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  1. SingaporeSling

    Bonus bet

    If you mean the Bonus Bets from Race 1 and 2, then they hang around for two weeks... it shows the expiry date.
  2. SingaporeSling

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Under the Racing, click on Prov Results and bring up the "old" results page, easy to find the meeting and scroll... the new results are not user friendly and as you say, missing info as well at times.
  3. SingaporeSling

    The Graveyard - why??

    I agree, always seems tough to win at Trentham... has been that way ever since I first started punting. Had my biggest ever bet at Trentham, and lost, on Krona... but when you think about how the tote works, for every loser (or losers) there must be a winner (or winners) so some folks out there have cracked the Trentham curse and must view it as a Gold Mine. Can't say I have ever met any of them yet though!
  4. 1. First 3 13-6-22 2. Last 3 4-20-19
  5. SingaporeSling

    Police Raids

    Given many of the current drivers are from extended, and related racing families, there is no doubt the family BBQ, or get together must involve talk on the next days races amongst drivers and trainers, but that would hardly be construed as fixing? Which is why the police Case will need to be rock solid, re fixing.... i.e. will need clear evidence (assume they have calls, txt, msgss), and have "intent" to fix, and probably need to show someone close to them, i.e. family or friend benefited from the action. Will be interesting to see how it all pans out... a real shame for the industry no matter what the outcome from here on in.
  6. SingaporeSling

    Police Raids

    If it keeps going, one wonders if there will be a Friday Addington meeting at all this week, might not be too many trainers or drivers left to attend!!!
  7. SingaporeSling

    Police Raids

    See the upcoming Addington meeting has had a number of driver changes, so suspect that may have happened.
  8. SingaporeSling

    Messara report

    Yep, the courses that hold mixed code meetings is the one that also has me scratching my head... does state this in the report about this, so need to see the outcome from the July meetings.: We understand that this plan for venue closures of thoroughbred racecourses will cause no conflicts or other issues for the harness or greyhound racing codes that cannot reasonably be resolved. There are 9 thoroughbred racecourses that we are recommending for closure that we believe the Harness Code might wish to retain. Of these, 1 is owned freehold by a thoroughbred Race Club, 4 are jointly owned, 3 are Racecourse Reserves and 1 is a lease. We understand that both Codes have met during July to discuss this matter and that positive discussions were held.
  9. SingaporeSling

    Saloon Saloon Losers Get Laid 12 Results Thread

    Congratulations Fawlty... well done!
  10. Yep, Good Luck All... and thank you, as always to a true legend of Racecafe, Bruce! Many things have changed on here over the last 10 years or so, but thankfully, you have remained an integral part of the site... Sydney R6 #1 Rebel Dane cheers, Singapore Sling
  11. SingaporeSling

    Saloon Saloon Losers Get Laid 12....19-04-14

    M3 R6 #2 Lucia Valentina As always, thank you Bruce... cheers
  12. SingaporeSling

    Saloon Saloon Losers Get Laid 12....12-04-14

    Sydney Race 5 #7 Believe Yourself cheers
  13. SingaporeSling

    Saloon Saloon Losers Get Laid 12....05-04-14

    M3 R6 Fiorente cheers....
  14. SingaporeSling

    Saloon Saloon Losers Get Laid 12....29-03-14

    Thanks Bruce... you are absolutely tireless! Awapuni R7 #8 O'Marilyn cheers, Singapore Sling
  15. SingaporeSling

    Saloon Saloon Losers Get Laid 12....22-03-14

    Thank Bruce M2 R6 #8 Packing Tycoon