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    BGP ....sure is a BGP !

    All I can say is I wish I could bottle that days racing up an bring it out every day I attended. What a fantastic day
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    HQ Restaurant stars

    I finally made it to HQ and had a great experience. Didnt get to eat as arrived quite late. Service was very good, sure didnt need to wait to long for a beer as there was plenty of staff. Had a great time on the 9 ball table. As Arnold said "I be back"
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    1st Mer De Glace 2nd Prince of Arran 24th Neufbasc
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    Results page

    No it's not working with me. 50 million wasn't enough
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    Today's Best Bets...dated Friday 27.9.19

    Along with with the rova app giving me a geo block message that I couldn't listen to trackside. The website been a lemon an now bestbets. Its worst than Fontara yearly result. You wonder if someone behind the scenes is deliberately trying to ruin racing.
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    What a champion
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    TAB website down for maintenance

    Had same error message this morning only to find out they accepted my bet 3 times when each time saying bet unsuccessful.
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    Trackside Radio Ongoing Off Air issues

    To think in this day an age that they still transmit in AM to the biggest city tells you everything about NZ racing
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    Damn TAB app.

    The biggest fuck up of an industry you ever did see. Reminds me of the movie titanic we all watching the ship sinking an we are all helpless
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    Nash Rawiller gets 15 months

    I guess most humans are so greedy. It isn' like he needs the money. I don' rob banks cause I know one day I might be caught an I don' like the penalties that might follow. Enjoy your holiday. Do the crime do the time
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    Another "stain" to remove.

    I know of one agent who gives out tips but the real bully is kept very quite an that' is human nature why ruin a price by giving to total strangers when the next day all forgotten an on to the next race
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    Matamata Comp

    Neverstopdreaming Pierrocity Blue breeze Rikki tikki tavi Richie mchorse Seventh up Mihuaul Thanks
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    Commentators - genuinely good blokes

    What a lovely story, in life, it is all about the next generation and sharing the knowledge is what it is all about. I have played snooker for most of my life and I am only to happy to share my knowledge and show players what they are doing wrong etc. It gives me great satisfaction to see players improve and also the delight they get from trying new shots etc and every sport needs the next generation coming through. I take my hat off to all those that give of their time.
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    Another Legal Bunfight on the way in Ozzie

    Was very common practice back in the day
  15. Before they decided to throw all this water on tracks to get the dead 4 rating at race start we had tracks with no bais we now have track bais which leaves punters with little confidence in betting hence turnovers decreasing. I always understood racing was meant to have tracks where every horse had equal chance to win. Sadly so many meetings where irrigation is used you have fast an slow lanes a total joke. Ellerslie boxing day not one favorite won. I know of people that do there betting on metro Australian where most runners get there chance to win. The 80s when I was involved in racing I never recall one meeting been called off. How the guard has changed for the worse
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    Aussie Aussie Ausse

