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  1. South Of The Waitaki

    Stable on Fire !!!!!!!!!

    Wasn't for MG. He put it on for a mate. Should have been charged with laziness only.
  3. That horse you liked of nigels went pretty good considering its got a cold. Awful race though and expect form reversals from it especially J Dunns thing. Bettor ?

  4. Will Purdon Rule Again

    Back em all I say. Back of the tote is the place to be seen often.
  5. Horses to follow over summer

    and use 3 times the waffle that anyone else would.
  6. NZ Cup Field

    If they had gone back to the early 80's you would have featured.
  7. NZ Cup Field

    Scratchings therebut no odds yet Its the entire Cup day 2016 fields Must have taken some effort.
  8. Balls on the line: Forbury

    2005 12 B g(hack) Falcon Seelster - Rosesrredviletsrblue
  9. M T Pockets

    No Slippery as isn't he Slips off the money too, without realising it of course.
  10. Kaitlyn and Tabatha Fensom

    Correct. Mr Lowe did however find the pegs
  11. Kaitlyn and Tabatha Fensom

    can you post a link to Mr Lowes effort please ?
  12. M T Pockets

  13. Driver's Premiership: Dexter Dunn V Blair Orange

    Are Mick G and Brodie one and the same ?
  14. Bordeaux

    25:10 Start of Philip Iggo interview. 30:22 Re whats happening after Kaikoura.
  15. Bordeaux

    Part of the ongoing plan to win the Dominion.