or was it a second barn to compliment Rolleston - can't recall the details or why it never eventuated? With the money on offer in NSW metro meetings and large owner base surely they would have entertained the thought... Butt & Jones teams appear to be going good over there so far, getting low handicaps & some easy kills
  14. The length of time & lack of transparency when investigating issues such as positives, and the perception of protection afforded to certain participants for mine.... There's always more that can be done to address wastage, but there are some fantastic rehoming groups and individuals doing a great job with finished horses so there are plenty of good examples out there. HRNZ and the breeders are getting beind events and starting to promote the life after racing message which is also positive. Of course not all horses (or dogs) are suitable for rehoming which is a hard pill to swallow for certain welfare groups.
  15. Agree with 2Piper, unfortunately most new sires don't get a look in at the sales which makes it very hard for them to get established. In saying that there's a lot to like about Creatine. The fact that he raced on as an older horse and was competitive in Europe appeals. He was sound, sensible and versatile and is an impressive individual in the flesh. Nevele R has priced him fairly to get a good book - hopefully he does the job and leaves nice types. Majestic Son can throw some big horses and there have been a few with hock issues, though plenty also get up and go early. If your mare is big and burly might pay to discuss further with people who've bred a few mares to him for their opinion. Majestic Son is a no for me as he doesn't suit my mares and I have a preference for the Andover Hall progeny, but that's just personal opinion.