    Is this How our neighbours really see us... I recall a person who came into our club and was sitting at the leaner and watching the horses on the TV. I observe his betting and I'm not sure our clubs TAB turnover has been so high or ever will be again. I introduced myself and he told me he was living in Australia. We talked about the state of racing in NZ and that was the start of his rant on NZ racing and how we were a bunch of amateurs and that he and all his associates never put a cent on NZ racing. Points he made that I can remember were Jockeys here are not up to the standard and most wouldn't ride in Aussie, he accepted that we did have some good riders but most wouldn't get a ride in Aussie. Track bias was so evident on so many of our tracks. Reporting by stripes was poor, with some instances not reported and horses performing badly with no reports, horse quality was rubbish. Horse information and sectional times not up to world standards. There were other points which I would only be guessing but it got me thinking more seriously about what he said and to be honest he not to far off the mark. I took 6 people out to the Boxing day races. I was the only person that had any understanding of how to read form and to give the group some understanding of bet types etc. I was totally aggrieved with the track after a few races, I blamed the track manger for over watering and thought how bad could it get that on the biggest day we get serve this crap up and basically gave up betting and starting drinking (depressed). My group loved the day they had no idea on horses or track conditions and any other variables but all agreed that racing was so difficult to understand when I showed them the race book and then I try to explain all the abbreviated terms within and they go where the hell is the bar I just back names. One of the group took Irish Mist as I am half Irish and thought it was a omen. Later in the day he took Authentic Paddy as some mates call me Paddy, he thought racing was great. The other mates loved the day and we are now making it an annual event. The food is average but it was acceptable and the beer was priced ok other than waiting in long cues for a beer it was a great day stuffed up by drowning the bloody track and then rain arriving. Found this article on I couldn't say it any better and reflects what the person I meet in my club said about NZ racing. When I grew up we were the pinnacle and envy of most racing countries, oh how it has all changed. Another quote by the same author...There has been way too much wet track or poorly presented or over-watered G1 racing so far this season in New Zealand and surely enough is enough with this dumping of so much water on a track close to raceday. The desperation or inexplicable need to beat or defy weather on racetracks is almost like a pandemic of global gallops spoiling or a communicable climate change disease of sheer asininity. If you cannot beat the weather then why bother trying as all it does is ruin the form worth totally, curb wagering enthusiasm alarmingly and shrink audience participation to near boutique sport numbers. Watering so much so close to G1 racemeetings is akin to too many cooks spoil the broth and since they have it backwards and upside down these days too many broths spoil the cook. Synopsis: Zabeel Classic: This G1 at WFA over 2000m saw almost not one position in the running change at the line and on a poorly presented and performing Ellerslie track continued the demise of favourites all day. Not one favourite won all day as the track looked off and behaved very tricky after a little rain with that watering in the lead up once again causing chaos for bettors and they are the life blood of the sport. The WFA depth has been dreadful for ages in New Zealand the result today only confirmed the obvious plus showed racetracks and bias are rampant with just a little rain causing all hell to break loose for bettors. Authentic Paddy, an 8yo that not won a race since April of 2016 and that came at G3 in the South Island at Riccarton, led and was allowed to canter around before making it a 400m sprint home. He had raced at G1 a staggering eighteen times prior to today for five placings (two seconds and three thirds). He won by a length and a quarter and clocked a very pedestrian 2:06.321 so what the other riders were doing or thinking defies belief and it must be they had zero confidence in their mounts to be able to do any work in the running. Today was the eleventh win for Authentic Paddy from seventy-seven starts so it is not like as a well-tried 8yo that he has improved and it seems the depth is non-existent and everything gets a turn these days. Lizzie L’Amour sat second and finished in that placing after going up to lodge a bid at the 200m and looking likely. Volkstok’n’barrell after sitting fifth the inner got through to third at the 200m and held that position albeit beaten three and a half lengths. Consensus trailed the leaders but like many on the day when drawn out did not ping at all and finished fourth beaten almost seven and a half lengths. The margins showed the track was biased and off and the tepid rate the race was allowed to be run at just exacerbated the poor visual nature of the race the run home and at the finish. It was a poor spectacle indeed for a G1 race over Summer when the audience is bigger than normal. Benzini was one of the very few to run on a shade from back on the inner but he came through to fifth at the 200m and was beaten over eight lengths at the line. Stolen Dance plugged on and Sofia Rosa did too with the latter in foal. Hi Flyer the favourite was awful and never looked a hope at his first G1 under WFA outing and first look at 200m. He is very one-dimensional and needs a solid pace to bury his rivals so his options are shrinking and as for WFA and at middle distance no one is the wiser as a massive asterisk of doubt is already on him. Chance To Dance after doing a bit of work early stopped badly and his effort was blatant proof the track was awful as he had won prior at G3 under WFA and third home that day was Authentic Paddy. He somehow lost over thirteen lengths in the interim and that is simply not acceptable as fair dinkum. Endean Rose stopped badly too after being wide early and it was not a proper reflection surely or else the G1 WFA form in New Zealand is worse than even thought. She was third at G1 under WFA at 2040m at Hastings in October behind Wait A Sec and Gingernuts and sixth that day two lengths behind her was none other than Authentic Paddy. This whole meeting today needs a line drawn through it as the track was so biased and poorly presented and performing. The WFA depth in New Zealand has been poor for many years but could be at its lowest ebb with old handicappers winning now at this level (Close Up an 8yo gelding, Wait A Sec a 7yo gelding and Authentic Paddy an 8yo gelding) to name a trio). It is like the movie Cocoon is happening at not just the WFA level but Open Handicaps in staying and even sprinting racing in New Zealand as nothing seems to be coming through to replenish the old guard. If the 3yo depth was not so dubious too this season it could be the only explanation for the younger horses not to have a crack at a clearly ripe for the picking WFA, as the older well tried handicappers are having a real Last Of The Summer Wine season so far.
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    Matamata abandoned

