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  1. NZRIB holding us back

    NZGRA has asked for an xtra race meeting a week and got told no. The NZRIB Don't like how well our code is going and want to slow the rapid growth.. NZRIB should be a team player and let growing codes grow, and nurturing failing codes. That is there job, is it not?
  2. R.I.P. Fekitoa.

    Enough you had a fair go, time to move on please....
  3. Sad state of affairs

    BIG STUFF' Same old bullshit at the greyhounds...infighting and inbreeding by the sounds of it. no wonder you lot have bad names JOHN' I think Big Stuff made a fair point, anyway thanks for interpreting for me what a post. Was it the Infighting or Inbreeding or the bad names bit that you thought was the good point John?
  4. R.I.P. Fekitoa.

    So it is the just the getting along bit. lol Put your facts up re Struggling Scooby.
  5. R.I.P. Fekitoa.

    What part is struggling? Scooby? And don't say the getting along bit. I can think of 1, but from what i've heard it's getting fixed. lol
  6. Stuff

    Maybe if these people could race there dogs more than once a month,they woulds be happyer. Another meeting in the CD would help. NZGRA how about it. We will share with CHCH,week there, week here(CD) . IT's a dogs numbers thing.

    Love it. Thank you for your reply. From your words to gods (nzgra) EAR'S.

    No I said chch dogs get a start every 2 weeks,as 2 miss happens in 1 week for most and wang dogs get a start every 4 weeks, as 1 mis a week happens for most. Your 2 mis idea still makes it every 3 weeks. Better than once a month as we have at the moment. How can owners get any reward?, I guess sacking the dogs/trainer is what is left to do. And move them to chch to get a chance at a return.

    Both clubs have about the same amount of dogs nominated each week to run at there meetings. Chch has about 40 dogs missing out a week,Wang has about 180 dogs missing out a week. Chch dogs that miss out will get a start in 2 weeks, Wang dogs that miss out will get a start in 4 weeks. The difference Chch has 1 xtra meeting a week. A board member at Wang told me the club asks every week for more races/meeting and they get told no! The NZGRA know that they make more money from low grade meeting than high grade meetings. So please NZGRA do the Wang trainers the same courtesy as the Chch trainers please, We would like a level playing feild. Or does the NZGRA like Chch owners/trainers more than Wang owners/trainers?. What do others think?
  10. Cambridge

    About 150 dogs miss a start every week in the CD,well maybe not this week,but every other week. $40 to dogs who travel more than 150km, may help .
  11. Fake Rules.

    But they did not get John for his white/grey socks. Good work team.lol
  12. Palmerston North Friday Night

    It will not be brushed under anything,as too many saw it and right in front of the big wigs. From what I heard, they will be gone for years.

    Well... I heard that they will catch too many out, and that is why there is no hair testing. Also how is the hair testing going on in OZ?, as we follow them!.
  14. Swabs

    They should have a record of the amount of times each trainer's kennel gets swabed. That would prove what Lionking is getting at. IMHO The more winners you have the less you get swabed. Percentage wise anyway.
  15. NZ Cup

    Oh it's name is on the stipes report now, Sorry can only go on the info provided in the stipes report and then they update it. JB you would have to ask the NZGRA as they have not said who, only how many.