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  1. Pretty sure plod are out of the picture. Its with the prosecutors.
  2. Martin Van Beynen used to be all over this like a rash.
  3. I am not sure what is in there but I am guessing there would be for example pages and pages of bank statements that would not be a racing matter.
  4. Not the information they are fighting hard to get LEGAL access to.
  5. That information was gathered as part of a criminal investigation and was being tested in front of Judge Raoul Neave last week. The RIU have their own team for investigating and prosecuting breaches of the rules of racing. I would go as far as saying the information would be really dangerous in the hands of the RIU.
  6. Hopefully the RIU don't win the LEGAL right to the information collected by the Organised Crime Squad.
  7. http://www.jca.org.nz/non-race-day-hearings/non-raceday-inquiry-riu-v-nc-rasmussen-decision-dated-18-december-2015-chair-prof-g-hall/?searchterm=non raceday*
  8. Operation Inca went for more than 160 days.
  9. I haven't the foggiest idea but someone deems it necessary. So I shant mention it publically.
  10. Sorry I get what you mean, you were naming the previous owners of Star Commander and not "A' who it seems shouldn't be named at this stage.
  11. Interestingly before Inca KS was a client of the McGrath stable
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    Guessing its the case review hearing as it was originally scheduled to take place back on 25th March and has been put off a couple of times already.
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    Back to court next Monday 12th August.
  14. I remember Noodlums daughter Gavotte who raced in the same colours. Her victory in a DB Super Stars heat where she easily accounted for Mai Mai and Mels Boy was one of her best. John Versteeg was her regular driver.
  15. Police or Prosecutors finding it difficult?
  16. With Detective Senior Sergeant Neville Jenkins a long time "mate" KS had an ear to chew on.
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    I am sure they don't lack quantity. The quality will be the issue and they might have been confident someone would jump ship well before now.
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    Disclosure is still filtering through so it seems most likely prosecutors.
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    Pretty sure some legal bills upto and including first appearance were north of 15K
  20. Safely and competitively through cup week surely he would target the interdoms.
  21. The listed Uncut Gems event for four-year-old and older pacers at Addington on June 14 will be U May Cullect’s next target. Incredibly, the five-year-old should strip an even better horse for the 2600m feature. “We had had a bit of a problem with greasy heel and the tides had been against us for the last two weeks.” “So, we couldn’t follow our usual routine with him.” “This run should top him off nicely for the Uncut Gems.”
  22. I do wonder what happened to that guy from Hillmorton.I think it was him who was constantly going on and on about how his straight jacket was overly restrictive.
  23. Aren't they the ones that left here for the darkside.
  24. Trying to emulate his Dad