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  1. Stuff

    Not good reading stuff this morning....if grnz and the riu had acted quicker in this case instead off hiding the truth ...whatever that is...it would not be as bad as it sounds now.....a simple statement 3 weeks ago would have stopped the smoke but o no cover it up and turn it onto a blaze.......dissapointing
  2. Christianne Cyborg

    Super dog mike...but i think a bit early for the champion tag...
  3. Nzrs palmy

    Congrats to bill and kim for winning the advanced racing series...great effort from a nice bitch in nighthawk rose....steve
  4. Moreira

    Hey lad ...have a look at dalgety...super dog that might be on its way here for stud.....natural matings
  5. angus wright memorial invitation

    Dennis it is a interisland challenge and should off had the best nominated from both islands.....they have put 2 up and coming dogs in with a lot off ability..but we all know c5 can stop the best off them........should have rewarded the dogs that have earnt it in my opinion and made north islands challenge the best........
  6. Waterloo cup

    Intresting how much stakemoney and greyhounds have gone forward...the waterloo cup is worth 16k to the winner this year....magic spike won tje same race in 2008 and won 19k.......9 years on.....thank god costs havnt gone up..lol
  7. angus wright memorial invitation

    Dennis i believe the selction panel was robert death ...trevour bull and greg hore...not the waikato club....
  8. Just want to say thanks

    Emma and corey were taking my pups to trials today...a lady shambi pup destroyd the inner and outer door off the trailer and jumped out at 90k an hour...a member off the public saw it and just missed hitting the dog......emma carried on with no knowlege the dog had jumped out...they were not notifyed until on the motorway and had no idea were the dog has fallen out.......to this member off the public he stayed with the dog put it in a back section off a house and then chased emma to tell her were the dog was and then when i arrived he was using his first aid kit out off his car to wrap the dogs injuries.......unreal....what a special human...all i know his name was ivan....
  9. The Amazing Chase Concept

    Agree john...i enjoyed the whole thing and think next year it will be embraced better....to be honest i still till the day did not understand the punting concept...now i do it should be used....congrats to all involved...
  10. Cambridge

    John...last 3yrs I have had 29 trips to chch(average off 10 a year) and back ..including trips to just trial...52 trips to wanganui and 27 trips to palmy....more than you have ever done so get over it....and half were done from dairyflat...not that you would know we're that is...
  11. Cambridge

    John ..Karen Walsh lives 1.5hrs south off the Bombays and lives in South waikato.....
  12. Cambridge

    It's a ballroom....John is living in the past..something that happens to older people who need a pat on the back....his last trip to auckland we didn't even have a motorway...he has bred sprinters trying to breed stayers and is now angry at everyone......he even has trouble peeing..lol
  13. Cambridge

    Gary ..John's statement is not worthy off a answer.......sad really
  14. Cambridge

    Slim our or should I say the clubs problem is lack off noms 109....it doesn't matter who misses out 109 is 10 races...my point is is there a problem and people want to race at Auckland and not cambridge....why ?? Wouldn't be my choice and we need both tracks ..one turn and 2 turn.....but for example I've finally got yaboha back and there's no race at Auckland for him...then I wanted nightroligy to race at cambridge and no race last week so he starts at Auckland yet they had 7 noms.....surley as a sport we should cater for the best......but low and behold this week cambridge and grnz allow a 7 dog c2 race....Defys logic
  15. Cambridge

    All good Joe..appreciate the honesty