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  1. Oamaru Race 6 , Why the holdup????

    Did this encroach on your NN ?
  2. Sales Time

    Geoff Small was buying upwards of 10 horses a decade ago and doing a decent job.
  3. Sales Time

    2017 Raukapuka Ruler 2016 Field Marshall 2015 Mossdale Connor 2014 Tiger Tara 2013 Venus Serena 2012 Cheer The Lady 2011 Carabella 2010 Tintin In America Need I go on BrodBuddy ?
  4. Sales Time

    Might have found them MATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    Excluding instances of Brodnonsense.
  6. Sales Time

    You must feel your argument is poor when you have to introduce nonsense like that.
  7. Sales Time

    2 Bettors for less than the price of an American Ideal. Someone is a good shopper
  8. fixed odds bullshit

    Clearly you have misunderstood to conditions of Final Field Fixed Odds betting.
  9. fixed odds bullshit

    Why not ?
  10. fixed odds bullshit

    Ummmmmmmmmm NO So not the case.
  11. Super interview re Lazarus

    The waffling wordy Guerin.
  12. Super interview re Lazarus

    minus discombobulated plus body of work
  13. Blast from My Past

    George Noble with 4 had the most boxes. Times sure have changed.
  14. Drivers not trying!!!!

  15. Drivers not trying!!!!

    BYO Tips