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  1. Dumb betting question.

    S in S-win mean the tote is comingled.
  2. Gavin Smith

    Should be no shortage of lemonade in the Smith household over winter.
  3. James MacDonald

    Does go good that Hubert.
  4. Guerin's Revelation

    It does seem a little bit mischevious announcing August 2018 stake increases prior to the recent yearling sales.
  5. Popplewell at the Jewels.

    Couldn't he just talk over the top of them ?
  6. Jewels to Addington 2019

    Not to mention the parade ring.
  7. Jewels to Addington 2019

    Pretty sure Brodie won't allow that.
  8. Ashburton abandoned

    Addington also on top of car park issues thesedays.

    It is important to Mick to say something and to repeat his punting theories time and time again, perhaps to keep himself convinced.
  10. Jewels Day Stakes $1.2m, Where does this come from?

    Time will tell.
  11. Jewels Day Stakes $1.2m, Where does this come from?

    Could you perhaps email HRNZ ? Pasting all correspondence here would be of interest to some.
  12. Fixed Odds for Oaks

    I would be keen for Brod to call a race or two. I am sure he would add his own colour. The "I'm still restricted passing lane" "All cashed up and nowhere to punt"
  13. Stop the Jewels moving

    Perhaps they could aportion 1K of the stake to the race and the remaining raffled amongst the starters. Happy to hear you views and thoughts Brod as this probably needs a little more work.
  14. Fixed Odds for Oaks

    I should. I have such a thirst for knowledge I can't resist picking Brods brain. Not often do I get access to such a legend albeit a self confessed one in this instance.
  15. Fixed Odds for Oaks

    Feel free ........