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  1. well done to them. I bet most people would love to be able to have 8 stayers in one kennell
  2. judging by your own words you are the loud mouth, the right people are behind me who knows, I don't give a toss about people like you that hide behind a key board, atleast I put my money where my mouth is and have ago mate, If you sit there enjoying my dogs smashing there bodies on NZ tracks because you don't like me praising my dogs and other peoples then you sir are sick puppy, actually crouch doesn't travel very well and was sick in the trailer, put your name to your posts and let people no who you are, cheers Warren Bronson
  3. why don't you put your name where your words are mate cheers Warren Bronson
  4. sad to say he pulled up lame
  5. nice you no it my dogs will show that cheers
  6. i can't either, but should he be slow away like today he won't win as FP would smoke him
  7. Anything can happen on group1s but truely believe this will be taken out by one of the Roberts dogs this year, CC junior, FP senior or DV senior
  8. his first look at the track will be today, should the real Pete turn up he will break 25 in the Derby final,
  9. Fantastic Pete all the way
  10. It was fabulous to see this very good dog bounce back to his best today
  11. gina

    S A Dickinson

    Just shows how little you really no about this industry and this man
  12. gina

    S A Dickinson

    and what an empire he has created, his home base kennels would have to be one of the most spectacular, his straight track is awesome, My favourite dog of his was Cawbourne Frank won big both sides of the Tasman
  13. gina

    S A Dickinson

    hi Gary1 what is the point of your post as you new who he was all along?
  14. gina

    S A Dickinson

    bring back H Tran and Buck campaign needed lol