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  1. John...last 3yrs I have had 29 trips to chch(average off 10 a year) and back ..including trips to just trial...52 trips to wanganui and 27 trips to palmy....more than you have ever done so get over it....and half were done from dairyflat...not that you would know we're that is...
  2. John ..Karen Walsh lives 1.5hrs south off the Bombays and lives in South waikato.....
  3. It's a ballroom....John is living in the past..something that happens to older people who need a pat on the back....his last trip to auckland we didn't even have a motorway...he has bred sprinters trying to breed stayers and is now angry at everyone......he even has trouble peeing..lol
  4. Gary ..John's statement is not worthy off a answer.......sad really
  5. Slim our or should I say the clubs problem is lack off noms 109....it doesn't matter who misses out 109 is 10 races...my point is is there a problem and people want to race at Auckland and not cambridge....why ?? Wouldn't be my choice and we need both tracks ..one turn and 2 turn.....but for example I've finally got yaboha back and there's no race at Auckland for him...then I wanted nightroligy to race at cambridge and no race last week so he starts at Auckland yet they had 7 noms.....surley as a sport we should cater for the best......but low and behold this week cambridge and grnz allow a 7 dog c2 race....Defys logic
  6. All good Joe..appreciate the honesty
  7. Just to keep it clear I nomed 11 dogs for cambridge and got 4 in....
  8. Sorry who dosnt race dogs at cambridge??
  9. Is it time cambridge gave up and passed some off there meetings on to auckland?...only 109 noms ...why? 10 races again ..why?.. Auckland have no problem getting 13 or 14 races so can't blame lack off dogs...is it a selection policy ? No not with only 109 noms....so why?........l will be honest I prefer cambridge to auckland but why won't people nom ??....is it there continual problem with there boxes ..there continual problem with there timer?
  10. We're are we bagging each other?..we are having a open conversation with a bit off tounge in cheek .....sorry
  11. Gary...most off the marketable aussie sires are in China....if nz sires got the amount off matings the aussie sires did then I guess they would have success as well at quarter off the cost...I'm not bagging aussie sires ..I'm just saying give them a chance as most nz sires have deserved the right to stand......to say they are nonnies is bit harsh and totally a figment off Yor imagination..
  12. Haha Gary you are good...tell me the top aussie sires you are talking about?...most are average and not worth the cost....grnz have a lab full off aussie failed sires...at least with a nz sire your not paying massive prices for average stud dogs....no one is asking Australians to use our sires......stop trolling and bagging everything on this site
  13. Guess our leader dosnt have a intrest so it dosnt matter...no one around him who he has employed has any intrest in greyhounds or knowledge in them they are directed by him....sad but true
  14. I agree....after the fiasco with thrilling surge..I now have a betting account in nsw and will do all my small betting there now..
  15. Look I'm not bagging the idea...but this marketing person they have employed has no marketing skills...what have they done? ?????