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  1. Well well well D.Schofield

    By the way lorna at cambridge still does it the right way under our rules..
  2. Well well well D.Schofield

    The biggest thing that worries me is at auckland were the riu are breaking there own rules with swabs...every trainer has the right to view water being put in there swab bottles..but at auckland we have a swab steward that says no...I have pre prepared bottles because that's what I do at the gallops and as he told me his integrity is beyond reproach....love to see the day he gets a positive because there own guidelines in greyhound racing say you are untitled to view this..
  3. Well well well D.Schofield

    I believe the brendon Cole charge is still being held up because of the spca....what I don't understand is it he was dead baiting at the best .....so why hasn't he been charged with this at least ..with the live baiting pending spca decision for further charges....
  4. Well well well D.Schofield

    Hearing on Tuesday.
  5. Well well well D.Schofield

    Bit disappointed with Dennis arrogance tonight on 6 news...I now take back my original symphaty for the man.....geez its every one else fault....and no it's not the first case as stated ...David had one in ch ch with a dog before.....sorry greyhoundlover...you are right
  6. Well well well D.Schofield

    Looks very much the latest dogs are in Pam's name...presume she will be the trainer from now on....bit lost how mark purdon could not be on his property when he lost his license...yet here we have a unlicensed trainer admitting he's training and living on the property....maybe Pete early could ask Mike gober for his comments on his radio show....so we all know were we stand.
  7. GRNZA and the GAP Levin Kennels

    Still don't agree ..sure south island do what has to be done....but why stop something that is working....a 7hr trip to levin is not needed when the system is working in the north....make the system work in the south island...maybe grnz need to employ John and annmarie to go down there to make it work....still say sell levin as it used to work before at Sanson...comes down to managment
  8. Well well well D.Schofield

    In my opinion and not knowing the full facts...if that was admitted in the hearing then maybe the riu should have continued to go after the perpetrators and been a bit more leaneant on Dennis...harsh penalty on a innocent 70yr old man...sure he is responsible but really 2yrs
  9. GRNZA and the GAP Levin Kennels

    Sorry fall..
  10. GRNZA and the GAP Levin Kennels

    Sorry cant agree...why take away the most successful rehoming kennel in the north to try something else....because the main base isn't working. Why take away from one that is...why not sell Levin..put the money back into stakes or take a share in the northern kennel...might only be worth 500k even though grnz paid over a million but hey let's move on....biggest investment cock up ever.....but we all said it at the time and unfortunately ..the board at the time including maro has to take the fsll
  11. Well well well D.Schofield

    And by the way most people know I don't see eye to eye with Dennis...but a meth cheat...never ever..I have a lot more respect for him than that
  12. Well well well D.Schofield

    Sorry guys...we all know Dennis is innocent...taken the fall for his son...and if the riu had done there job they would not be blaming a 70yr old man.....but after 2 meth positives his son Carrys on running the kennels....shame on the riu
  13. GRNZA and the GAP Levin Kennels

    How are dogs going to get to Levin? From auckland and waikato...why change a system that is working in the north?.....silly me I know one of the board members who lives up here will be doing it...but hold on that wont get him frequent flyer points....unless he flys them.....
  14. Stripes report auckland

    In the stripes report today the stripes report says opawa silver fractured her leg......this is totally incorrect the dog fractured a seasomoid...massive difference......
  15. Only 11 races on group 1 night

    Sorry gary...mike is right any race is better than no race....dont forget at there chrsitmas meeting they run heats for a maiden final on group one night....i still ask the question why didnt robert get noms reopened?????..