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  1. Yep, impressed. Sounds like some good callers coming through down south too.
  2. Exactly. They promised us more coverage and have failed to deliver. If Aussie 'call the shots' then they shouldn't have done this. The fact is they have never delivered on showing us more coverage of NZ dogs which is what we want to see.
  3. So they could punt on other dogs I'm picking? Similar to match fixing.
  4. The Walsh kennel has been quiet for a while now. Was wondering what their plans are, seem to have a lot less dogs than a year or two ago.
  5. Yep, I remember saying at the time that nothing will change with the new channels. It did except instead giving the dogs more coverage(and probably the other codes) we just got more races that we certainly didn't need. You can complain all you like to the racing board but they don't listen and they're not good at changing their mind....then they wonder why they're losing punters(and employees).
  6. What if you've used a feed, for say 10 years and it's never caused trouble until now? Surely, you'd think you were using a reputable company. This is a tricky situation.
  7. I didn't have her in my treble but she has improved a lot lately, did think $11 place on the tote was crazy. Been a good breed that one.
  8. Is the pick6 back permanently?
  9. Weren't Awesome Bender and Little Mother nonnies when they came to NZ?
  10. Some big calls, thought both races looked lotteries like many group races but at least you have selections haha. I tend to stay off the punt in these sort of races. Best of luck to all.
  11. Yes, that's a good point. Where are all the southern dogs? Mc Inerney was one of the few that made the trip, I know it's a 3 race format but it was the same for the NZ cup and plenty of Northern dogs trekked south.
  12. Business Time and Snicko are by Big Daddy Cool and all his sons seem to go well at stud though Matanushka has been disappointing. Been very impressed with Star Conquest from limited runners, surprised he hasn't been utilised more.
  13. How many litters would you give a bitch like her to produce a good one. 1, 2, 3....? Lets just say John is right and she ends up being no good at stud...
  14. I like Cawbourne Crouch but there's so much early pace, might be a good no bet race.
  15. Clearly has freakish ability but has yet to win when not in front at the first bend. I don't think he's the most intelligent dog.