    No wonder nz racing is so fucked up you got fucking idiots running the industry into the ground. Come on Winston sort these morons out
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    Elderslie today

    Racing wonders why it has a image problem. That would be the worst racing I have ever viewed in 30 years of watching. To see horses so exhausted that M Chimes was even lucky to get over the last and horses walking to the line ready to collapse, even the jockeys were exhausted. I know there is still 10 winners on the day and that some favoured runners came home, but really you call that racing. No wonder we have the activists making noises, we give them all the bullets they need.
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    Hastings trying hard to reduce crowd numbers

    I remember those days so well and how great it is that we no longer have to go into a pub, club and go home smelling like an ash tray. I was a smoker many moons ago and smoked on the bus on the plane, oh how things have turned around. I find 99% of smokers are very aware of non smokers and go away to a quite area to have a fag. My post was a quick response to how those people in authority or in positions to make these decisions believe they know how people should live there lives. As leighton Smith will tell you, little by little before we know it we won't be allowed out our front door.
  20. bestbets

    Hastings trying hard to reduce crowd numbers

    As smoking isn't Illegal are they able to enforce this. The world has gone fucking mad now racing has as well.
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    Avondale fields

    I have taken notice over the last few months of the income generated through the tab. What is very obvious to me is the better the track conditions the more confidence the punters have. Most sth island meetings I would say run at loses. The other most notable trend is people don't open there wallets till around 2pm. So I had a thought where you run two meetings of 6 races starting as late as possible.
  22. bestbets

    Race 1 Matamata weighed in light

    I sometimes wish a jockey weighs in light when my horse runs 4th but never that lucky be in the stripes report no doubt
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    Sad to hear, I buy the only Best Bet that goes to my local garage in fact if I am late they always put it a side for me. I will never get use to not having something so simple to read and I like to write down a few notes and dividends. The Informant I found very hard to read as writing was small and everything was all jammed up not layed out in a nice easy to read format, but will revisit to see if I can adapt. I can print out the fields at home on A4 pages but I end up with lots of pages and not something I want to cart around when I go out. The computer I love as we are spoilt for information but I don't like using the computer for my study. I find I look at one area of a field on screen and then go further down the screen to see the rest of the field and bugger me if I haven't forgotten what is further up the page I lose what the hell is further up the page and I just give up. I wonder why The TAB never advertises outside of Trackside. All they seem to do is advertise to their own customers, bit weird if you ask me. Lotto advertises to everyone, I go online and read a online paper or go to other sites and get lotto popping up with adverts about winning so many million, drive down the motorway and they have a electronic billboard telling you how much 1st division is this week... WHAT DOES THE TAB DO....close down free to view, close down tracks, close or reduce the paper content and then get rid of the Best Bets. I get a feeling some powers that be really don't give a shit about racing an thats the reason it is where it is.
  24. bestbets

    Just typical of todays world

    Very right you are, why is it when someone that finds their way to the media when they hit rock bottom always seems to blame TAB, Pokies and Casino and never do I see Lotto or those scratchy tickets ever get a mention about problem gambling.