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  1. I would like to take this chance to thank You Scooby, for the effort you take to provide us all with a platform to be heard. What is happening at present with the Greyhound Story is just the beginning of which, is , in my opinion, Justified. I sincerely hope that all will turn out Positive for the Greyhound Sport, Likewise, with all codes. I face the J.C.A. tomorrow with charges that are concerned, and alligned , to many posts that have been made on this very sensitive topic. I have so far, no reason to doubt that the R.I.U. and the the J.C.A. have acted improperly in this
  2. You are the man that holds the ultimate code that runs our very being. .You are what is happening to us are in my opinion ruining the chances of us dogs being rehomed , you are slimey .. Just my opinion....Clarkie
  3. 3 of their siblings have already started and Won races. Nothing has been spared in the rearing of these girls and the are very sound. Chasing the drag lure keenly at home and have only just recently visited a racetrack for a trial and performed well enough to prepare now for Qualifying. Further details by email only please contact
  4. Slim what do we do do with those 8 dogs with 200 starts between them? ???
  5. Stick in there boy..... Clarkie
  6. I think that this issue does need re addressing..I certainly miss the petrol vouchers if only to help keep the dogs I have in retirement. I play by the rules to the best of my capabilities but without my pension I would have been gone long ago. I don't mind getting beat fair and square either but in all honesty compared with todays costs versus what stake money is paid out ..It just doesn't balance up!! Maybe a cap on the number of dogs per trainer per meeting that get a token allowance could help a little?....Clarkie How are your Banjo pups coming along Gordy?
  7. One of lifes true gems for sure, All the happiness in retirement girl Clarkie
  8. clarkie

    Who ???

    Who ever incharge made the call at Winton Race 9 to go before the dogs at the trots is a a .... wit....
  9. Scooby. Agree with you on this 100%..... There are!!! N.Z commentators to choose from..... Blasts from the past, Tony Lee and Brian Martin and the the struggling up and commers that have patiently been waiting in the wings for a chance ..Some present callers that are being Used and abused why not give them a break?? It is, a fucking farce, and quite frankly a let down for me, that our leading code is slipping ,slipping, slipping, and dragging the other codes with them.. Who really is calling the final shots here? Who is the the person that signs off on the outcome of us all
  10. Tim., Trackside promised us that the second channel was for local viewing and content... and they have NOT kept that pledge!!!.... Behind the 8 I reckon it would be interesting, Can these comparing comparisons be sourced I wonder...?
  11. Know where you are coming from Berri and the frustration it causes. I have tried many times to get to the person in charge of the editing section but it's like it's blocked. Never get the replies back and they do not put you through. It happens to all of our codes frequently, The last 3 races at the dogs yesterday were shoved over to Channel 2 and the race I was placed in was cut short with no proper replay at all to a galloping event some where in Aus. The professionalism of the editing and the fact they won't listen to their client base is a disgrace at times...I would have loved to
  12. clarkie


    So gratifying to see the over head shelters that have popped up at the starting boxes at various venues recently. Amazing how slow our industry moves at times in a world going so fast !!. Handlers and dogs will benefit greatly from this thank you to all concerned Clarkie
  13. All the very best from the Kaitieke Valley Tim Clarkie
  14. Four berth that can be adjusted easily with removable partitions to take 8 smaller dogs. New wheel bearings and Tyre with current warrant and registration. $2000.00 Contact
  15. A true gentleman, and a true friend...All the very best and may your barbeque be a sizzler on Sunday Regards Clarkie