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  1. Can Lazarus do it?

    Was always going to get a tough draw after that travel
  2. Tim Vince on holiday

    I see also Cheree drives in the race - no driver for Tim's horse but odds are it will be Sheryl. Oh yes, I must make a mental note that if i require a cab, I make sure the driver is not Blue!
  3. 2017super stable

    That me Sunbeam! And i was in 1st a few days earlier. But as is said - only way is down. Whoever wins the comp will need to have the winner of the Auckland Cup - because they give double for the final day which is of course 31/12. And if you had Lazarus (NZ Cup winner) you unlikely have Auckland Cup WInner unless there is a minor boilover as Lazarus no longer racing NZ and favourites will be rated too high.
  4. Race fixing

    I was on relieving duties in Wellington around 1959/60 - can't even remember the hotel's name but it was pretty close to the railway station. Anyway I think it was Tuesday night and after work went outside the pub after a beer (6 pm closing) and said to a taxi driver "what does anyone do here on a Tuesday night. He said go to the trots - hop in. Fare was cheap. Decided to have a double - take first leg then swap ticket if you won for a runner in the second leg. Never had a double at trots before but I can remember what it was. Both favourites and bugger all return but my first ever double. King Hal with Pohutakawa.
  5. Why Do We Play League in NZ?

    1 player with brains is worth more than 3 payers with brawn - and the same applies to officialdom
  6. What a disgrace

    You are mentioning names - why don't you reveal you name too - just to tidy the whole thing up. (signed) Long suffering losing punter - alias Lloyd Jury!!
  7. Lenny The Shark

    My guess - Lenny will draw not draw front row all series. Lazarus will get at least one second row draw in heats and second row draw in final.
  8. M T Pockets

    Better still Brucie - buy it!
  9. rip errol downey

    A huge shock when I heard - rip big guy. Thoughts go out to Roydon.
  10. The facts of the Stratford case http://www.jca.org.nz/race-days/kaikoura-tc-harness-racing-29-10-2017/hearing.2017-09-31.17348514/?query={"portal_type": ["OldSiteHearing", "Hearing", "NonRaceDayHearing", "ProtestHearingDecision", "RequestRulingHearing"], "SearchableText": ""}
  11. Mekong Princess protest contested???

    Yet again an example of making a big noise before the fact are known. Here are the facts: http://www.jca.org.nz/race-days/kaikoura-tc-harness-racing-29-10-2017/protesthearingdecision.2017-09-31.12464728/?query={"portal_type": ["OldSiteHearing", "Hearing", "NonRaceDayHearing", "ProtestHearingDecision", "RequestRulingHearing"], "SearchableText": ""}
  12. Mekong Princess protest contested???

    If Michael contested the action - which you originally said happened and which is confirmed by the Stipes Raceday report, then it's obvious he would have had to "front up". And a or two stipes to put their case so yes, there was every need to have others there in addition to the JCA.
  13. Mekong Princess protest contested???

    Just watched replay - I think probably he was only querying whether he was lapped on by the 3rd horse (Sugar Cane) and would have been difficult for Michael to have seen exactly where this horse was. All I can think of is that the time factor was caused by getting all relevant personel to the hearing but I agree should have been resolved quicker.
  14. Mekong Princess protest contested???

    He was relegataed
  15. Yeah - JCA report not posted yet.