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  1. Te Kawau 3rd in a George Morton Levy series race, I believe it was won by Texican.
  2. Another fantastic performance from American Pharoah. Led and won very easily. Bring on The Belmont! It's going to be a hard wait, let's hope it's worth it when we get there in three weeks.
  3. Just a small change there DWJR, the race itself is at 10:18, not sure how long the coverage goes on for but should be longer than 10:30 considering the Preakness Start Time.
  4. The TV is tuned to ESPN (CH.60)right now and that's how it will stay. Let's bring on the Preakness! Go Pharoah!
  5. My pleasure, a great race and a super win by a talented horse. Love my USA racing, therefore this time of year is very exciting! Bring on The Preakness!
  6. Attached is the NBC coverage of the race which was shown on ESPN2 (61 On Sky) with their aftermath and the alternate commentary they provide. Incidentally, until 10pm there's a replay of the day on the same channel.
  7. Can anyone tell me who is calling the non tote's in the video (link provided). Doesn't sound like the usual non tote caller for the central region. Whoever he is he sounds good.
  8. Thanks for the information.
  9. Does anyone know the reason for this? I did not hear the story behind the scratching.
  10. I thought Darryl's calling last night was very good. Nice to hear him calling again.
  11. I was thinking the same thing when I watched the race. Very strange, I wonder what the report will be on this.
  12. Fields - Live Stream - Race 1 is at 10:30 am NZ time and there are 13 races
  13. I must agree, Jewels day was absolutely fantastic, complete with high quality horses, records, and great finishes. Yesterday's gallops certainly did not compare to that.