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  1. scott_

    linwood park stud

    You'll never believe what I just heard: Michael Tololi and Stuart Brauninger started up another company called Devon Street Properties Limited. Then LPSL receivership hasn't even finished yet, and the recievers report says LPSL owes over a million bucks. But instead of paying what they owe, they've already got a new company up and running! Then in May the new company got transferred to Paul Bright. Paul used to work for Asset Finance - the same Asset Finance with a big loan to LPSL in the receivers report. I wonder what the story is there? Anyone wanna take bets on how long til this one goes bankrupt? (All details on the Companies Office website if anyone wants to check for themselves.)
  2. scott_

    linwood park stud

    The latest rumour is that Tololi is behind both Paradise Farms and Newmarket Stud Ltd. Who knows what to believe, but it could be true. Bruce Pamatatau and Newmarket Stud Ltd is based at the same address as Grant Reynolds - the receiver who Tololi chose to run LPSL's receivership. Instead of selling LPSL's 25% share of Echoes of Heaven to pay out LPSL's creditors, Grant Reynolds took it for himself. Newmarket Stud Ltd have now bought the other 75%. Newmarket Stud Ltd says on their website that they are using Czerpak as their studmaster. Sounds dodgy to me. If I was doing any business with either of these companies, I'd be asking for payment up front.
  3. scott_


    ...and then they were back in receivership in December. Now it looks like they've started up again under a new name. Paradise Farms or something. I'd expect more of the same, completely untrustworthy people to do business with.
  4. scott_

    linwood park stud

    Looks like you're right Jess. It looks to me like Michael Tololi has reinvented Linwood Park as Paradise Farms, and the contractors and suppliers aren't getting a penny. Julian Czerpak is standing the same horses at the same property this year. Czerpak looks like he fits the Tololi mould: